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Tried And Tested: Airflo Airtex 2 Wading Boots

Full-time angling guide Nick Dunn reviews the Airtex 2 wading boots from Airflo.

Airflo Airtex 2 Wading Boots

We all know Airflo for their market leading range of fly lines but they also supply a whole world of other products including waders and wading boots. I got my hands on a pair of their brand new “Airtex 2” wading boots recently, thanks to my friends at Airflo and wanted to share with you my experience of this new snazzy footwear.

First Impressions

On first inspection, these bad boys look and feel great. They weigh in at a mere 400 grams per boot and feel very light in the hand. I found them extremely easy to pull on, something I cannot say for my old pair of wading boots. The way these have been designed means they slip on over your neoprene stocking feet with great ease using the pull loop at the back and just as important, getting them off at the end of a long day was effortless. They have Cordura loops for the laces, which don’t grab or drag on the laces, making them nice and easy to tighten onto your foot. They have quite high, well-padded ankle support that gives you a real feeling of reassurance as you walk over uneven ground.

Airtex 2 boots have well placed drain holes on the instep side of the boot, which repel any water taken on board while wading. They are available in both traditional felt sole and genuine rubber Vibram, either of which can be augmented with metal studs for extra grip on rocky terrain.

First Outing

I took mine for their first outing on the very muddy banks of Grafham Water, which at the time of writing, is as low as anyone can remember due to lack of rainfall in the balmy 2018 summer. I can safely say that I have walked on rocks, grass, concrete, gravel and slippy mud with these boots on and they coped very well with all of them. Admittedly, I did do a minor impromptu country jig whilst trying to keep my balance on some of the mud surfaces, but to be honest, any boot sole no matter how well treaded would have suffered the same on years old silty mud that has been uncovered for the first time in many years.

In summary, I think these are a great product: Easy to put on and get off and very supportive and comfortable to wear all day.

Nick Dunn

Nick Dunn is a fanatical reservoir trout angler, earning six England Loch Style caps over the past 13 years. In 2016 he captained the England team to a resounding victory at the Spring International in Southern Ireland. Nick is now a full time professional guide on the best Midlands reservoirs.

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