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UK Reservoir Trout Fishing Reports – 6th September 2018

We bring you the round up of the latest fishery reports from the big waters across the UK in our weekly fishery reports.

Blithfield Reservoir


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The rod average sits at just over two fish per angler with some superb fin-perfect fish showing in this weeks returns.

The week started fairly slowly but cooler evenings and cloudy days produced a gradual improvement in conditions and by Friday afternoon excellent sport was enjoyed by the boat anglers in the South Lake.

A warm, light south westerly breeze saw a good buzzer hatch and the trout responded with fish moving well on the naturals and a fall of small black beetles. Some fish, however, were still pre-occupied with feeding on the coarse fish fry high in the water.

A pleasing aspect of the bags recorded this week was the excellent condition of the resident stock fish with several fin-perfect, large tailed rainbows over 3lb amongst the returns but all were topped by a simply stunning 4lb ‘bar of silver’ blue trout taken by Nigel Hodkinson.

Best areas have been drifts along the entrance of Ten Acre Bay, Rainbow Corner (Mon, Tues, Fri only), drifts across the centre of the South Lake and Old Man’s. Red or claret Hopper, or Shipman’s buzzer, claret & pearl Hopper, Daddy Long Legs are worth a try along with white Minkie, sparkle Booby, coral Blob and silver Booby.

Llyn Brenig


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With a rod average at a very respectable 4.0 the fishing has been perfect for those dry fly anglers. The heather fly is still in evidence and the weather has been very favourable for fishing dries. In fact the only difficulty has been the fact that there has been so much natural fly life around that it has been difficult to entice the fish away from the natural food source.

John Davies from Montgomery had a successful day at the start of the week catching some lovely fish using the dry fly and ending up with a bag weighing in at 18lbs for six fish caught. Gordon Thomas also had an excellent day fishing on a dry heather fly and catching ten fish in total.

As with last week the big fish are still much in evidence. Mr. D. Peers from Anglesey, Steve Davies from Denbigh and Dave Williams from Bangor on Dee all caught fish weighing 4lbs or more. However the biggest fish caught this week was by Emrys Jones from Llandudno Junction fishing in Sailing Club Bay and landing a lovely 6lb rainbow.

Mr. Tony Nicholls who was fishing in Water Sports Bay and weighed in at a very impressive 22lbs 0oz recorded the biggest bag this week.

The top flies this week have been Daddy Long Legs, the Heather Fly, Sedge, black Hopper, Buzzers, Kate McLaren and various Blobs and Boobys.

As a consequence of the heather fly being blown off the North end of the lake Nant Glyn Shore and the Ring of Stones has seen some good sport for the bank fishermen. Other hot spots for bank fishing this week have been Sailing Club Bay, Water Sports Bay, the Visitors Centre, Hafod Lom and Tower Bay.

Boat fishing hot spots have been in the North end of the lake by Barrow Island and along the Nant Glyn Shore as well as Sailing Club Bay, Tower Bay and along the Dam.

Carsington Water


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The cooler weather has seen Carsington switch on with fish being caught on dries. 477 fish were caught by 98 anglers giving a healthy rod average of over 4 fish per angler. A number of 6lb+ over-wintered fish have also been caught along with some fin-perfect brownies. The most popular area has been around the mouth of Fishtail Creek, drifting from the middle of the reservoir into the creek, depending on wind direction. Buoys 5 and 6 and the Main Basin has also fished well. The heaviest rainbow fell to Martin Griffiths at 6lb 4oz whilst Mick Cartledge had a stunning fin-perfect brownie of 4lb. Whilst dries have worked well anglers are also catching on intermediate and sinking lines using Blobs, Booby’s and Snakes.

Draycote Water


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The water temperature has held at a steady 18°C with a cool start to the week followed by some lovely later summer sunny days for Friday and the weekend. Overall a good week’s sport was had by the 201 anglers that visited the fishery.  A total of 740 trout were landed which represents a rod average of 3.68 for the period. Good numbers of fish have been caught using dry fly tactics over the week with some big numbers falling to this method. However, some of the sport has been coming late in the day due to massive sedge falls that we have experienced during the evening.

Jim Doyle and Ian Wilson enjoyed a good day on the first of their 3 days from Scotland to netting 13 with Midas being one of the top patterns. Also worthy of a mention Monday was Adrian Gibbard who landed a fantastic 9lb 5oz brown on a deer hair sedge from the Flat Stones.

Guiding & Tuition Manger Tom Bird enjoyed a day off fishing and landed 12. He found fish around B buoy in the morning using a washing line technique with a booby on the point in conjunction with two nymphs and a claret hopper on the top dropper.

With water temperatures now falling and the likes of daddies, sedge and fry on the menu, prospects look good for the forthcoming weeks.

Eyebrook Reservoir


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The great sport continues! Eyebrook is on top form, 231 anglers visited the reservoir this week and caught a total of 1336 fish for a rod average of 5.8! The fish remain spread across open water, with a few fish starting to show past the Island. Drifts across the Main Basin proving most successful, fishing dries with plenty of fish to cast too. Smaller daddies, natural colours, moved across the surface, Hoppers, and Big Reds are all worth fishing. Fish are also being caught on the nymphs; small is the key to success though. Size 16 black buzzers or Diawl Bachs well worth a try.

There have been many excellent returns this week with many boats recording cricket scores. Andy Birkett and Brent Vinall were two of those. Andy and Brent visited the reservoir in hope of top of the water sport. They certainly weren’t disappointed after catching over 20 fish to the boat each day. The pair fished a washing line with size 16 buzzers or dry daddies across the Basin. They also found fish out from Mucky Bay.

Mark Rooney and Lloyd Pallet boat fished and returned over 30 fish. They found a washing line with nymphs worked best for the brighter conditions during the morning and Big Reds or emerger patterns throughout the afternoon when there was intermittent cloud cover. They found fish all across the basin.

Foremark Reservoir


Tel: 01283 703202




The water temperature at the start of the week sat at 17c. The water level at the reservoir continues to fall and access to the pontoon is being achieved by a temporary footbridge extension. Anglers need to take care since the footbridge segments creates some minor steps. The cascade is operational whilst not necessary at maximum flow because of water extraction conditions on the Dove at Eggington.
The surprising return this week was that fish were caught from the bank at Hut Point and it appears that the fish are feeding on fry in the shallower water. The recommended hot spots for boats are number 1 buoy to 2 buoy the aerators and across to number 3 buoy. Whilst floating Muddlers and small Boobys/Blobs pulled through the surface ripple have been effective the additional flies to consider are Daddies, Damsels, Hare’s Ear Nymph, red Diawl Bach, and various lures. The cascade has also provided some sport with large numbers of perch also holding here.
Tuesday was a great day with a rod average of 7.  Notable catches were all from a boat with Paul Walker catching 12 on Damsels and dry flies, Mick Reid returning a catch of seven, and Messrs Coley and Taft catching 17 on Muddlers and Daddies. Friday saw the return of Paul Walker, a Foremark member, who fishing from a boat landed 6 fish on wet flies and buzzers.

Grafham Water


Tel: 01480 810531




176 anglers caught 362 fish for a rod average of just over two fish. On Sunday 26th August Grafham Water hosted the Scierra Pairs Final with Bill McIlroy and Michael Loy crowned 2018 Champions.

A variety of methods have been used out on the boats from dries to pulling Snakes and Blobs on a Di5. The usual areas (P, B and G Buoy) have been fishing well but there have also been good results for fishing the wind lanes.

Grafham have stocked 2,900 fish this week with more deliveries to come. The fish stocked have been of a high standard with many stockies weighing in at 2½lb to 3lb. These were stocked from the harbour.

The dam has been fishing really well for bank anglers who have been able to get to the fish, as they still remain deep with an average water temperature of 17 degrees Celsius.

Grafham Water will be hosting Perchmania on 30th and 31st March 2019. This new competition, run by the organisers of the World Predator Classic and Zandermania is sure to deliver some specimen perch, possibly to record size. Teams of two will compete over two days to catch their ten longest perch; the main prize will be for the individual who catches the longest perch. More information and bookings can be made via the Perchmania facebook page.

The best rainbow of the week weighed in at 3lb 2oz taken by Mr Walker.

Best boat areas: Aeration tower, aerators, the bowl, open water drifting, mouth of Savages, mouth of Gaynes Cove, South dam, wind lanes.

Best bank areas: The dam, The Willows, Deep Water Point, G bank, Marlow Arm.

Lake of Menteith


Tel: 01480 810531




The National Final and the National Club Championships are soon to be held at Menteith and therefore anglers practicing for these matches have kept their catches and tactics top secret! It would appear that Gateside Bay still has the biggest congregation of fish and if it is not too busy and overcast a dry or two in here is a good option, otherwise subsurface tactics (eg washing line with Diawls, Buzzers or Cormorants) using a sink-tip or floater are the best bet. Lots of other areas are fishing well and good bags have often been had by those exploring further afield. Water temperature is now down to 11.5c.

Pitsford Water


Tel: 01604 781350




Pitsford Water continues to produce quality fish with a rod average for the week of 4.2, but during the weekend the average was over 7!

Topping the list of cracking fish must be the catches of Dave Anderson who has not fished the water for a while. Dave anchored off the dam and fished an intermediate line and black lure. He caught 15 fish but eight of these were huge browns. Dave estimated the best to be an easy double figure fish around 12lb. His smallest brown was around the 5lb mark.

Over the weekend fish were in the top two feet across the whole of the main basin and were falling to floating lines with dries and nymphs working well. Red holographic Diawls, green Crunchers, Tequila FAB’s and black or claret Hoppers all worked with a huge number of fish around C Buoy and along the Sailing Club Frontage.

Fish have started showing in the Narrows, a sign that the water is cooling and fish are spreading out from the Main Basin.

Ravensthorpe Reservoir


Tel: 01604 781350





It’s been a challenging week at Ravensthorpe. Anglers that have caught a few fish have been using floating lines with Blobs, Diawl Bachs and Crunchers. Drifting across the Main Bowl has been the best place to try.

Rutland Water


Tel: 01780 686441




Boat anglers have enjoyed tremendous sport at Rutland recently recording fish in good numbers on a regular basis – giving a very respectable rod average of 6.13 for the week, with 73 anglers catching 448 trout.

Most of the Main Basin has provided the majority of sport with the Aerators drawing good numbers of anglers. Long open drifts across from the Sailing Club to Yellowstone and also Carrot Creek to Whitwell Frontage have also thrown up fish albeit not in the same numbers as the Basin. Reports of fish showing around the Tower in the North Arm were encouraging, these fish proved hard to tempt though.

High numbers of fish were found in drifts between the Aerators and all the way to the Dam. Midge tip/floating lines with nymph/lure combinations, traditional wet flies, silver Invicta, Soldier Palmers and even Dabblers caught for some. The fish are high in the water in the Basin so keeping the flies up is a must. A good starting point is FAB on the point and Diawl Bachs or Crunchers up the cast.

With the main basin providing consistent sport, only a few boats have ventured down the arms, albeit for a few fish, with most anglers coming back in to the basin to catch.

The recent good hatches of really tiny buzzer (about the size of green fly) have been noticeable late in the evening with a few sedge also coming off, but no interest shown from the trout.

With the days getting shorter and temperatures coming down it won’t be long before someone has a good day’s fishing around the many weedbeds that are dotted around the shoreline this year. Expect masses of fry to feature, perch/roach and stickleback, also corixa, snail and shrimp.

Season ticket holder Jake Waterman had a late afternoon session last Thursday and was straight into fish from the off. Jake hooked into 20 fish and netted18 of them.

Rangers Matthew Tabram and Mark Macleod took to the water during the week to take advantage of the fantastic sport on offer. They fished floating and Hover lines to record 24 fish to the boat, with FAB’s and nymphs doing the business for the pair.

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