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UK Reservoir Trout Fishing Reports – 9th May 2019

We bring you the round up of the latest fishery reports from the big waters across the UK in our weekly fishery reports.

Blithfield Reservoir


Tel: 01283 840284





The current rod average is 6.26

Best Areas:  Old Man’s ; Ten Acre Bay ; Mary Lou’s ; Dougie’s ; Watery Lane ; Rainbow Corner (Mon, Tues, Fri only for bank anglers)
Best Dries:  Shipman’s sugar lump ; sedge ; black Bristol hopper
Best Lures:  Montana ; red bloodworm ; olive tadpole ; blue flash olive damsel
Best Nymphs/Wets:  Montana ; black buzzer ; Diawl Bach ; olive damsel ; olive buzzer ; Prince nymph ; Coachman ; Teal, blue & silver
Best Fish:  5lb 8ozs rainbow trout caught on a blue flash olive damsel from a boat, South Lake by Mr. Steve Thyer

The majority of Season Permit holders and visiting rods here are ‘pleasure’ anglers who employ floating line tactics with imitative nymphs or dry flies. However during the early part of the season (the water temperature is still a cool 9˚C) this is somewhat limiting to the number of fish caught.

Therefore it is interesting to note the methods employed by the match-oriented anglers who visited us this week where sinking lines with lures or nymphs are the ‘norm.’ and fast retrieves are essential. The colossal bags recorded certainly highlighted the potential of Blithfield and prove that even when ‘no fish are moving’ there are still plenty there to be caught deeper down. Sometimes switching tactics and having the confidence to try something different in the colder conditions can pay dividends.

It won’t be long until the imitative approach will come into its own when we start to experience warmer temperatures and the Reservoir will produce the ‘top of the water’ sport that it is renowned for.

We welcomed 2 match meetings this week. Bollington Fly Fishers enjoyed some incredible sport with a meeting rod average of 16.2! Worcester Fly Dressers also held a combined bank and boat ‘social’ which resulted in a rod average of 7.38 between them.

Other notable returns this week (and there were many!) include on the 29th for visiting boat pairing Mr. John Davies and Mr. Mark Edwards who spent a day using John’s Welsh Witch lures to quite incredible effect returning 93 fish between them. On the 30th further excellent returns were submitted with Season Permit holder Mr. Trevor Horton who fished from a boat for 4 hours and recorded a total of 20 fish caught on combination of GRHE, buzzers and spiders with the best of these being a 3lb 4oz rainbow ; permit holder Mr.

Steve Thyer recorded a total of 40 fish to his boat on the South Lake using a blue flash olive damsel lure with his best of the session being a 3lb 2oz rainbow; Season Permit holder Mr. Paul Walker fished during the evening for just about 3hours and returned a total of 20 fish – some of which had ventured into just 4” of water whilst visiting rod Mr. Ian Jennings returned a total of 17 fish, all caught on buzzer patterns from the South Lake banks. Wednesday 1st continued to produce incredible results with Permit holder Mr. Kevin Moore recording a total of 18 fish from the banks ; Permit holders Mr. Brian Jones and Mr. Graham Wood fished from a boat and recorded 31 fish between them ; visiting rods also enjoyed the rich pickings with Mr. Gary Freegard returning 25 fish from the South Lake banks using buzzer/booby combinations ; Mr. Hutchinson recorded 15 fish to his boat from both North & South Lakes on lures and nymphs whilst Mr. Yousef Dar also used lures and nymphs  to great effect and returned 32 fish to his boat on the South Lake.

On the 2nd Permit holder Mr. Alan Deakin recorded 20 fish from the South Lake banks on orange lures whilst visiting rods Mr. Paul Jones and Mr. R. Biddle paired up in a boat and returned a total of 45 fish between them using buzzers, crunchers and FABS to tempt the trout and Mr. Mike Oliver fished from the South Lake banks with PTNs and buzzers in combination to record 18 fish, all gently and safely released to see another day. On the 3rd two regular Blithfield visitors Mr. Iain Baddeley and Mr. Paul Bentley fished from the South Lake banks and in between swigs of tea and lashings of cake recorded 16 fish and 18 fish respectively. Rounding off a stunning week of sport on the 5th were visiting rods from both Bollington Fly Fishers and Worcester Fly Dressers. Mr. Tim Gilchrist and Mrs. Clare Gilchrist were the most outstanding boat pair for Bollington with 83 fish to their boat during the day whilst for Worcester Mr. Andrew Worthington returned 28 fish to his boat and Mr. Barry Jones recorded 19 to his. The best fish recorded this week was to Permit holder Mr. Steve Thyer with a 5lb 8oz approx. rainbow trout caught on a blue flash damsel lure from a boat on the South Lake.

A quick reminder that the Angling Office closes at 10.30am on Saturdays (as it did last year). Visiting anglers will need to see the Duty Bailiff across the Dam at the Boat House after this time.

Llyn Brenig


Tel: 01490 420 463






Bank Fishing Hotspots: Tower Bay, Hafod Lom, the Visitors Centre and the Ring of Stones.
Boat Fishing Hotspots: Tower Bay, Visitors Centre and the Quarry.
Top Flies: Buzzers, cat’s whiskers, beetle, pearly invictor, black pennel, damsel, cormorant, and various blobs and boobies.
Top Bag: (For six fish caught) 13lbs 7oz – Mr. Roberts from Wrexham.
Biggest Fish: 5lbs 4oz – Mr. Eifion Evans from Bala.
Rod Average: 5.9 fish per angler (Including fish returned).

The cooler conditions certainly didn’t affect the fishing and with a rod average of 5.9 fish per angler there were plenty of fish coming out of the lake. The biggest fish of 5lbs 4oz was caught by regular bank fisherman Mr. Eifion Evans from Bala. He was fishing alongside Mr. Barry Evans who was pulling in the fish two at a time! It seemed that the fish weren’t too far off the top of the water and were to be found in large pods around Tower Bay and from the fish cages towards the Quarry. The bank fishermen also seemed to fare better this week than in previous weeks with, for example, Mr. Kenny Roberts from Wrexham catching sixteen fish from the bank by the corner of the Dam and commenting on a ‘top day’. There have also been some really nice fish caught as well with Mr. Rich Hughes from Wrexham catching two fish of over 3lbs from the bank at Hafod Lom on a cats whiskers. Mr. W. B. Williams from Holyhead caught a lovely 4lb 10oz Rainbow by the Ring of Stones also on a cats whiskers and Mr. Hancock from Northwich landed a fine 4lb 0oz Rainbow. The top bag this week goes to Mr. Roberts from Wrexham who weighed his bag in at 13lbs 7oz for six fish caught.

It’s the fishermen who are the architects of this report so I will leave it up to one of our fishermen, Mr. Jim ‘Digger’ Rigby, to describe his days visit to the Brenig. ‘Today myself and Tony Newall started from the jetty and drifted up to the nets where I took a couple on a pearly invictor. We then motored back to the corner of the dam and drifted all the way to tower bay picking up fish all the way, apart from behind the tower and the last 50 meters off Tower bay.17 fish for Tony and 15 for me, biggest 3lb with plenty round the 2lb mark. Boobies, cormorants, pearly invctor and diawl bach’s doing the damage on Hover and Ghost tip lines

Bristol Water Fisheries


Tel: 01275 332339




Chew Valley – Res level 95% full
Stocking to Date: 14,130
Rod Average: 5.33
Average Weight: 2lb 11oz
Biggest recorded Rainbow (this period): 5lb 4oz
Biggest recorded Brown(this period): 8lb

Bank areas:
Woodford bank is still attracting plenty of bank anglers and rightly so with the superb sport from this area recently. Good accessibility, deep water close to shore and fishing nothing more than spectacular has meant that this area has been popular with many visiting anglers. Consistently most anglers choosing to fish floating or midge tip lines with intermediates or faster sinking lines being favoured on windier days to help get flies out. Nothing technical about the fly selections that anglers are deploying, most choosing to fish a pattern such as a damsel or blob on the point with buzzers and diawl bach’s on the droppers.

North shore is also proving popular with the corner closest Picnic area 1 being the most prolific spot. Mr Turton managed a respectable 6 fish from this area recently with a blob doing the damage.

Wick Green has been favoured in the stronger southerly winds although wading will be required. Often evenings can be the best time to fish this area as the fish move into the shallow water. It has been known for bank anglers to see fish rising between them and the bank on occasions so it’s always worth a cast or two in short before entering the water. A reminder that wading must be carried out no deeper than thigh level.

Boat areas:
It was encouraging to hear that a boat doing things a little differently on the weekend did well in the A.W.A.I competition. Mr M burgess who placed 2nd with a respectable bag of 11 fish found fish feeding over the false island of the lake. This is the first time we’ve heard of a respectable catch from this area this season and just goes to show how well spread the fish have been this season. Buzzers will be the way to go on calmer days where wind allows anglers to fish slowly from drifting boats.

Stratford, Moreton, Herons, Wick Green, Woodford, Walley and even the North Shore are all still holding pockets of fish although catching them will be dependent on wind direction and the levels of pressure these areas receive in coming weeks. All of these areas at some point in the last month or so have had significant pressure form boat anglers. Whilst sitting in one spot can sometimes have its rewards, venturing around the lakes picking up fish here and there can also be a productive way of fishing.

On warmer days, fishing slow has been key and a longer leader can make the difference between catching and struggling to catch fish. If you’re not confident in fishing long leaders try lines of differing sink rates until you get some action. Alternatively, stick a poly leader on to the end of your fly line. These nifty little sink tips can really help both experienced and novice anglers alike. Having a selection of sink tips in your bag can be a cost effective way or turning your floating line into a sink tip if you don’t have many lines at your disposal.

Very few anglers out pike fly fishing recently although with most of the fish finishing/finished up spawning it will be certainly worth a go in coming weeks. Weed beds are starting to show in some areas of the lake which will give predators the perfect opportunity to feed and ambush prey. Try looking for water around 10ft in depth to start with fishing close to structure and weed beds to start with. Explore deeper water where a monster could be lying if struggling.

Blagdon – Res level 96% full
Stocking to Date: 8,074
Rod Average: 4.77
Average Weight: 2lb 9oz
Biggest recorded Rainbow (this period): 4lb 6oz
Biggest recorded Brown (this period): 4lb 6oz

Bank areas:

Still tough from the bank although some encouraging returns from anglers fishing Cheddar Water and Home bay recently. Much like Chew, buzzers seem to be the order of the day. Try a big red buzzer on the point followed by some smaller darker imitations on the droppers. Ash trees has chucked up a few decent fish with Mr A Judd finding a nice brace in this area last week. Corixae imitations will be worth a try and the water starts to warm up and weed beds start to develop.

Boat areas:
Boat fishing has been great with most anglers finding some fish. The area towards the south western corner of the lakes seems to be the most prolific at present. Home bay, Cheddar Water Pipe bay and the area in front of the lodge have all been producing fish consistently.

Butcombe is still holding some fish with regular angler Mr M Churn commenting that the fish wanted nymphs fished deep and slow. Some excellent fish hitting the scales with most anglers finding at least one or two 4lb+ fish recently.

For those anglers who like to venture up the Top end of the lake, don’t dismiss trying it. The Top End continues to produce although it has been a little tougher in this area lately in comparison to earlier in the season. With some overcast conditions due this week there may be a few fish poking their heads up in the shallower water found in the area

Carsington Water


Tel: 01629 540478




Rod Average: The rod average for this week was 5.33 with 528 fish caught by 99 anglers.

Best Rainbow/Brown:
The heaviest Rainbow was 6lb 10oz caught by Phil Harding.
The heaviest Brown was 4lb caught by Mike Johnson.
The heaviest Blue was 3lb 4oz caught by G Haslam.

Top Spot: The most popular spots have been around Sheepwash, Brown Ale Bay, Fish Tail Creek, Upperfields, Millfields and Buoys 5,6 & 7.

Methods & Flies: The most successful flies were buzzers, snakes, damsels, diawl bachs, nymphs and black & green lures.

Floating lines have again been popular with a drift, slow retrieve and DI3 or DI5 method being successful for many anglers.

It’s been a fairly steady week with mixed weather conditions. We have seen more anglers fishing a drift on those lighter wind days and lots have had success fishing smaller patterns of buzzers and nymphs.

We have a busy week ahead with the annual Masonic Lodge competition on Thursday, large group bookings on Friday and the rescheduled Spring Open competition on Saturday.

Jetty Times
From this week we will be implementing a change in jetty times. 
During the weekdays, Monday to Friday finish times will extend over the coming months into the evenings up to 9.30pm.

At the weekends, Saturday & Sunday the latest finish time will be 8pm. (see exact times at the bottom of the report)
This decision has been made after reviewing the number of anglers fishing into the weekend evenings over previous seasons.

Draycote Water


Tel: 01788 812018




Weekly Stats:

Number Rods: 374
Number Trout Taken: 350
Number Trout Released: 1052
Total Catch: 1402
Rod Average: 3.74

Quite calm weather up until Saturday resulted in some warm comfortable fishing here at Draycote, with fish showing on top for most of the week. A lot of the fish were caught on a floating line with nymphs, with one or two anglers having some success on the dries. There has been a good spread of fish throughout the reservoir and in particular the markers in open water such as A, B, and Y buoy. Drifts into the top end of Toft shallows past T, S and F buoy have also proved successful. The bank anglers generally have not had it easy with the fish holding at distances from the bank through the middle of the day that have proved unreachable. With a current water temperature of 11 degrees we would expect the fish to feed in along the shore throughout the day. However the mostly bright conditions seemed to push them off the immediate shoreline by about 9:00am, with them not returning until early evening.

Monday was a very warm day with air temperatures getting up to 19 degrees before 11am. A very light easterly made for some excellent drifts out from toft shallows past G buoy, F buoy and then on to Croft Shoal.” Buzzers on the bung” worked well for some anglers from the bank with Ian Richardson netting 3 on that method alone. Richard Walker caught a brace from the bank at Lincroft point using nymph patterns. Rod Wilson fished deep on sinking lines and a silver tube to net 10 fish from the boat, one of which was a 6lbs1oz rainbow. Draycote season permit holder Kevin Rees netted 9 fish from the boat on dries such as bobs bits.

Yet another bright start to a very calm day on the water on Tuesday, with some great buzzer hatches happening throughout the day. Yet again bank anglers caught fish, but nowhere near the numbers being taken by boats in open water.  Bob Smith caught 6 fish from the bank while Brian Warwick and Tony Broadway had 3 each. Out on the boats Ed Douglas was having a great day netting 18 fish, 15 of which came to his own dry fly patterns. Colin England and Tony Plummer had 26 fish to the boat between them, all on buzzers. Gareth Bulman and Phil Wood took theWheelie boat out, netting 22 fish between them on buzzers and crunchers.

It was a little bit windy through the latter part of the day on Wednesday with some gusts exceeding 20pmh. All water season permit holder Jamie Scott had a busy boat day netting 15. Dave Smith managed a dozen, some of which he took on dries. Ed Douglas also faired well, netting 15 fish from a drifting boat, with 6 of them coming to the dries, the remainder on nymphs. Eddie Mitchell and Dave Kennell described the day as “superb”, having netted17 fish, all over 2lbs and “pulling your arm off”. Gareth Bulman and Phil Wood were out in the wheelie boat again They netted 13 rainbows from various points around the reservoir including the Tower Bank and Toft shallows. Alex Campbell netted 4 in a morning session, drifting past T buoy using UV crunchers on a floating line. Two of the fish were well over 3 lbs and “put up one hell of a fight”.

Thursday was described as “a lovely day out on the bank” by Ian Richardson, who took 6 fish on buzzers presented under a bung in Duns Bay. Roger Davies caught 6 from the bank on buzzers and damsels. Out on the boats Gordon Bramwell netted 18 fish whilst straight-lining buzzers on a floating line. Richard Walker and Nigel Barber landed 16 on lures having located at depth. On the final day of their three day break in the wheelie boat, Gareth Bulman and Phil Wood brought a dozen fish to net on a variety of patterns.

Not the warmest day on Friday with air temperatures only pushing up to about 11 degrees. With a cold, changeable wind, the chill factor was significant with some anglers coming off early describing conditions as like a November day. Brian Warwick did catch 5 from the bank as did Richard Farnsworth. Mr M Smith did well with an 8 fish total from the bank in an afternoon session. Bill Ramage & Alan Bernard enjoyed a two day mini break and a combination of Cat’s Whiskers, FABs & Crunchers accounted for a tally of 28 to the boat. John Williams partnered with Rob Hutchinson with them netting 10 each but commenting on how they had to use fast sinking lines to locate feeding fish in the cold weather.

Saturday dawned cold and windy with a strong north westerly blowing in towards the lodge. Most anglers started with confidence on the outer markers in open water but as the wind speed picked up, steadily migrated to the shelter of the leeward shore. One of the few boats which stayed out in open water was that of Ivor Jones and Jim Dempsey. They experienced great sport having employed rudder tactics and DI7s to net 36 fish between them. One of the fish they returned weighed 4lb 8oz. Glen Moody and Phil  fished as part of the Coppenhall group & boated 26 fish from open water on traditional tactics in some very difficult conditions, an extraordinary feat in anyone’s book.  Special congratulation too for Dayle McCormick who landed three rainbows from a boat on what was his first ever fishing trip!

A lighter NNW wind for the morning on Sunday, moving into the west slightly during the afternoon. Air temperatures were up on Saturday’s but did only just get into double figures. Martyn Moore excelled with olive buzzers boat fishing off Croft Shoal in the morning & then along the Toft end of the Farborough Dam. His session ended with a total of 20 to the boat. Darren & Luke Dodd also fished green buzzers, together with a cruncher & hopper combination to boat 7 & 8 respectively. Season ticket holder Alan Grant did very well bank fishing along the Tower Bank. He stuck to damsel patterns and enjoyed fine sport throughout ending with an 11 fish total. A busy bank holiday weekend day to end the week with 70 anglers on the water recording a total catch of 292 – a rod average of 4.11

Elinor Trout Fishery


Tel: 01832 720786




230 anglers caught 1145 fish of which 869 were returned.

Best Fish: 6lb 8oz  Paul Gillies, Desborough, FAB, boat

Best Areas:
Bank – gravel bar, shallow bay, lagoon, coarse bank, east arm
Boat – whole lake fishing well

Best Patterns: black or olive buzzer, red cruncher, olive cruncher, foam daddy, black hopper, yellow owl, olive shipmans, black or white snakes.

Another week of fish surface feeding on buzzers and pond olives with also a few hawthorn fly around.

The west arm continues to be the area with the most fish rising throughout the day and evening. All areas of the lake are holding fish though.

Dries took plenty of fish. On Monday, Luke Key enjoyed great sport catching 20 fish on small yellow owls and Jason Ball managed 28 in an evening session on assorted dries.

Washing line on a floater also continues to work well. 
Anglers using lures had success on black or white snakes on an intermediate. 
Boats are in demand at the moment. Please book in advance.

Competition Results 
Sunday May 5th Geordie Mountford Memorial Pairs 9am – 4pm
12 boats took part fishing to a 12 fish limit for the boat. Weather conditions were excellent with a light wind and plenty of cloud. 
First boat back to the jetty at 11.17am was Steve Johnson/Matt Tuck. They fished the west arm with a floater, washing line, fab and buzzers. 
The winners, Dave Etty/Ollie Mills also fished the west arm and bagged up at 12.16pm with bigger fish.

1. Dave Etty/Ollie Mills 12.16pm  31lb 11oz
2. Steve Johnson/Matt Tuck 11.17am  31lb 0oz
3. Mike Edwards/Ian Ashby 1.36pm  30lb 11oz
4. Scott Bowman/Richard Winser 1.37pm  28lb 14oz
5. Trevor Pywell/Alan Veal 11.53am  28lb 5oz
6. Alan Brighton/William Baron 2.46pm  24lb 13oz

A fantastic total of £302.00 was raised for Sue Ryder, Peterborough.

Forthcoming Competitions
Sunday May 19th   9am – 4pm
Elinor is holding a heat of the Scierra Pairs.
Entry forms available at Elinor or
One in four pairs will qualify for the Grafham final on September 8th

Next Stocking: May 10th

Eyebrook Reservoir


Tel: 01536 770 264

Email: see website



Weekly Stats:

Number Rods:  246
Number Trout Taken: 204
Number Trout Released: 1085
Total Catch:  1289
Weekly Rod Average:  5.24

A variable week at the Eyebrook saw some challenging conditions although in the main when the weather was kind, the fish responded well. Saturday saw high winds with coloured water being blown onto the dam near the lodge which had been a prime spot earlier in the week. The forecast for this week looks reasonably settled with light winds and dry conditions, so hopefully as the weather continues to warm up, we shall see more hatches of buzzers and damsels and some good evening rises encouraging the anglers to fish the dry fly to the rising fish.
Stoke Dry continues to be the prime hotspot with some days seeing all the boats heading down towards this area often passing areas that also hold good numbers of fish, such as the Willows, Hawthorns, Island & Chestnut. Sam’s Dyke has continued to fish well, and anglers have found fish in Dogwood Bay, the Bell and off the Dam. This week saw several good catches taken on Damsels whilst Washing Line tactics and the Bung have been successful with buzzers, diawl bach and crunchers proving popular with both anglers and fish alike.

There were good catches recorded all week, especially at the start and middle of the week when the weather was settled. On Monday, good sport was enjoyed by the majority of the anglers. All water season ticket holder Ed Douglas switched to dries to good effect with 14 of his 30 + catch falling to this method, whilst Mr Thompson took a dozen nice fish on the washing line. The good sport continued on Tuesday with nearly a quarter of the anglers taking double figure bags whilst Wednesday saw lots of fish falling to buzzers and damsels. Mr Sharman enjoyed some good sport from the bank with fish of 6 pounds and 4 pounds amongst his catch, whilst Clive Moore landed a fine looking over-wintered 5 pounder.

Wednesday and Thursday were both successful days with a daily rod average over 5, of which several anglers took double figure bags to Buzzers, and Nymphs as well as dries, which was the successful method for Ollie Mills who landed 12 to his boat on Thursday., Several anglers took advantage of our last 4-hour ticket offer and were rewarded with fish. With the longer days over the next few weeks and more evening rises as the weather warms up as we move into late spring, these tickets will become increasingly popular.

Ollie Mills switched from boat to bank on Friday and had a fantastic day’s sport from the bank, taking nearly 30 fish including 2 fish over 5 pounds (See photos on our Facebook page) whilst on the boats there were again several double figure catches.

Saturday proved a very difficult cold day with a strong, cold, northerly wind blowing down the reservoir, and although this wasn’t strong enough to prevent the boats going out, it did make fishing conditions difficult, especially for anglers attempting to fish imitative patterns.  Stoke Dry and the Sam’s Dyke areas were the only relatively calm areas on the reservoir. The daily rod average dipped to just under 4 although Neil Shilton netted 15 fish from his float-tube whilst Mr. Foreman took over 30 using lures. The other highlight of the day was a visit of a Spitfire which treated us to several fly pasts.

Calmer weather returned on Sunday although it was still cold. Mr Ashman used Damsels to net 11 fish, whilst Mr Foreman carried on where he left off, taking 21 fish on damsels. Yousef Dar took over 25 to his boat whist Charlie Abrahams took 16. Although the boats out-fished the bank, Mr Oliver took 6 from the bank whilst Ken Mitchell took a nice 4 pounder from the bank.

This being a bank holiday week, the Eyebrook welcomed a number of package break & groups of anglers and although the weather on Saturday unfortunately impacted on the travelling angler, the other 6 days of the week produced consistent sport with the average for those days being just under 6. Mr Hudson and his party took advantage of our 3-day ticket and he and his colleagues netted over 160 fish. Full details of these packages, which can be used at all of our venues, can be found on our website as well as local accommodation, either near Eyebrook or further afield if combining visits to Draycote and Thornton.

Guiding & Tuition:
Visit our tuition website or email our tuition & guiding manager Tom Bird

Competition 2019:
Eyebrook AT-TEFF Loch Style Qualifier; Sunday 19th May Booking via the Angling Trust Website
Full Catch & Release competition, Measure first 4 fish using our measuring troughs, boat partner to confirm length
Once first 4 fish are measured all other trout will be allocated a set length, boat partner to sign competitors card
All flies to be Barbless or De-barbed, All trout must be within the landing net to count
Fabs and boobies allowed
By listening to competition anglers concerns and as cost is a major factor for them by running a fully catch and release competition we can offer the competitive angler a full days fishing cost at £21.50 per person

If you have any question you can contact Tom Bird  or Ifor Jones at both Tom and Ifor will be at Eyebrook to run the competition

Grafham Water


Tel: 01480 810531




Fish 955 (Season 4,195) Returns 166 (731) Rod average 5.8 (5.74)

Grafham continues to fish well!

Grafham has hosted a couple of big competitions this week with an England Qualifier on Friday 3 May and the Snowbee floating Line match on Saturday 4 May.

On the England qualifier 55 anglers boated 375 fish for a rod average of 6.8. It was a day of 2 halves with the weather; with a near flat calm in the morning changing to a strong northerly wind in the afternoon. Fish were taken early on directly in front of the lodge, at Rectory Bay and Hedge End. Then once the weather changed it was mostly from the points and bays along the north shore. Congratulations to Mark Thomas top rod on the day and to the 12 other anglers who now progress onto the Final.

On Saturday we hosted the Snowbee Floating Line Match with twenty 4 man teams competing in a strong, bitter Northerly wind which made fishing conditions very tricky as only floating lines were permitted. The 80 anglers boated 302 fish for a rod average of 3.8.

Top rod was Mark Mathieson with 8 fish (plus time bonus) for 26lb 2oz. Mark caught early on in Pig Bay with a team of buzzers and an indicator, keeping his drifts short and staying in the calmer water. The winning team were Invicta Fly By Nights with 29 fish (plus time bonus) for 81lb 3oz. 2nd were Rutland Water and 3rd were Grey Lags Harriers. Best fish on the day was a superb 5lb 9oz brown for Peter Lewis.

We would like to add a special thank you to Simon Kidd and Snowbee for the superb prizes awarded for this match.

As can be seen from the match reports the boat fishing has been excellent again this week with buzzers under the bung scoring in calmer conditions and blobs and fabs pulled or twiddled on a fast glass down to a Di 3 working in the windier conditions. Washing line tactics with a fab or booby on the point and red or green Diawl Bachs is also working. North shore in the wind and out in the middle if calm is the way to go.

From the bank, it is pretty much as usual with the dam and the stone jetties producing most of the sport, along with G marker and Deep Water Point. It was encouraging to hear that some better fish caught off the dam were full of shrimp! So happy days…

Best boat areas: All the north shore. In particular Stumps, hill Farm, Pig Bay, hedge End, G Buoy, the bowl, the Willows and out in the middle.

Best bank areas: The bowl, Marlow Arm, Harbour Arms, Deep Water Point, G Point (especially the western side).

Mid week boat winner: K J Donovan.

Fish stocked: Year to date 22,600.

Forthcoming events
Home International 7-10 May
Invicta Pilgrimage 23 & 24 May
EFFA ProAm 20 June
Anglian Water Airflo International Midland heat 22 June

Beginners courses: 19,26 & 31 May; 6,15,23 & 30 June and other dates throughout the season.
Boat handling courses: 13 & 27 May; 4 & 11 June and other dates throughout the season.

Lake of Menteith


Tel: 01480 810531




The Lake is fishing its socks off just now – for tout …and pike. Euan Miller caught a 28lb fish on the pike fly yesterday.

Reports of trout rising in the lake “as not seen before”. Sandy Bay Tod hole and Reedy point have all been reported as bubbling. Today the road shore is also fishing well with size 14 buzzers. Cormorants youth fishing starts tonight.

FARIO BOAT LEAGUE by DF. In the first night of the 2019 Menteith boat league, 18 rods caught 99 fish. There were a lot of fish moving – so fishing a floater with dries or buzzers was the way to go. The first three rods were all fishing over in the butts. Top rod was George Whyte with an impressive 20 fish. He was straight lining buzzers and got his first with his first cast, only dropping one all night. George wins a fly box with 22 flies from Fario flies. 2nd was Alex Galloway with 10 fish getting his first fish at 6:50pm and catching 3 on buzzers then changing to dries and catching 7 more Alex wins a Lake voucher giving him a free night fishing in the Boat League. 3rd was newbie Neill Barrett with 10 as well but not catching his first fish till 7:30pm.

Last week in the National Trout Fishing Championship with club representing Shetland to the Borders, Ewan Clarke was top rod with 29 trout in the Tod Hole/Butts drifts on the washing line. Ben Robertson was 2nd with 28 and Tyler Hay netted 27 in 3rd place. It was very close at the top with 24lbs 9.8oz needed to qualify. The 64 anglers netted 856 trout (returning 669).

Report by PB. In the first heat of the 2019 Scottish Club Championship (sponsored by The Lake of Menteith, Keir Hardie Joinery, Fly Tying Scotland, Glencairn Crystal & Hope Embroidery), 12 teams embarked on an evening with a light, if somewhat cool breeze from the north/north east. The fish were still feeding just under the surface with most anglers opting for slowly fished patterns such as buzzers and diawl bachs. 1st placed team on the night was Tartan Tyers A, comprising Allan Mclachlan, Andrew Mcadam and Scott Aitken.

They landed a total of 26 fish for a total weight of 52lbs 13.4ozs. 2nd placed team, East Kilbride AC ‘A’ had the same amount of fish as the winning team but their weight was 51lbs 15.8ozs. Their team was made up of Steven Stephen Japp, Jim Mckinlay and William Winning. 3rd place went to Black Loch AC ‘A’ with 20 fish for 39lbs 8ozs. Their team comprised David Ezzi, Jim Jack and Tam Ramsay. The top three teams qualify for the semi-finals. Top rod on the night was Allan Mclachlan with 14 fish for a total of 27lbs, 8.6ozs. Allan fished at Tod Hole with a floater and diawl bachs. The winning team, top rod and captor of the heaviest fish were all presented with a bottle of Famous Angler whisky. The 36 anglers landed 167 fish for a total of 340lbs 2.4ozs giving a rod average of 4.6.

Pitsford Water


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Fish 335 (Season 6,302) Returns 117 (955) Rod average 4.6 (6.6)

Despite the cooler weather and cold winds that have slowed the sport on Pitsford this week the rod average is still very good at 4.6.

The quality of fish caught has also been excellent with several quality brown trout showing once again. The best Brown of the week was a lovely 6lb 14oz fish caught by Matt Collerson while fishing in a Mid Northants match. Another cracking Brown this week was a fine specimen of 6lb 7oz which was part of a super catch by Tony Clark from Morpeth. Tony had 8 Rainbows up to 3½lb and returned a further 9 fish.

The best Rainbow of the week was a fish of 4lb 8oz caught by Rob Layton. There were numerous Rainbows reported in the 4lb plus category.

On Sunday the local Mid Northants club held the Bruce Richardson Trophy boat match. 27 anglers caught 110 fish for an average of 4.0 per rod. They fished to a kill your first four and then catch and release rule. Top rod was newcomer Matt Collerson with four fish for 12lb 6oz; second John Mills with four fish for 11lb and third equal were Les Yarnwell and Simon Charter with four fish for 10lb 15oz. All anglers remarked that the quality, size and fight of the fish were second to none with over a dozen Rainbows caught between 3-4lb.

Best Rainbow: 4lb 8oz taken by Rob Layton.
Best Brown: 6lb 14oz taken by Matt Collerson.
Best boat areas: Rigbys, Holly Tree, Sermons, Pines.
Best bank areas: Duffers, bog Bay, Cliffs.

Ravensthorpe Reservoir


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Fish 379 (Season 5,212) Returns 53 (612) Rod average 7.1 (8.5)

Ravensthorpe continues to fish well this week despite some chilly conditions with a rod average of 7.1 fish.

With changeable weather the water has fished well on top tactics with fish caught in the top three feet on washing line with diawl bachs, buzzers and crunchers. Dry fly has also been successful at times with some significant pond olive hatching.

John Smith and Mick Griffin had a great day’s fishing on Tuesday with John bringing over 20 fish to the boat on a wide variety of patterns from daddies, diawl bachs, buzzers and Pitsford Pea.

Lots of fish are being caught within the 3 to 5lb bracket and are fighting well in the cool water. Over the weekend fish were still actively feeding on, or just sub surface, with the Domes, Coton End and the Island producing.

Bank fishing has been best down the west bank on buzzers and diawl bachs up in the water on a washing line set up.

Best Rainbow: 5lb 4oz taken by R Millard.
Best boat areas: the Island, lodge end of dam, Tall Willows.
Best bank areas: Monger bank, the dam.

Rutland Water


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Fish 1,629 (Season 9,429) Returns 388 (1,456) Rod average 4.19 (6.47)

This week started with the first heat of our very own Anglian Water Airflo International here at Rutland. 8 teams took to the water to battle for a place in the regional final in July with WCC Airflo Costa 1 and RAF Fish Hawks A recording the same combined weight of 135lb 14oz! Number of fish decided first place with Costa’s 65 fish edging the Fish Hawks into second with 61 fish. Joining the afore mentioned in the regional final will be Northern Drifters, The Renegades and Team Vision, congratulations from us all at the lodge! Rutland didn’t disappoint with a rod average of 7.54 on match day with the majority of boats concentrating efforts in the Hideaway Bay area, Old Hall, K Buoy, Sykes Lane and Whitwell Front. Bucking the trend in the areas mentioned was top rod for the day Fish Hawks Si Gaines with a combined weight of 33lb 5oz for his 14 fish bag. Finding the Sailing Club Bay empty Si proceeded to put a fine bag of fish together finishing at 13:35! Steve Cochrane recorded a fine specimen brown of 7lb ½ oz to take best fish on the day.

Specimen browns have once again featured this week, Gordon Bramwell returned an estimated 9lb fish during Monday’s match and Barry Vaughan returned a huge brown of 12lb plus taken on a size 14 cruncher!

Buzzer hatches were slowed somewhat by the drop in temperatures of last week but when temperatures rose they were soon active with Swallows working the water in many areas of the reservoir. Fish could be seen moving in huge numbers but were feeding on very small fly in most cases and reluctant to look at dries or nymphs fished high. The most successful option was to ignore the risers and fish beneath them with buzzers, and small crunchers/diawl bach. Another tactic was to fish boobies very fast along the surface to induce a reaction, often leading to multiple fish following the flies! Towards the latter part of the week good hatches of olives were noted which is encouraging, giving the trout another option.

There is a real spread of fish at the moment giving anglers plenty of options in where to target. Notable areas have been Hideaway Bay, New Zealand Point, Sailing Club Bay, Lodge frontage, including Church Bay and Normanton Church to the blue pipes. The Monument, Stocky Bay, Earnies Point, Barnsdale Creek, Dickensons and The transformer have all provided sport!

Tactics wise buzzers and black/brown diawl bach and crunchers have been a safe bet. In general the fish are not holding deep with midge tips and floaters being a popular choice when conditions have allowed. As would be expected a change to boobies and blobs on the cooler days with less fly has paid dividends with di3 or 5 lines. Fly choice is very similar for bank or boat currently, with New Zealand Point, Sailing Club, Sykes Lane and May Tree bank all providing bank anglers with sport.

A further 4,000 rainbows were introduced down both arms last week so expect the quality sport on offer to continue!

The Tuesday Night Boat League starts on 7 May.
An enjoyable evening, open to all from 5pm with boats away at 6pm. Boat partners will be drawn from a hat. The evening concludes with a fish and chip supper and the prize for the best fish on the night is a free mid week boat.

Best Rainbow: 4lb 11oz.
Best Brown: 12lb (safely returned).
Best boat areas: See report.
Best bank areas: See report.
Mid week boat winner: R Maryniak

Fish stocked: 2,500.

Forthcoming events
Anglian Water Rudder Match 11 May
Airflo Invitation Match 15-19 May
Bob Church Classic 2 June
Anglian Water Over 50’s Match 15 June

Beginners courses: 16,25 & 29 May; 7,16 & 29 June and throughout the season.
Boat handling courses: 14 & 30 May; 5,10,17 & 24 June and throughout the season.

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