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UK Reservoir Trout Fishing Reports – 23rd November 2018

We bring you the round up of the latest fishery reports from the big waters across the UK in our weekly fishery reports.

Blithfield Reservoir


Tel: 01283 840284





Blithfield closed on Friday 23rd November 2018, and will reopen again spring 2019.






Llyn Brenig


Tel: 01490 420 463






There is a friendly bank competition at Brenig on the 27th of December Please book a place by contacting the fishery on 01490 420 463.






Carsington Water


Tel: 01629 540478




Carsington closed on Sunday 4th November.

2018 has been another excellent year for Carsington Fishery. 
Despite the reducing water levels over the season, the rod averages have remained high, notably Carsington experienced some excellent fishing throughout August and early September, which are traditionally tougher times of the season.

Carsington wishes to thank all of their returning customers, as well as the host of new anglers who have supported the fishery throughout this season. 

Carsington has had great success once again with its Spring and Autumn Open Competitions. The 2018 Autumn Competition included the addition of the John Wilson memorial Trophy that will be presented to the angler who caught the heaviest fish during a Spring or Autumn Open Competition. These matches will be held again in 2019.
2018 has once again seen an increase in clubs and external organisations holding their own competitions or introductory days.

The fishery would like to thank their Fishery & Watersports Team for all there hard work throughout the 2018 season, helping to maintain a high standard of fishing, equipment and service this year. They have been busy bringing the boats safely off the water for the winter period and are looking forward to setting up again for the 2019 season.

Opening Weekend 2019

Carsington will open again for the 2019 season on Saturday 16th March.
 Bookings are now being taken for the opening weekend, a great early season fishing challenge, which is highly popular, so don’t delay, get your space booked!
 The boat price is still just £26 for two people; permits can be purchased on the day however booking is advisable.

Spring Open 2019 Competition
: Saturday 27th April 2019 is the date for next years Spring Open Competition

For more information and booking contact the fishery.

Draycote Water


Tel: 01788 812018




Weekly Stats:   

Number Rods: 189
Number Trout Taken: 221
Number Trout Released: 418
Total Catch: 639
Weekly Rod Average: 3.3

The fishing has been good at Draycote. Southerly breezes have made fishing from the north shore difficult at times, but some bank anglers faired pretty well off Lincroft Point casting into the wind using small black buzzers. Boat anglers have had their fair share of good sport drifting down the Farborough Dam and over Croft Shoal. Musborough Shoal and the Hensborough Sank as well as the Flat Stones have also produced good returns on fry patterns and lures fished on sinking lines. This week 189 anglers caught 639 fish to give a weekly rod average of 3.3.

Monday can only be described as miserable with squally showers and windy conditions for the visit from West Midlands Police. The boat pairing of Peter Watson and John Hurst caught 9 fish between them. Kevin Rees managed 5 from the bank on shrimp patterns. Season permit holder Ian Richardson caught 3 fish from the bank.

Again on Tuesday the wind blew from the south and although forecast as quite gusty, seemed to blow a steady 12 to 14pmh all day. The more settled conditions seemed to help the fishing with the rod average moving back up to a steady 4.8.  It turned out to be a good day for regulars and members alike, with plenty of good catches on the return sheet. Tony Broadway and John Dews ventured out on a boat to catch 9 fish apiece. Ed Douglas caught 10 fish from the boat in various areas around the reservoir. Staff member Lee Henfrey had 17 fish to the boat using tubes on a DI7 off Croft Shoal and the Farborough Dam.

Wednesday was again a good day with many anglers managing their bag limit and more. Richard Walker caught 5 fish in Rainbow Corner on Minkies. The boat pairing of Mr B Barnes and Mr B Patrick had 22 fish to the boat. Chad Critchly and Phil Harding had a good day with again, 22 fish to the boat. The bank anglers didn’t seem to fair as well on Wednesday with the best of the bunch being Roger Kerrison with 4 fish.

Thursday dawned bright and breezy again, clouding over by midmorning.  Peter Elliott ventured out onto the bank to net 10 fish on Hare’s Ears. Kevin Rees also caught 10 fish from the bank on a washing line and shrimp patterns. Also fishing from the bank was Mr P Barnes who managed 4 fish. The boat pairing of Eddie Mitchell and Dave Kennell managed 18 fish between them and noted that the last hour or so was “really good sport”. Mr D Naylor and Mr S Houlton managed to catch 8 fish on Hoppers.
On Friday it was overcast with a light southeasterly blowing. The fishing seemed to have shifted a little with things now happening not only on Croft Shoal but over at Musborough Shoal and in Biggin Bay. Norman Perkins caught 8 from the bank at Lincroft Point on white lures. Terry White caught 10 fish from the bank. Terry fished the cornfield using FAB’s and Diawl Bachs. Tony Broadway and Colin Day caught 10 and 12 respectively from the bank down in Toft. Colin was using lures and a hot spot PTN. Mr J Shemmell caught 5 fish from the bank on shrimp patterns.  Seasoned regular Alex Campbell only managed 3 fish from a boat over Musborough Shoal but missed and dropped quite a few more. All were lovely bars of silver, pulled up from the bottom on a DI7 and perch fry patterns.
Saturday was bright with an easterly wind, which can make things tricky. Again staff member Lee Henfrey took to the water netting 11 fish from a boat on a DI8 and Snakes over Middle Shoal and the Flat Stones.  Season permit holders Jim Brennan and Chris Discombe took to the water netting 7 lovely trout, and one pike. Bank angler Steve Gibson netted 4 fish from Duns and Biggin Bay.

Again Sunday was bright with a light easterly breeze. Peter Fisher managed 7 fish to the boat on gold head PTN’s and damsels. Keith Harding managed 8 fish to the boat with a roly-poly retrieve using a DI7 and Minky Boobies in Biggin Bay. Ed Douglas and Jim Smith managed well into double figures each to a drifting boat using DI7’s and lures.
Season Permits

2019 Season Permit: If you’re interested in the availability of a season permit at Draycote options start from £435.00
New for 2019 is the All Water Membership with options starting from £480.00 allowing you the flexibility to fish any of their waters contact the Draycote Lodge 01788812018 or email for details

Elinor Trout Fishery


Tel: 01832 720786




196 anglers caught 849 fish of which 638 were returned

Fishing remains best at the lodge end of the lake despite plenty of fishing pressure. Some fish are feeding on fry but the majority are eating small buzzers.

In cloudy conditions you need to concentrate on the top two feet. However four to five feet seems to be the zone when the sun is out.

More so than usual, last week you needed to be in the right area, with the correct method.  A couple of boats blanked last week whereas the top boat managed 42 fish. Regular visitor, Andy Lane from North London anchored off the Dam and caught on Bloodworm, small buzzers and also dries to top score. 
Justin Gardiner switched depth and flies to take 35 anchored off Boat Bay. Daddies, FAB and buzzers were his best patterns.

Now the clocks have gone back half-day tickets are valid 7am – 2pm or Midday until dark.

Best Fish

7lb 0oz  Mr Crofts, Coventry, Pitsford Pea

6lb 4oz  Lazloe Boden, Rothwell, boat

6lb 1oz  Peter Howlett, Peterborough

Best Areas

Bank – Boat Bay, Dam, Brookside

Boat – Boat Bay, Dam

Best Patterns

Bloodworm, small Damsel, small black or olive Buzzer, red Diawl Bach, wet Hopper, white/green lure, Pitsford Pea, black, olive or pink Snakes.

Next Stocking

November 23rd

Forthcoming Competition 

The perfect excuse to get some fresh air between Christmas and New Year.

Saturday December 29th C&R bank competition. £45.00 entry fee includes fishing. 
£700 first prize!

Full details on Iain Barr Facebook or at the fishery.

Pike Fishing

Elinor will be holding three weekends when anglers can fish for pike from boats.

November 24(fully booked) & 25

December 8 & 9

December 22 & 23

Fishing is 7.30am until dark

Lures or sea dead baits only.

Payment in advance to secure booking.

Single angler boat £27.50

Two anglers boat £45.00

Bookings/further info by email or telephone 01832 720786

Eyebrook Reservoir


Tel: 01536 770 264

Email: see website



End of season Report 2018 from the Fishery Staff at Eyebrook.

Season Stats:
Number Rods: 6,216
Trout Taken: 5,914
Number Trout Released: 19,047
Total Catch: 24,990
Seasons Rod Average: 4.02

Another season has once again come and gone, but don’t worry its only 17 weeks until opening day!

“I have certainly used the word ‘challenging’ a lot this season. Conditions were often against us and with the hottest summer for many years, water temperatures were consistently over 25 degrees for many weeks. Far from optimum temperature for fly fishing! Let’s not forget the good fishing we have seen this season however, a season average of four is very respectable. Once we’d got the Beast From The East behind us and the colour had fallen out of the reservoir, April averaged 7.6 fish a rod for the month. As the water temperatures tentatively increased we saw our prolific buzzer hatches increase. Bank anglers enjoyed the best of the sport, Sam’s Dyke, The Island, Pollards Jump and the Northern Shallows all fished spectacularly well.

May is always one of my favourite months here at Eyebrook. Temperatures rise and the fish start to disperse into the open water. Drifting boats start to come into their own covering water and casting to rising fish. 1173 anglers visited Eyebrook throughout May and caught 4,304 fish, with many overwintered fish coming to the dries in open water.
Water quality has been excellent all year with the water being ‘gin clear’ from May to October, we even had an increased number of Mayflies hatch this year. During May we had the biggest trout of the season caught, Steve Rainbow landed a 12lb specimen, with a full tail and in superb condition the fish had clearly been feeding hard of the fry for many years in the brook. The fish took a tube in 30ft of water.

The summer months of June and July took their toll. With air temperatures regularly over 30 degrees it was uncomfortable for anglers and the fish. Eyebrook is a relatively shallow reservoir, with 400 acres only average 17 feet leaving nowhere for the fish to hide.

Eyebrook held the Disabled International at the end of June. Two days of fishing in blistering heat was hard for all concerned. England finished second behind Scotland, with Wales finishing third followed by Ireland. Eyebrook’s next major event was the 6-man Team Loch Style Championships, organised by the Angling Trust. A whole new competition format with 11 teams fishing three sessions a day, over two days, with a prize pot of £6500 it brought the very best anglers in the country to the Eyebrook. The competition was also shown on BT sport, showing Eyebrook and fly fishing to a massive audience. Thank you to everyone who helped us with stewards for these events’, your support is very much appreciated.

Temperatures started to fall quickly into to August and the fish perhaps became acclimatised to their hot water environment. Averages soon improved and by the middle of the month anglers were seeing and catching good numbers of fish off the surface, from across the Basin. Emerger patterns, Daddies and Hoppers were all working well. August averaged 4.68 fish a rod, compared to 2.4 for the 2017 season, it almost made up for the poor month previous.

September is when Eyebrook does what is renowned for, world class top of the water sport. This year it didn’t disappoint. The reservoir was extremely busy with club outings, travelling anglers and our regular rods. The rod average was consistently at five fish a rod with dries working very well. The boat anglers enjoyed the best of the sport with the fish holding over deep water, bank anglers found it difficult to find fish in to the margins. There were few crane flies on the water this season, most probably due to the dry summer we had seen.

The season finished with respectively warm water temperatures. Most fish came to dries, with fish slowly turning to the fry. We didn’t see the fry feeders that we have seen in previous years, but we did see a huge amount of fry around the boat frontage. We put this down to the lack of cold weather we have seen this October. There were some good fry feeders caught however, Ian Jobe caught the best ‘back end’ rainbow at 6lb 10oz on a mini snake. Warden Toff Crowther caught a 7lb 12oz brown and several anglers recorded brown trout of over 6lb.

Pike fishing at Eyebrook has been incredible this season and has certainly put Eyebrook on the map as a specimen pike water. Pike fishing is strictly fly only with the season starting from the 16th June. The previous Eyebrook Pike record was a 28lb fish caught by Mr Andy Miller around 12 years ago. No fish had come to rival that record until this season with several fish breaking the 30lb mark and the new record being set at 39lb, caught by Mr Danny Leet mid-October on a very foggy morning. Pike fly fishing is a great alternative to trout fly fishing and is available to anyone. For advice and rules ask a member of staff at the lodge.

The 2019 season will begin on Friday 8th March with bank restrictions in place, boat bookings are now being taken. Call the lodge 01536770264 or email

We are now taking reservations for memberships for the 2019 season. Eyebrook membership starts from £435.00 Numbers are strictly limited so please get in touch with the Eyebrook staff and make them aware of your interest. Call the lodge 01536770264 or email

New for 2019 will be our New All Water Membership allowing those members to spread their visits across all our waters options start from £480.00. Memberships are sold with visit and fish killed limits. Please give your details to the fishery staff to receive an information pack on memberships or Call the lodge 01536770264 or email

Eyebrook will hold an open day on Sunday 16th December where we will be taking payment for memberships. We will also be holding the Spring fair along side Eyebrook tackle shop, a date for this this during February is yet to be confirmed.

Thank you all for your continued support throughout our second season managing Eyebrook Trout fishery. We look forward to welcoming you back during spring 2019.”

Foremark Reservoir


Tel: 01283 703202




Weekly Stats:    

Number Rods: 61
Trout Taken:  49
Number Trout Released: 65
Total Catch: 114
Weekly Rod Average: 1.9

Unusually for Foremark at this time of year the boats are still catching across at the Cascade, Herons Point & Gorse Bank. Bank anglers are generally catching best in front of the lodge and off the pontoon.

Monday started well with anglers using midge tip & intermediate lines with Green Peas and Boobies. Peter Clough & D Hardy fished around the pontoon and caught five each while Paul Walker took a boat across to the Cascade to catch his seven trout. Tuesday was a tougher days fishing although Scotty Wilson still managed to catch four from a boat off Heron Point. Wednesday also proved to be a difficult day although Ian Jobe with his regular water Eyebrook now closed for the end of the season managed to catch three off the bank.

Thursday and with a better forecast Foremark enjoyed better sport with P Walker returning for his second visit of the week and catching nine trout, Gordon Richard & John Machin caught 12 to their boat again from the Cascade, Heron Point & Gorse Bank area.

Friday and John Scragg proved it wasn’t all down to lures catching seven trout on a Bibio, Alan Topping caught five to just under 4lb

With the colder weather returning at the weekend rod numbers fell away although P Walker returned for his third trip of the week and continued his winning ways 11 trout from the Tower and Cascade

Grafham Water


Tel: 01480 810531




Despite the challenging low water levels at Grafham, anglers have still seen some good results. Boat anglers have been using a temporary pontoon to access the boats as the Harbour is now dry. Please remember to bring wellington boots or waders as it is a little muddy accessing the pontoon.

Bank anglers have enjoyed some good sport particularly from the North Shore, the Seat and the north end of the Dam. Anglers have had good results with Gold Head Daddies, Hare’s Ears, small black lures and Shrimp. The fish are close into the margins and access is good as the water is low. However, please be careful when wading as there are hazards under the water which you may not be able to see and areas of soft mud, so please make sure you use a bank stick. Lifejackets may also be advisable if fishing alone.

Competition news
Bookings are now being taken for the Fur and Feather bank match on 25th November. This is taking place on the same day as the Shrimpmasters and anglers have the option of fishing both matches simultaneously if they wish. To book onto the Fur and Feather for a chance to win one of three fantastic Christmas hampers please telephone the lodge.

Forthcoming events

Fly fishing for Pike 16 May to 31 January 2019

Grafham Water Fur & Feather (bank) 25 November

Shrimpmasters bank league: Sundays 11 and 25 November; 2 and 16 December; 6 and 20 January.

Lake of Menteith


Tel: 01480 810531




Pike Angler’s Alliance Scotland had their special access day on Saturday 10th November and they had much nicer fishing conditions than the previous Saturday when the Pike Angling Club were out. Stuart Sutherland of FishX caught two pike at the same time whilst Scott Hardie had the biggest fish on dead bait at 31lbs 4oz. Menteith stocked another 250 2.5lb fish last week. Some great catches of trout were taken last week with 10 plus for the boat being the norm and quite a few anglers taking advantage of the reasonable weather. Best areas have been Tod Hole or Gateside with Booby or lure.

Pitsford Water


Tel: 01604 781350




Weekly Stats:

Fish: 238 (Season 12,530)
Returns: 63 (2,683)
Rod average: 3.8 (4.67)

Pitsford continues to fish very well with a rod average of 3.8 for the week.
The sport from the boats has been consistent with lots of fish around the Pines and Sailing Club and through the Narrows.
The bank has really come on with fish feeding in two or three feet of water, on snail, shrimp and fry. Northfields shore, Stone Barn, Gravels, Cliffs and Pines are all producing good fish with most anglers reporting fish around the 4lb mark in their catches.

Although the brown trout are now out of season they are still feeding heavily and are likely to be caught. We ask that they are admired and quickly returned to the water unharmed.

Mid Northants Trout Fishers Association will be hosting an open taster session on Saturday 1 December 1-4pm.

During November our fishing lodges will be open 8am to 2pm 7 days a week.

Forthcoming events:
Mid-Northants Trout Fishers Association offer taster/introduction sessions at Pitsford Water the next one is on 1st December 1-4pm.
Pitsford Fur & Feather (boat) 10 November.
Fly fishing for Pike 16 May to 31 January 2019
Predator Lure fishing 16 May to 31 January 2019

Ravensthorpe Reservoir


Tel: 01604 781350





Weekly Stats:

Rod average: 6.8 (Season 5.3)

The trout fishing at Ravensthorpe is still going well and with a rod average of 6.8 for the week it’s still worth a visit for some fabulous back end sport.
The majority of fish are now being caught on fry patterns such as white Minkies, Zonkers and Cats Whisker. A slow sink intermediate or Di3 line is proving more effective.
There are still a large number of trout concentrated in front of the lodge by the pontoon and the best way to target them is by boat. Anchoring outside the white buoys and fishing in to this area can produce good results. And this was the method used by James Punch who caught 31 fish, including a fish estimated at 4-5lb which was returned alive. Bob Midmer also had 10 fish to his boat and Alan Wither caught 20.

Alan Duffin is still toughing it out on the bank and catching fish.


1st Simon Lehane and John Castledine 8 fish for 17lb 7oz
2nd Terry Bayes and Ashley Cooper 7 fish for 14lb 1oz
3rd Frazer Duffy Snr and Frazer Duffy Jnr 8 fish for 13lb 3oz
The biggest fish – a 2lb 11oz Rainbow was caught by Richard Slater

Best Rainbow: 4-5lb taken by James Punch

Best boat areas: In front of lodge.

Best bank areas: Monger Bank.

Rutland Water


Tel: 01780 686441




Weekly Stats:

Fish: 76 (Season 37,174)
Returns: 42 (7,546)
Rod average: 1.8 (4.99)

Last Saturday saw the last Rudder Match of the season, this is the first time Rutland has held a Rudder Match so late in the year and it didn’t disappoint! Out in front with 11 fish to the boat were David McDonald and Mr McDonald with 11 fish for 19lb 3oz. Pushing them hard in second was Ziggy and Chris Binley also with 11fish to the boat for 18lb 2oz. Ady Naylor and Dave Bradshaw were third with eight fish for 13lb 2oz. Dave Porter took the big fish prize, pipping Mick Conner by half an ounce with his 3lb 1oz rainbow.

Final standings from the series of 7 rudder matches saw Simon Lehane and John Castledine top the leader board with an impressive 40 points, congratulations and good ruddering! Second were Mick Connor and Brian Bonner with 29 points and Dave Porter/Colin Best and Roy/Col Bartrum were tied with 17 points in third. Rutland Water would like to thank all the anglers for supporting these matches, they are always fished in the right spirit and provide plenty of laughs along the way.

The team Costa lads held a social match on Sunday with several team members recording double figure numbers of fish per rod! Iain Barr recorded 14, Tom Cooper 15 and Rick Cooper 10. They experienced great sport and weighed four fish in to decide the competition. Andrew Scott took the spoils with his four fish going 10lb, second was Ben Race with 9lb 12oz and also best fish of 4lb. Tom Cooper took third spot with 8lb14oz.

The cooler weather towards the latter part of the week and weekend has seen vast numbers of rainbows across the buoy line of the dam. These fish have really come to life and have been actively chasing flies fished up in the water providing some excellent sport. The change to an easterly wind has also meant comfortable fishing in the shelter offered by the dam wall itself. A slow glass and a couple of Boobies have been a good tactic, showing how high up in the water the fish are. The Sailing Club has again produced consistently this week for boat anglers with fry patterns being a popular choice. Fish are still holding from the Church along the Lodge Frontage circa 200 yards out so open water drifts are still very effective.

Off the bank the Harbour Wall has again seen plenty of attention with good numbers of rainbows falling to fry patterns. Church Bay has also produced off the bank along with East Creek and then past the Church to the Hotel.

Adrian Baggely is still fishing his ‘dapping’ method and raising fish to his flies, coming back to the pontoon on Saturday with a solid rainbow of 5lb.

Staff are now in the process of taking boats off for winter so please give the fishery a call and book your boat to avoid disappointment.

Rutland’s popular Fur and Feather bank match will be on 2nd December. Call the lodge for more information on 01780 686441.
Winter restrictions now apply and certain bank areas are closed to fishing i.e. Sailing Club onwards and left of the Transformer all the way round to Dickensons Bay. Any brown trout hooked must be quickly unhooked and returned alive immediately.

During November the fishing lodges will be open 8am to 2pm 7 days a week.

Forthcoming events

Rutland Water Fur & Feather (bank) 2nd December.

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