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UK Reservoir Trout Fishing Reports – 18th July 2019

We bring you the round up of the latest fishery reports from the big waters across the UK in our weekly fishery reports.

Blithfield Reservoir


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Best Areas: Ten Acre Bay; Gorse Bushes; St. Stephen’s; Dougie’s; Watery Lane; Pastry Point; short drifts across the centre of the North Lake

Best Dries: Shipman’s buzzer; sedge; claret hopper; orange CdC hopper; Daddy Longlegs; Shuttlecock CdC; Shipman’s sugar lump; red butt Bristol hopper

Best Lures: Cat’s Whisker; orange tadpole

Best Nymphs/Wets: Black buzzer; Diawl Bach; black & peacock spider; PTN; cruncher; Soldier Palmer

Best Fish: 4lb 8ozs rainbow trout caught on a Daddy Longlegs by Mr. Oliver Hingley from a boat on the South Lake

The current rod average is 5.83

As we approach mid-July (where has the year gone?!) we would usually expect the margins to be too warm and fish to have moved out to deeper water by now. However this year has proved to be exceptional for bank sport and higher water levels after June’s heavy rainfall, which has plagued so many river anglers, has been a very welcome phenomenon here.

Fish are still moving into the weeds and margins feeding avidly on pin fry, emergers and small terrestrials blowing off the banks and trees and although boats are enjoying better coverage of the water bank anglers are certainly not missing out just yet. Later afternoons and evenings are incredibly productive times for dry fly enthusiasts with sedge and hopper patterns dominating the returns this week, closely followed by Shipman’s buzzers and ‘sugar lumps’.

A reminder to syndicate anglers this week to please book in advance of your visit rather than just turning up on the day – this will avoid any disappointment if there are no rods available when you get here. However, with a 4 hour bank permit costing just £15, what’s not to like?

Creditable returns this week include on Monday the 8th for Season Permit holders Mr. Pat Burton and Mr. Peter Jeffries with 14 fish apiece from their respective boats, all caught on dry flies ; visiting rod Mr. Clive Wilkins returned a total of 23 fish to his boat on the South Lake using CdC and hare’s ear nymph patterns ; visiting rod Mr. Ian Watson proved that the banks are still performing well with 13 fish, all caught on Daddy LongLegs patterns ; Permit holders and regular boat pairing Mr. Brian Jones and Mr.Graham Wood also enjoyed great sport with a combined total of 30 fish to the boat. The 9th saw visiting rods performing well with Mr. R. Tilton recording a total of 16 fish to his boat, all caught on hoppers whilst Mr. Ian Jennings fished from the banks and returned a total of 27 fish all on buzzer patterns. Wednesday 10th dawned with promising cloudy skies and settled conditions and certainly didn’t disappoint. Permit holders Mr. Eddie Biddle and Mr. George Eardley fished from a drifting boat on the South Lake and recorded a total of 27 fish between them, again all caught on Shipman’s Sugar Lumps ; visiting rods Mr. Yousef Dar and Mr. Steve Williams also drifted across the South Lake to record a phenomenal 75 fish to their boat on combinations of dries, nymphs and blobs ; visiting boat rods Mr. Terry ‘Wafter’ Coging and Mr. Geoff Stanley returned 23 fish between them, all caught on various dry patterns including sedge whilst visiting rod Mr. John Spencer made good use of buzzer patterns to return 11 fish from the banks of the South Lake.  On the 11th boat pair and Season Permit holders Mr. Pat Burton and Mr. Nigel Hodkinson  returned 24 fish to their boat with hoppers being the flies of choice for both anglers ; visiting rod Mr. Graham England also took a boat out onto the ever-giving South Lake and recorded a very creditable 30 fish – every one being safely released to swim for another day. The 12th saw gusty Northwesterly winds making conditions tricky for some but Season Permit holder Mr. Bill Scarlett returned 15 fish from the banks in just 3 hours’ sport whilst visiting boat angler Mr. Pete Eville used crunchers and Diawl Bach nymphs to tempt the hungry fish looking for pin fry and recorded a total of 35 to his boat. Rounding off the week were visiting boat pair Mr. Roy Bailey and Mr. Jordan Riley who returned 15 fish between them – not a bad result considering that Roy has not been fly fishing for very long.

The annual Blithfield Triathlon will be taking place this year on Sunday 21st July. Whilst fishing will still be taking place there are restrictions on bank angling between Rainbow Corner and Watery Lane and slightly stricter boat conditions until early afternoon.  We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

A quick reminder that the Angling Office closes at 10.30am on Saturdays (as it did last year). Visiting anglers will need to see the Duty Bailiff across the Dam at the Boat House after this time.

Llyn Brenig


Tel: 01490 420 463






The weather has been ideal for eating strawberries and cream or playing cricket but less so for casting a line over the waters of Llyn Brenig. The start of the week have been warm and bright and a slight cooling by the midweek with a hint of some rain in the air. The water temperature has actually dropped during the week with the top few feet of the water recording a temperature of 18.5 degrees by Sunday, still very warm but maybe an indication that the weather might be on the turn.

As of last week the fish have naturally gone deep and if you are prepared to use a DI 5 line then you will catch fish. But with a bit of shade from the clouds the fish have returned to the top 6 feet of water. Pete Morris has been pulling fish out on Damsel Nymphs and saying “the bank seems to be fishing as well as the boats” The only real difficulty has been fighting the great quality blue trout which have been described as “torpedoes” by J.Owen and “very acrobatic”. With the rod average being up on last week and hitting 4.96 fish per angler there is room for a great deal of optimism.

The quality of the fish being caught has also been very high and much commented on by the fishermen. This has once again been down to the efforts of our fish farmers Mr. Jack Finney and Mr. Stefano Roca producing fish that David Owen has described as, “fish that fight above their weight!” and “a silver beauty” The fish farmers have also hinted that the stocked fish this week will be in peak condition with an average weight of over 3lbs and some extra big “slabs” around 7lbs. So there is much to look forward to. With a challenging last week the fishing has improved tenfold with massive bags off the boats. The biggest bag was from Craig McLeod with a staggering 31lb 3oz for his 6 fish caught on Daddies off the dam, which is an average of 5lb a fish. John Davies said he had the best day of fishing he has had and described Brenig as “top fishery” with 6 fish coming in at 22lbs and lost count how much he returned. Digger was close behind him with a bag of 21lb 4oz. it’s nice to see fishermen catching beautiful rainbows and bluey, but this week we have seen two brown trout coming out of Brenig Arm, 1lb 12oz by Mark Adrian Nixon (picture below) and a fish of a life time from Stephen Matterson with his brownie coming in at 7lb 8oz.

The fishing has been a lot better this week and the bank fishermen have had success along Hafod Lom and the Ring of Stones and the corner by the dam. Boat fishermen have had success also along Hafod Lom, Brenig Arm, North end and around the cages. The top flies this week have been black buzzers, tequila blobs, coral boobies, damsels’ nymph, cormorants, daddy long legs, sedgehogs, The main gates will be shutting at 7.15pm this week and all boats need to be back on the jetty by 6.45pm.

Tight Lines- Ilan Evans – Seasonal Ranger

Bristol Water Fisheries


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Slowly getting a little tougher at the lakes with this warmer weather continuing. Water temperatures now up around the 20C at most of our lakes although little signs of major algae spells at present which is good to see. The good news is that the fish are continuing to feed although it’s been noticeable that on some lakes the fish are starting to move to slightly deeper water.

Stockings took place at Barrows and Blagdon last week. On inspection, tank two is suffering more from seasonal weed growth this season than tanks 1 and 3. With this in mind we have only stocked tanks 1 and 3 recently with 300 fish hitting both lakes last week. Blagdon received a small stocking of fish on Sunday.

Our family fun fishing event was a great success. Over 150 attendees over the two days with lots of youngsters having a go. Plenty of fish caught to keep them engaged and a big thank you to everyone who helped out over the course of the weekend. Our next events are in August, if you are free and don’t mind helping out at our next event please do get in contact with Martin Cottis via email at

As mentioned in the last report please  stay safe whilst out on the water. It can be tempting to remove items of clothing during warmer spells. We insist that lifejackets are worn at all time when out on the water. Please remember to keep life jackets when fishing. Anglers found not wearing life jackets may be requested to leave the water and jeopardize fishing at our waters in the future. We take your safety out on the water seriously, please help us by keeping life jackets on at all times.

Similarly, it can be tempting to try and wade that little bit deeper from the bank when warmer weather sets in. A reminder that anglers are not permitted to wade any deeper than thigh level. Wading is not permitted at Barrow tanks. Please wade sensibly to ensure your safety.

Bookings on 01275 332339

On to the fishing…..

Chew Valley – Res level 87% full

Stocking to Date: 27,234
Rod Average: 3.19

Average Weight: 2lb 11oz

Biggest recorded Rainbow (this period): 8lb 2oz 
Biggest recorded Brown(this period):5lb 4oz

Bank areas: Walley bank has been consistent recently with many anglers saying how surprised they are that sport is still good. Try the area closest the sailing club as there seems to be a nice pocket of fish holding just in front of the reeded area only a few yards down the bank. They have been popping up a little in the evening and early morning so it may be worth keeping the dries handy if given the chance. During the day a washing line setup with some corixae patterns should to the job.

The north shore has also been consistent although weed beds are growing more and more by the day. Consider a damsel as a point fly in this area as this, often sheltered, area of the lake can be great for damsel hatches at times.

The oak tree and the beach area close to Herons green has produced a few fish in the last week or so although venturing a bit further down the and onto the stones at Nunnery may be worth a go if this warm weather persists. Some slightly deeper water resides in this area which may start attracting fish soon. Fish slow with a long leader if possible. A midge tip may also help.

Boat areas: As mentioned in the last report, Villice continues to hold a head of fish towards the top of the bay. The area of shallow water directly opposite the bird hide and down to ‘the bench’ area is holding corixae feeders. It will be necessary to fish high in the water in this area due to the abundance of weed beds. A washing line setup is the way to go. Try some hares ear patterns or red diawl bach’s as droppers and perhaps a popper hopper or similar as a point fly. Occasional pulls among a slow figure or eight may help draw a fish to your fly and help keep the flies off of the weeds. Don’t be surprised if a fish grabs it shortly after a pull, often this will entice a take.

Herons Green has fish within it although the continued pressure is making these fish harder to catch. Long drifts along the wall of the dam in this bay seems to be working well. Some ‘early birds’ who have been passing this area first thing in the morning have noted some splashing near the surface. We noted that last week there were a good head of coarse fish showing around the lake, its possible some of our trout have taken a fancy to them. On cooler mornings or during overcast spells it may be worth trying a fry imitation or similar along this structure. A slow intermediate or similar should keep flies off of the bottom.

Fish have been seen rising steadily through the middle of the lake during the flat calm days. A couple anglers have had some joy targeting them but they aren’t easy. There were some big fish showing in this area earlier in the year so could reward those brave enough with a bigger fish. Perhaps an area to try later in the day once some sport has been had in areas like Villice.

Don’t neglect the dam basin at this time of year. Although we haven’t seen many fish coming from this area this season its not to say fish wont start to show here soon. Try the aerators but be mindful that anchoring and tying up to buoys is not permitted. Either nymphs fished on a long leader on a floater or midge tip or a booby or similar fished deep on a faster sinking line will be worth a try.

Pike fly fishing continues to improve with some respectable numbers of fish now showing. The pike do seem to be active despite the warming temperatures. A estimated 25-30lb fish was caught last week by Mr A wiles whilst fishing for trout in Herons Green. Pike fly anglers have also had some success in and around the North Shore area at present with anglers commenting that they are getting lots of bites and follows which has been encouraging to see. Lots of jacks around to put a bend in the rod and a reasonable chance of catching something much bigger at present.

Blagdon – Res level 85% full

Stocking to Date: 16,504

Rod Average: 3.42

Average Weight: 2lb 14oz 
Biggest recorded Rainbow (this period): 7lb 10oz
Biggest recorded Brown (this period): 4lb

Bank areas: We continue to try and get out on the weed cutting boat where possible. Seasonal weed growth is always a significant challenge for us, we our best to manage it where possible.

Green lawn, Rainbow and Cheddar water are still favored by visiting bank anglers at Blagdon recently. Pegs and Ash trees has also chucked up some fish, especially early morning or late evening. Quite a lot of daphnia around now so a FAB or similar wouldn’t go a miss on a leader setup.

Some nice fish have been showing. With the weed that is around we would strongly suggest using 8lb+ nylon to be on the safe side. Using a co-polymer might come in handy to keep flies high in the water. As with Chew, a washing line setup will give you the best chance of bumping into a fish. A foam bodied daddy is always a favorite point fly with our season ticket holders at site. Whether fish confuse this pattern for a greater water boatman or similar?? Who know’s??

Sometimes fishing smaller at Blagdon can help. Fish can be finicky at times and opting for patterns in size 12 or smaller can help increase catch rates, especially in warmer conditions. Don’t be scared to use sparsely tied flies. Skinny diawl bach’s and crunchers can be deadly when fish become a little more lethargic.

Make the most of cooler mornings or evenings. An early start can really help success rates during this time of year.

Boat areas: The dam basin seems to be the place to be at present. Please be aware of the no anchoring zone in this area. See your ticket for further info or ask a member of our team. Also note that tying to buoys in the dam basin is also not permitted.

The over spill corner i particular seems to be the hot spot at present although fish have been caught all along the dam wall down to Cheddar water. Pipe bay is holding fish and the shallower water out in front of the lodge has been holding corixae feeders. They can be tricky to catch in this area and sometime s a stealthy approach with the boat can help. Try using a oar to creep into the shallower water to limit disturbance to the area.

The Top end of the lake is now weeding up fast which will limit access to his area. Often with the margins starting to fill up the deeper water sessions can hold concentrations of fish. Try drifting across open water with a bit of depth. Long drifts from Rainbow point towards Rugmoor and Pegs can be productive on its day. Look for a Southerly or South Westerly wind to get the best drifts possible.

Fishing long leaders on a floater can be deadly at this time of year, especially when fishing around aerators or similar. It can be challenging to fish flies static but it can reap rewards for those anglers with enough patience and concentration. If you struggle with static nymph and buzzer fishing try deploying the ‘bung’ which can have its merits when fishing  in slightly rougher weather. A heavy glue buzzer as  a point fly or a gold head damsel will be worth a try. Always take note of the dropper that the fish are coming to. This will give you an indication as to what depth the fish are feeding at and can make the difference between catching 1 fish or 10 fish in a day. Alter leader length, dropper spacing’s and fly selection accordingly.

Carsington Water


Tel: 01629 540478




Rod Average
 The rod average for this week was 1.43 with 77 fish caught by 54 anglers.

Best Rainbow/Brown
 The heaviest Rainbow was 5lb 8oz caught by J Scragg.
 The heaviest Brown was 2lb 4oz caught by D Holden.
 The heaviest Blue was 6lb 12oz caught by Mr McParlane.

Top Spot
 The most popular spots have been around Hall Wood, Fish Tail Creek, Millfields and the Main Basin.

Methods & Flies
 The most successful flies were White or Pink Snakes, Diawl Bachs, Tadpoles, Crunchers, Nymphs and Blobs.

Intermediate lines have been most successful this week, with anglers fishing deep and using the Di3 and Di5 methods.

With water temperatures rising the fish are seeking cooler climates with, when conditions allow, drifting over deeper water providing the best results. However, as is the norm for this time of year, the fish are being elusive and are well spread out now. Perseverance is the key, stick to a method and move around. 

Please Note – The fishery will close at 6pm on Thursday 18th July.
All boats for this day will be sold at the half day price. Permits will be sold for either a full or half day depending on your bag limit requirements.

Autumn Open Competition

Saturday 5th October 2019
 The Autumn Open is a known pairs competition, the entry fee is £60.00 per pair including petrol boat and 4 fish permit.

Draycote Water


Tel: 01788 812018




Number Rods: 229
Number Trout Taken: 414
Number Trout Released: 1087
Total Catch: 1501
Rod Average: 6.55

We have experienced a bumper week at Draycote Water and the boat fishing during this period can only be described as having been outstanding at times – especially for this time of year.  Good catches have come from all over the venue with drifts over the middle probably producing the most consistent results. The bank fishing, which tends to be a hit and miss affair through July, has also seen an improvement and some anglers have recorded impressive returns from all along the North Shore, Rainbow Corner and the Swans Nest. A total of 229 visiting the venue netted 1501 trout representing an impressive rod average of 6.55 for the week.

Whilst still our intention to highlight notable catches during the week, we intend to place a little more emphasis in forthcoming reports on actual tactics & methods which have proved successful for our top anglers. This, over time, will hopefully enable anglers to improve their tactical range & ultimately their overall catch rate.

Diverse arrays of methods have proved successful this week. For the dry fly enthusiast Culs, Bob’s Bits, Big Reds and the ever deadly Crippled Midge, have all worked well. Washing line tactics, utilising  a FAB on the point with a couple of Diawl Bachs or Crunchers on the droppers has put fish in the boat, especially around G buoy in Toft, whilst deep buzzers fished on a floating line with a long leader through the Aerators has made for some very exciting sessions for some. However, snakes fished on a sinking line, has been the most successful method by far during this reporting period. Our own guide Lee Henfrey, a master of sunk line techniques, recommends either a Di5 (a fly line that sinks at 5 inches per second), or a Di7 (with a sink rate of 7 inches per second) with no more than 10 feet of leader. His approach is to make initial retrieves as soon as the line lands.  On the second cast the line is retrieved after a ten second count down, and the third cast is retrieved after 15 seconds and so on. Using this method you are slowly searching the depths of the water column seeking out the taking zone. As soon as you get a take, you are likely to have established the correct feeding depth. Another tip which Lee will always advocate is to “Hang your flies” at the end of the retrieve.  Many anglers, once they have finished a retrieve, simply lift the flies out of the water and cast again, but Lee maintains that in doing so anglers are so often missing out on the chance of hooking a following fish. His sound advice is that once you come towards the end of the retrieve, when the fly is about 15 feet from the boat, stop it dead in the water. Keep a firm hold of the rod and line and count up to ten seconds. This allows the fly to sink slowly down and proves very tempting to any unsuspecting trout that has followed it back towards the boat. Give this technique a try the next time you visit us here at Draycote water. To coincide with his advice there is an online offer of snakes on our website at    These have been specially selected by Lee Henfrey as top patterns to compliment this tactic.

Whilst numbers of anglers on the bank at this time of year is limited, bank highlights this week include C J Day who fished a morning session in Rainbow Corner straight-lining a team of nymphs to bring 7 rainbows to the net. He reported his best pattern to be the Nemo Cruncher fished on the top dropper. Mike Oliver also did well to land 5 on his PTN variants along the North Shore. Season rod Tony Broadway – so often the bank angler’s “barometer” – worked a team of crunchers on a FAB based washing line to tempt a good six fish total from the Tower Bank. His catch was topped by a fin perfect silver bar of a rainbow which tipped the scales at 3lbs 12oz. Mick Cronin bank fished a late day session on Saturday to also land six fine rainbows with his best topping 5lbs.

Out in the boats this week Mark Hunt described his Monday evening 8 fish session as “Fantastic top of the water fishing” Keith Coley & Bob Taft netted a combined total of 18 to snakes on Tuesday with season rod Chris Discombe netting a dozen to both snake & damsel patterns too. Ed Douglas found conditions perfect for his dries on Wednesday enjoying a sensational day all over open water with 34 to the net – all caught & released. Whilst the pairing of Peter Elliott & Lee Patten stuck to dries in the aerators on Thursday with both recording impressive double figure returns, season rod Richard Walker went with the Olive & black snakes deeper down for a total of 23.  Another season rod, Ged O’Donoghue, wryly recorded “Snakes 15 Dries NIL” for his “Fantastic Day” on Thursday!! Many of the anglers out on Friday were exploring the venue & experimenting ahead of the AMFC match the following day and as such kept their tactics confidential. Nevertheless, despite blustery conditions on a brisk North Westerly, some excellent figures were recorded with Chris Bobby netting a 17 fish total & Peter De Kremer 13. Regular rod Jamie Scott stuck with the snake theme sub-surface to land 24 rainbows up to 4lbs – his best pattern being his own tying of a black snake. Most of his fish came in the boils. Lee Hankins concentrated on the dry fly approach using fiery brown Bobs Bits + Big Red in the Inlet & Biggin Bay to end with 4 fine fish for the pot & a further 14 C&R. On Saturday the rudder boat pairing of weekend regulars Ifor Jones & Jim Dempsey had an epic day with 20 & 21 fish respectively to their sunk line deep tactics out over open water. We also hosted the Group 2 Association of Major Fly-fishing Clubs Round 4 event which was a great success. Twenty four competitors from 4 teams landed 181 trout for a rod average of 7.5 with 18 of the 24 rods limiting before the final whistle. Bristol Reservoirs FFA Paul Bond took largest fish with a terrific rainbow of 4lbs 11oz together with best bag (Including time bonus) of 25lbs.  Organiser John Caldwell later described it as an excellent match & we congratulate both Paul Bond and GWFFA’s Chris Bobby for coming in as top boat pairing. Chris fished a slow glass with FABS & nymphs against Paul who stuck with dries. Team honours went to Grafham Water FFA with a total weight of 123lbs 2oz, followed by Bristol Reservoirs in second and Greylags securing third spot.

Saturday was also the occasion of another beginner’s tuition day which proved to be an extremely successful event. This course concentrated on boat fishing with emphasis on safe handling of the vessel, anchoring, setting up & controlling drifts etc.  All participants landed fish under the watchful eye of Guiding and Tuition Manager Tom Bird, and guide Lee Henfrey. They are now undoubtedly “hooked for life”. For information on upcoming tuition please visit our website at

The week finished with a quieter day in terms of rod & boat numbers but Sunday anglers enjoyed some blistering sport – especially down in Toft. Winds mainly from the west had kept boat away for most of the week but as wind speeds dropped at the end of the weekend anglers were greeted with feeding fish & some great catches resulted. Amongst those enjoying fine sport was Leicester’s Lester Booth who netted 17 to Crippled Midge + Big Reds. He commented on how many other fish he moved or missed too. Martyn Moore was also in Toft & alternated between a buzzer team & dries for a 14 fish session. Keith Harding was nearby & similarly finished with a 14 fish total. He switched between dries & washing line tactics on a 5 weight outfit. Keith probably summed up the view of many successful anglers this week describing “…stunning fish which all but pulled my arm off…Fabulous!!”
Water temperatures have only just breached the 20°C mark which probably accounts for such consistent sport. With cooler temperatures and rain forecast later in the week it is anticipated that such good sport will continue.

Current Fishing Times:
Bank:  07:30 until 21:45
Boat All Day: 08:30 until 21:45
Boat Part Day:  AM 08:30 until 15:00 PM 15:00 until 21:45
Last 4 Hours from:  17:45 until 21:45 (Ticket sales available from 17:30)
Gutting Room Closes: 21:15
All Anglers to be off site by: 22:00

Elinor Trout Fishery


Tel: 01832 720786




154 anglers caught 530 fish of which 340 were returned.

Best Fish
6lb 7oz  Darren Oram, Aldwincle, boat
6lb 6oz  Chris Redhead, Whittlesey, black/red buzzer, boat

Best Areas
Bank – coarse bank, east arm, dam(in a north wind)
Boat – pylon point, down middle, dam(in a north wind)

Best Patterns
red diawl bach, black/red buzzer, damsel nymph, dry blue damsel, daddy, olive hopper, white/green lure, tequila blob, black or white snake.

On first glance the rod average of 3.4 last week was good for mid July. However the results were helped by a few boat anglers catching good bags:
Nigel Cheetham, 24 fish, fab & buzzers, deep water off pylon
Andrius Papeika, 24, white snake or dry blue damsel, anchored off dam
Alan Rennocks, 15 bloodworm, red diawl
Steve Loveridge 15 candy booby, red diawl
Chris Redhead, 14, deep buzzers
Ian McGregor, 14, size16 red head diawl
Matt Collerson, 14, dry damsel, sedge, red diawl

Bank fish in particular was hard with 2 or 3 fish a good score.
Plenty of boat anglers also struggled but everyday last week there were a few boats who cracked the method.
Next Stocking: July 26th

Eyebrook Reservoir


Tel: 01536 770 264

Email: see website



Number Rods: 100
Number Trout Taken: 22
Number Trout Released: 96
Total Catch:  118
Weekly Rod Average: 1.18

Another week of varied summer conditions with warm sunny days and light winds interspersed with overcast conditions and showers, some of which were quite heavy. The local insect life continues to hatch off in large numbers with sedges, damsels and caenis to the fore. The fish are continuing to make the most of nature’s larder, becoming preoccupied with the abundance of natural food items. Anglers are still reporting lots of fish all over the fishery, from the dam, Robbo’s, Hawthorns, Sam’s Dyke, Mucky Bay and down Stoke Dry. We have recorded water temperatures in excess of 20 degrees all this week, so it is not surprising that we are finding that a lot of the fish in the main basin have now gone deep. The most successful tactic to target these fish has been to use a fast sinking line and large lure patterns, although buzzers fished on a long leader has also worked.  Fish are being caught in and around the marginal weed beds, especially in Sam’s dyke, and down towards Dogswood Bay. Static dries (especially damsels and Hoppers) fished in and adjacent to the weed beds being the preferred tactic although buzzers fished under a bung adjacent to the weed bed has also worked.

Season ticket holders Roy Swinfield and Lyndsey Bates landed four during their Monday morning visit whilst Ollie Mills used a fast sinking line and a black snake, to good effect, recording the best bag of fish this week. He landed 10 fish, one of which was a lovely marked brownie that weighed in at just over seven pounds. Staff member Toff Crowther also ventured out before his afternoon shift and used a DI8 to good effect netting 4 rainbows. Toff joined Ollie on Tuesday and they used the same tactics to record 13 fish between them, with the best fish landed being Toffs nine-pound four-ounce brownie.  Both of these big brownies were returned safely, and photos can be found on our Facebook page

Wednesday saw a few more anglers catching fish with Clive Moore netting three and Mr Russel and his boat partner Mr Munroe taking 5 to their boat. Ollie Mills returned again and took 6 rainbows during his morning session. Deep fished snakes again being his successful tactic. He continued where he left off on Thursday morning, this time landing a further six rainbows, again on snakes fished deep on a DI7.  Ian Jobe fished from his float tube and took six fish. Malcolm Thompson targeted the fish feeding in the marginal weed beds and landed three as did staff member Tom Bird who took four fish on CDC’s during a short afternoon session.

Friday was quite a hard day although Mark Hunt fished Amber Hoppers and dry Damsels in the weed beds in and around Sam’s Dyke and netted six fish which proved to be the best catch of the day. Ollie Mills returned for the fifth consecutive day and once again used his favoured deep lure tactics in the main basin to account for four fish. Both the successful “Fulling Mill” dry Damsels  and Snake’s are available to purchase at our online shop:-

Saturday was another hard day although Mr Mailie and Mr Harris used deep fish buzzers in the main basin to take eight fish. Similar tactics accounted for four fish on Sunday morning for Mr Lane who fished this method from his float tube, whilst regular float tuber, Neil Shilton, accounted for another four.

Pike Fishing 
The pike fishing continues in a similar trend to that of previous weeks with only the jacks willing to take and the odd larger fish following but then pulling away. Pike fishing will continue (water temperatures permitting) until we close the fishery on the 31st October. Pike fishing is fly only, is limited to a maximum of 5 boats per day and it is recommended that visiting pike anglers check the specific pike fishing regulations which can be found on the fishery website. This year we will also be offering guided pike fishing with our in-house guides. Further details are available on our guiding and Tuition website ( or by contacting our guiding manager Tom Bird on 01788 812018.

Current Fishing Time:
Bank: 07:30 am till 21.45pm, Boat All Day: 08:30 to 21.45pm
Morning Boats:   08:30 until 15.00pm, Afternoon Boats: 15:00pm until 21.45pm
Last 4 Hours from: 17.45pm until 21.45pm (Tickets on sale from 17.30pm)
All anglers to be off site by: 22:00pm

Grafham Water


Tel: 01480 810531




A mixed and highly unpredictable week for the weather! From the brightest day to the overcast spatterings of rain and wind, Grafham has seen it all the past week. There has been a recurring theme in recent weeks regarding catches. One recent example was a boat angler returning to the pontoon at the end of a day afloat having caught nothing but he was then followed ten minutes later by another boat angler with 8 fish taken in four hours. This brings to mind the rather frustrating cliche “That’s fishing for you”.

Last Tuesday’s evening boat league had a similar theme with some anglers unable to find fish; whereas another angler managed to bring over 20 Rainbows to his boat. All in one evening’s fishing. This happy angler used a surprising method for the time of year; a Di8 with lures fished by the north shore. Another boat angler using contrasting (but successful methods), enjoyed a fantastic afternoon’s sport catching a high number of good fighting fish with every sportsman’s favourite, the dry fly; proving that two very contrasting methods can be successful.

Predator fishing, based on the reports coming back to us, is looking very promising. There are a high number of double figure zander being caught which have all gone back in to the water strong and healthy to fight another day. We have also heard of two Perch over 3lb being caught near Savages at the beginning of the week.

As always we wish all of our anglers the very best of luck, please remember the rangers and everyone at the lodge are on hand to offer any help and advice that you need; always ready to supply latest method for the day. We look forward to seeing you.

Best boat areas: Wind dependent; G Buoy, the Willows, West Barn, the Seat.
Best bank areas: The dam (bowl area), the Willows, Gaynes Cove.
Mid week boat winner: D Thomas.

Summer special offers Our Summer Sunset ticket is now available to purchase – so take advantage of what is often the best part of the day. Priced at just £12 for one fish plus catch and release you can fish from 6pm.
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Forthcoming events
Invicta Tuesday Night Boat League
Open to all; boat draw approx. 5.15 with fishing commencing at 5.30pm. The evening concludes at the Wheatsheaf in Perry for refreshments.

Anglian Water Airflo International – Midland Final 22 July
WPC 17 & 18 August
Anglian Water rudder match 24 August
Scierra Pairs final 7-8 September
Grafham Water Championship 21 September
Beginners courses: 28 July; 3,9,24 & 30 August; 15,20 & 25 September and other dates throughout the season.
Boat handling courses: 24 July; 6 August; 2 September and other dates throughout the season.

Lake of Menteith


Tel: 01480 810531




Water Temp at 6ft 21C Secchi Disk Clarity Gateside Bay 2.6m

The warm weather (see water temp) has sent the fish (not necessarily the pike) deep so pack your fast sinkers. Best areas of recent have been the Malling shore, The Gap and especially Gateside Bay. At these temperatures we have an advisory note to limit catch and release in the interests of fish welfare. The Scottish versus English Select match tomorrow will be fished to 10 fish catch and release and record the time of your last fish caught. Temperatures are thankfully forecast to drop over the next few days.

Pitsford Water
Fish 80 (Season 11,067) Returns 35 (1,896) Rod average 2.3 (5.8)

The bank has probably outfished the boats at Pitsford this week. Bank anglers are finding good quality fish gorging on snails around the margins and weedbeds. Short morning and evening sessions are producing good sport.

Boat anglers are finding it more challenging with the best area being the Boils, main bowl and Narrows.

Some very good fish are again being caught. Season ticket holder Malcolm Foreman had two cracking Browns, both weighed and safely returned. The best fish weighed 4lb 6oz with the other at 3lb 8oz.

Peter Watson fished the bank around Duffers and Stilton Point, fishing floating snail patterns; catching three quality Rainbows around 3½lb before losing a much better fish.

Bob Aves and Gavin Friell fished the bank at Sailing Club and Pitsford Creek, catching six fish each on damsel and shrimp patterns.

With the conditions set to be more settled this week the fishing should improve as there is a mass of food in the water and huge numbers of pin fry appearing.

Throughout July and August the ‘Senior Tuesday’ offer has been extended to Thursdays so why not take advantage of these reduced boat prices.

Best Brown: 5lb taken by Vytautas Nasgelenas.
Mid week boat winner: Mr Southey of Aylesbury.

Summer special offers Our Summer Sunset ticket is now available to purchase – so take advantage of what is often the best part of the day. Priced at just £12 for one fish plus catch and release you can fish from 6pm.
Reduced boat hire for seniors Seniors can hire a boat every Thursday during July & August for just £20 (and Tuesdays throughout the season)

Forthcoming events
Beginners courses: 21 &27 July; 11,23 & 29 August; 6,11 & 21 September and other dates throughout the season.
Boat handling courses: 23 July; 7 August and other dates throughout the season.
Mid Northants Trout Fishers Association
Hosts monthly open sessions for beginners at Pitsford where fully trained instructors are on hand to offer advice on fly casting, fly tying and water craft. Non members welcome. All sessions are 2-5pm
3 August, 7 September and 5 October.

Pitsford Water


Tel: 01604 781350





Fish 676 (Season 10,147) Returns 167 (1,659) Rod average 4.04 (6.1)

Pitsford Water continues to fish well, particularly in overcast conditions when fish can be caught on dries or nymphs fished high in the water, washing line style with diawl bachs and crunchers. Fish are feeding on a wide range at the moment including snails, caddis, damsels, sedge and pin fry. In the evenings fish are moving into the margins, often in just a couple of feet of water giving tremendous bank sport in the last couple of hours, particularly on dries.

The fish are relatively well spread out, with boats catching in the small half, Stone Barn across to Bog Bay, the Dam, Sailing Club and the Pines. Bank areas to try are Sailing Club, Flats, Rigbys and Sermons.

Best boat areas: Flats, Pines, small half, Stone Barn to Bog Bay, Dam/sailing club.

Best bank areas: Sailing Club, Flats, Rigbys, Sermons.

Mid week boat winner: Robert Graton from Telford.

Forthcoming events

Beginners courses: 28 June; 12,21 &27 July; 11,23 & 29 August and other dates throughout the season.
Boat handling courses: 1 & 23 July; 7 August and other dates throughout the season.

Mid Northants Trout Fishers Association
Hosts monthly open sessions for beginners at Pitsford where fully trained instructors are on hand to offer advice on fly casting, fly tying and water craft. Non members welcome. All sessions are 2-5pm 6 July, 3 August, 7 September and 5 October.

Ravensthorpe Reservoir


Tel: 01604 781350




Rod average 2.3 (7.1)
A quiet week at Ravensthorpe. The best method is to fish dries; hopper or cdc’s proving the most fancied.
This week’s mid week boat winner was Mr A Hodgkiss.
Best boat areas: All over.
Midweek boat winner: Mr A Hodgkiss.

Summer special offers Our Summer Sunset ticket is now available to purchase – so take advantage of what is often the best part of the day. Priced at just £12 for one fish plus catch and release you can fish from 6pm.

Reduced boat hire for seniors Seniors can hire a boat every Thursday during July & August for just £20 (and Tuesdays throughout the season)

Rutland Water


Tel: 01780 686441





Fish 847 (Season 22,280) Returns 203 (4,288) Rod average 4.17 (5.19)
Rutland Water is fishing extremely well with an overall rod average of 4.17 for the week.

This year fish are in tremendous condition, helped by the huge supply of food in the water, they are in tip top shape, with anglers commenting on their fantastic quality.

Fish are very well spread out. As usual it is the South Arm in particular giving the boat anglers the best sport. Ken Webb from Norwich had a great day in Manton Bay with 6 fish weighing 19lb 5 3/8oz; his best fish was a 4lb 8oz Rainbow. Dry fly was the successful method for a delighted Ken.

One of the top flies to have on your leader at the moment is a hares ear nymph. This pattern is accounting for numerous fish; don’t fish without one is the message! Season ticket holder Malcolm Janik yet again came in with a bag full of Rainbows off the bank, the best weighing 5lb (stomach contents revealed masses of demon shrimp and a few fry).

For bank anglers there are many fish still feeding close in, some in groups and the odd lone ranger. Places to try on the bank are Normanton (blue pipes area), the Dam, Stockie Bay, New Zealand Point, to the Sailing Club Bay, Old Hall and the Green Bank.

Competition news
Tuesday Evening Boat League week 9
Keith Jones won this one putting him on top of the leader board, overtaking Richard Cooper in the process. Richard’s father, Gary, won the mid week boat voucher for the best fish on the night. Gary had a quality 4lb 7 3/8oz Brown which was also the best Brown of the week.
15 anglers went out in tough conditions but managed a very creditable 43 fish.

The top three on the night were
1st Keith Jones
2nd Chris Evans
3rd Hilary Tomlinson.

Keith Jones is at the top of the leader board with 52 points; Richard Cooper is in second with 44 points with Chris Evans and Vince Sparrow close behind on 41 points.

Midlands Counties Cup
This boat match was fished on Sunday 14 July with 24 anglers recording 113 fish for a rod average of 4.7. The winning team was Kirby with 46 fish for 107lb 11oz. Colwick Fly Fishers came second with 45 fish for 100lb 15½oz. Foremark Fly fishers were third with 22 fish for 50lb ½oz. The prize for the best boat went to Frank Parker and Neil Deakin with 16 fish for a combined total of 40lb 9oz.

Overall prospects look very, very good with plenty of fish showing in many areas. The aerators are now running with fish starting to show in some of them. And it’s not just the boats producing with local bank anglers reporting great sport from many areas and fish moving close in. The food supply is amazing with shrimp, fry in massive numbers, hog louse, snails, buzzers and now daphnia showing up in stomach contents.

Best Rainbow: 5lb taken by Malcolm Janik.
Best Brown: 4lb 7 3/8oz taken by Gary Cooper.
Best methods: Bank – nymphs, hares ear, dry fly, small fry patterns, damsel nymphs.
Boat – Blobs, FABs, dries, nymphs, hares ears, diawl bach, cruncher.
Best boat areas: South Arm, Gibbetts to Sailing Club, fishing lodge frontage and the main basin.
Best bank areas: Normanton, Sykes Lane, the dam, New Zealand Point to sailing club, Old Hall to Green bank, plenty of fish around the shoreline.
Mid week boat winner: M Conway.
Fish stocked: 1,000.

Summer special offers
Our Summer Sunset ticket is now available to purchase – so take advantage of what is often the best part of the day. Priced at just £12 for one fish plus catch and release you can fish from 6pm.
Reduced boat hire for seniors Seniors can hire a boat every Thursday during July & August for just £20 (and Tuesdays throughout the season)

Forthcoming events
Anglian Water Lochstyle 4 man team match 31 August
Anglian Water Rudder Match 14 September.
WaterAid competition 19 September
Beginners courses: 14 & 20 July; 4,10,25 & 31 August; 8,14,22 & 24 September and throughout the season.
Boat handling courses: 8 August; 3 September and throughout the season.

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