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UK Reservoir Trout Fishing Reports – 19th October 2018

We bring you the round up of the latest fishery reports from the big waters across the UK in our weekly fishery reports.

Carsington Water


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Despite the wind and last this week a number of large fish were caught resulting in total bag weights of 18lbs plus. The North End and around the Osprey Towers has fished a little better with Fishtail Creek and Main Basin still being successful.

The rod average for this week was 2.62 with 165 fish caught by 63 anglers.

The heaviest rainbow was 5lb 9oz caught by Ian Lew whilst the heaviest brown was 3lb 8oz caught by K Crosbie and Tony Ball.

The most popular spots have been around Tower Bank, Fishtail Creek, the Main Basin and Buoys 3 & 7.

The most successful flies were dries, pink snakes, buzzers and black and green lures.
Both intermediate and floating lines have been used with many anglers finding success on the drift.

Last Day of the 2018 Fishing Season will be Sunday 4th November

Draycote Water


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Number Rods:  256
Number Trout Taken: 444
Number Trout Released:  745
Total Catch: 1189
Weekly Rod Average: 4.6

Last week was a windy week at Draycote culminating in this year’s third named storm – “Callum” -which hit on Friday. Unfortunately, with constant wind speeds of up to 28mph and gusts in excess of 50mph, no boats were allowed out on either Friday or Saturday. Nevertheless, some great sport was enjoyed by many during last week .
The fishery was closed on Monday as it played host to the Troutmasters Final. All competing finalists had to fish a boat & a bank session with a lunchtime changeover. The bank was split into five sections and a big thank you goes out to those regulars & season ticket holders who assisted us by acting as stewards. A two fish limit applied in both sessions followed by catch & release and it was important to score well in both sessions to secure the top placings. The fishery performed very well, particularly in the morning, but it did become blustery and chilly during the afternoon. All five bank sections produced good returns against an overcast backdrop and westerly wind. Chosen tactics varied massively with fish coming to nymphs, lures, snakes and dries! A total of 89 anglers competed with 404 rainbows netted for a rod average of 4.54 Congratulations go to all for achieving their places as finalists but especially to the winner Anthony Meadows.

Thursday was probably the most consistent day of the week with fish coming in good numbers to boat and bank anglers alike. Bob Smith fished the bank at the Swan’s Nest using a combination of Boobies, Minkies, Floating fry and Diawl Bach to land 11. Season rod Brian Warwick fished nymphs to also end on 11 whilst Ian Richardson stuck to his floating fry patterns to take six. Out in the boat, Peter Fisher found fish taking very small beetles and had fine sport fishing dries for a 14 fish tally. John Dickens also stuck to his dries catching 13 on Bob’s Bits. Jim Marriott ended his session afloat with six to the net but commented on the huge numbers of nips, plucks, follows & abortive swirls to his flies – most notably in the vicinity of Croft Shoal. Cheshire Police were also a force on the water on Thursday with ten anglers boating a total of 49 rainbows up to 3lbs 8oz. Their top rod with ten trout to the net was Richard Hood.

Friday heralded the arrival during the night of Storm “Callum”. All boats had been cancelled and the fishery was effectively closed for the day. However, one brave soul did decide to spend a few hours on the bank late afternoon & was pleased to come up with a nice brace from the Overflow!  Similarly, no boats were allowed out on Saturday with continuing adverse weather conditions. However, eleven hardy anglers ventured out onto the banks and some exceptional sport was experienced. Top honours to Tony & Ruth Kirk who literally fished from dawn to dusk but were rewarded for their efforts with catches of 22 & 12 respectively. They fished Toft & the Swan’s Nest taking most of their fish on Hare’s Ear Nymphs or Diawl Bachs. The rod average for the day was an impressive 5.1
The winds subsided for Sunday and boats were back on the water. It was however extremely wet with very heavy rainfall from dawn until late in the afternoon. On the bank season ticket holder Mike Garner enjoyed good sport using a mixture of cormorants, Diawl Bach’s and Nemo crunchers along the Cornfield to land 11 fish. Out on the boats Ian Muir & Peter Edge enjoyed a good day boating 22 fish. The pair started out using hares ear nymphs in Biggin Bay before changing to dries in the afternoon to continue the good sport. Kieron & Brendan Thomas landed 18 fish again on Nemo Crunchers and red holographic Diawl Bachs. Alex Urquhart & Tim Burn landed 21 fish using washing line technique drifting through Toft and along the Farnborough Dam.

Eyebrook Reservoir


Tel: 01536 770 264

Email: see website




Number Rods: 179
Number Trout Taken: 120
Number Trout Released: 316
Total Catch: 436
Rod Average: 2.5

Last day of fishing for the 2018 season will be Wednesday 31st October 

Last week saw varying wind speed, direction and air temperatures and this changed the fishing methods and locations daily. In the right conditions the fishing was good. Mid-week there was a mass of small aphid flies being blown on to the water and a hatch of tiny buzzers. Fish could be seen rising continuously in pods across the basin and dam wall. The size of these tiny flies made it a challenge to select a small enough pattern to interest the fish. Many anglers used size 16 dries or buzzers to get a pull. Fry patterns are also becoming more apparent on the returns page and are the best options in rougher water on more blustery days. There is a huge abundance of fry this year, particularly out from the lodge corner and around the tower, but also in Harrison’s Corner and along the weed beds to Sam’s Dyke. A single white or grey Minkie fished on a floating line, intermediate or Di3 will all worked, as did a snake or tube flies fished on a fast sinking line with a fast retrieve from the depths.

The early part of last week fished very well for the time of year. Monday and Tuesday both had averages of over four fish a rod. Mark Goodge and Ian Bradfield had an excellent day and caught well on dries and fry patterns, suspender minkies caught very well being pulled though the surface. Mr Hunt and Mr Horner had an excellent session fishing dries through the middle of the basin, they caught on hoppers and CDC patterns casting to rising fish.

Strong winds prevented boats being allowed out for Friday and Saturday leaving anglers with the dam wall as their best chance of catching fish. Saturday saw six anglers all fish the dam wall with surprising success. They caught 43 fish between them averaging seven fish a rod! Mark Hunt in his own wards had a “brilliant session” catching on CDCs and Coch y Bonddu. Mr Kippen and Mr Rodgerson caught a dozen fish between them on dries fishing the far end of the dam wall.

The blue trout trophy was fished on Sunday and proved to be the wettest and windiest blue trout on record! Horrible conditions, strong north winds and consistent rain left anglers drenched. The competition  is fished as a pairs matched with pairs also being put into teams representing the English Disabled fly fishers and the Eyebrook. 20 anglers fished to a six fish kill, many found it a challenge with two pairs managing their limits. The pairs award went to Ian Reeves and Rob Inglis representing team Eyebrook with 6 fish for 11lb 13oz. Eyebrook also won the team event with 14 fish for 21lb 10oz.

Eyebrook Fur and Feather Sunday 28th October – This popular pairs match will be fished to a 12 fish kill to the boat. Bacon rolls will be served in the morning and warm soup into the evening. Please bring a raffle prize to support the EDFF. To Book call the Lodge – 01536 770 264

Foremark Reservoir


Tel: 01283 703202




Weekly Stats:  

Number Rods: 42
Trout Taken: 55
Number Trout Released: 50
Total Catch: 105
Weekly Rod Average: 2.5

Last weeks weather was varied with a mixture of nice sunny days earlier in the week followed by two days of storms which prevented the boats from leaving the dock and on Sunday when the wind finally dropped, there was heavy rain all day.
Winds for the major part of the week have been from the south west ranging from a gentle 6 to 10 knots through to gale force winds with gusts approaching 45 knots.  The fish have moved in closer to the banks and some of last week’s stocking are still to be found in and around the Cascade. The water level of the reservoir continues to gradually rise but it will take considerable time for the levels to rise to normality.
The top dam wall and the tower including the aerators are still providing a productive location for boat fishing. However, whilst number 1 buoy remains a hot spot most boats have caught on the drift through the Main Basin. The Cascade has produced some significant catches most of which have been caught near the bank in shallow water. The bank angling continues to improve as the fish continue to target the fry, with the productive areas being the bank/dam wall in front of the lodge, Verdun’s Point and Hut Point. The successful fly patterns have been various lures, Cat Whiskers, Damsels, Hoppers, nymphs, fry imitations and daddies.

Last Tuesday, Paul Walker took nine fish from his boat on a mixture of damsels and buzzers, whilst   DCAC member Alan Topping landed six working the margins with fry patterns. Wednesday was the nicest day of the week weather wise and the fish responded well with a daily rod average of four. DCAC member Mr Mc Williams landed six as did fellow DCAC member Mr Betts whose caught his fish on fry patterns. Season ticket member Owen Rivett took six fish alternating between daddies fished on top or fry patterns fished sub surface. whilst Ricky Cotterill used blobs on a midge tip line to land six nice rainbows from the cascade.

With the gale force winds on Friday and Saturday preventing boat fishing, the fishery was quiet although two hardy anglers fished from the bank and both were rewarded with fish.

The wind finally abated on Saturday evening although heavy rain fell overnight and all through Sunday. 12 members of the North West Fly Fishers (NWFF) visited the fishery on Sunday. Twelve anglers caught 38 fish for a rod average of 3.2; the winner being Mr N Stockdale with a catch of six fish totalling 12lbs 5oz and the best fish weighing 3lbs 7oz caught on a white Zonker. The Fishery wishes to thank Mr Ian Cooper of NWFF for organising the event.

This weekend (Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st), Burton Sailing Club will be hosting a regatta which will mean more sailing boats than is usual. As normal the fishery staff will work with the sailing club to minimise the impact on the fishing.

On the 28th October there is an open competition charity match on the behalf of prostate cancer, fishing from 10am to 3pm, followed by a buffet and a raffle. Please telephone the lodge to make a reservation to support this charity event.

Grafham Water


Tel: 01480 810531




Weekly Stats:  

Fish: 253
Returns: 50
Rod average: 5.06

The fishing at Grafham this week has been better with many anglers catching their bag limit with a rod average of 5.06.

A change in the weather has finally seen the activity increase, with fish feeding readily throughout the day and hunting close in to the banks, feeding predominantly on shrimp.

Bank fishing has improved drastically, particularly with shrimp feeders, with many spotting large brownies cruising around amongst the rainbow trout. Anglers are reporting a lot of differing styles and methods; lures coupled with sinking lines, washing lines with midge tips, washing lines on floaters and intermediate lines with smaller lures all being commonly mentioned. Shrimp patterns, Hare’s Ears, small black lures, Diawl Bach with red, larger red dries and daddies are all reported to be working well, though a Hare’s Ear with silver flash is definitely worth trying over the coming days. Good areas include the Dam, G Marker, Deep Water Point, Pylon Point and off west bank, though many areas are holding fish again.

Boat fishing is very similar to the bank currently with many anglers fishing shallower water on the methods previously mentioned. Although mini snakes are well worth a go with some good fish succumbing to them earlier in the week. Many boat anglers have concentrated their effort in Plummer, Gaynes Cove, Sludge Point, south dam and in front of the lodge, although fish are often coming from the north shore bays, Willows and the north dam area too.

Best boat areas: Pylon Point, Deep Water Point, G marker, in front of lodge, Perry Point, the Seat, Gaynes Cove, Plummer and south dam.
Best bank areas: Deep Water Point, G bank, hedge End, Hill Farm, south dam, Plummer, Sludge Bank.

Lake of Menteith


Tel: 01480 810531




It is the turn of the big oaks to go red at Menteith. If you are lucky and get a hint of sunshine the sunsets can also be phenomenal from mid October onwards – as the sun goes down over the Malling shore. Menteith are still pouring in the fishin with 1500 good-looking blues, rainbows and browns stocked last week and around 1000 for this week. The pens will be pushed ashore next week and access to all of Gateside Bay will be possible from Tuesday 23rd Oct. There should be quite a few wide tailed specimen residents featuring in the catches after this date.

THE LAST 3 SUNDAY FISHING DAYS START AT 11AM (i.e. 21/10, 28/10 and 4/11). Prices are reduced pro-rata after the clocks go back.
The Kirk and School Day on the 4th November brings to an end the main season. There are 13 boats left for this full on fishing, food, fireworks (over the water) and musical BBQ. All-inclusive tickets for two angler’s catch and release is great value at £45.

Simon Menzies from the Bank of Scotland AC reports: The Lake hosted the 41st competition for the T W Walker Trophy between Bank of Scotland and Barclays Bank on Friday. Bank of Scotland retained the trophy by catching 70 fish with a nominal weight of 148lb to Barclays 54 fish with a nominal weight of 114lb. The much forecast winds were luckily not as strong as expected, but the rain more than made up for it. Stevie Nicoll was best rod for Bank of Scotland and Ralph Painter for Barclays. Both anglers caught ten fish. Rod average for the event was just over 5. Following the match, a dinner was held in The Birds and Bees, Stirling’. Best methods were washing line set ups with booby and nymphs although lures and dries did pick up fish as well.

Winter opening at the Lake is restricted to week days only from November onwards – apart from the Kirk and School Day and the Pike Club days.
Water Temperature: 9C Clarity (Secchi Disc)2.5m

Pitsford Water


Tel: 01604 781350




Weekly Stats:

Fish: 411
Returns: 100
Rod average: 4.1

Pitsford Water is currently providing some of the best grown on hard fighting fish seen for many years. The number of quality brown trout over 5lb is exceptional, with rainbows in big numbers around the 4lb mark.

Fish are feeding freely on fry, shrimp and snail and are showing throughout the lake both in the margins and out in open water.
Some of the standout catches of the week were by Nick Dunn who was fishing with Richard Slater. They were targeting fry feeders and Nick had Browns of 5lb 10oz, 5lb 6oz, 5lb 5oz and 5lb 4oz, as well as several other smaller fish. His best rainbow weighed 4lb. Richard had 8 or 9 fish, the best being around 3lb.

A huge brown trout of 14lb 4oz was caught by predator anglers, the fish was released in good condition and swam off strongly.
With another stocking of 2,000 fish bringing the total stocked to 28,700 for the year to date the fishing will continue to be excellent from both boat and bank.

The best bank areas are Cliffs, Gravels, Stonebarn and Rigbys, with lots of double figure catches on shrimp and fry patterns.

Mid Northants Trout Fishers Association are hosting open taster sessions on Saturdays as follows: 3 November and 1 December 1-4pm.

Best Rainbow: 5lb taken by Glen Wright.

Best Brown: 6¼lb taken by P Proctor.

Forthcoming events-
Mid-Northants Trout Fishers Association offer taster/introduction sessions at Pitsford Water on the following Saturdays; 3rd November and 1st December 1-4pm.

Ravensthorpe Reservoir


Tel: 01604 781350





Weekly Stats:

Fish: 235
Returns: 38
Rod average: 6.1

A fantastic week of fishing at Ravensthorpe with lots of boat anglers returning at the end of the day reporting 20 plus fish caught. Favoured methods have been floating lines with dries or a washing line with green Diawl Bachs. The dam is the hot spot but some better quality fish have been caught around the weed beds at the Coton End.

Bank Fishing is much improved. The dam is the best place but Platforms 3-6 have been producing fish again with floating lines and a daddy the best method.

Best boat areas: Dam, Boils, Lodge.

Best bank areas: Dam, Platforms 3-12.

Midweek boat winner: Gordon Thompson.

Forthcoming events: Ravensthorpe Fur & Feather 4 November (bank).

Rutland Water


Tel: 01780 686441




Weekly Stats:

Fish: 618
Returns: 180
Rod average: 3.43

World Lure Championships 11-14 October
The new World Champions were crowned at Rutland Water last weekend. Rutland welcomed 16 teams from across Europe, the USA and South Africa to fish in the 11th FIPS-ed Carnivorous Artificial Bait Boat Angling Championships. Following two days of official practice the teams faced strong southerly winds in unseasonable warm conditions on Saturday. Day one saw Lithuania in the lead, followed by Estonia in second and Czech Republic in third. Day two on Sunday was very wet, but less windy and there was a turn in fortune for some teams. On Sunday evening at the closing ceremony and medal presentation victory went to Estonia with the Czech Republic in runner up spot and Latvia in third. England were placed 14th.

To coincide with the World Lure Championships Rutland offered taster sessions in both lure and fly fishing. This was a great opportunity for visitors to enjoy a free coaching session, learn how to fish or brush up on their skills, and was open to all ages. This was run with the support of Rutland Water Fly Fishers and the Pike Anglers Club of Great Britain, in association with Anglian Water.

Last week was also an excellent week for our trout anglers with plenty of big fish and Rutland’s infamous browns were feeding especially well.

Neil Atkins (tackle shop manager) and Graham Hayward (retail assistant) had a great day on Wednesday, the pair had three 6lb rainbows, one at 5lb and 9 others all around the 3lb mark. Their tactics were sinking lines and fry patterns. Also on Wednesday, Tom Finney had a 7lb 8oz specimen from the Normanton shoreline, this was the biggest fish of the week. Nigel Savage followed this up with a 6lb 8oz fish off the dam in the late afternoon. This fine specimen fell to a 20 year old floating fry! All fish were caught and returned.

Jake Waterman, a member of Rutland Water Fly Fishers, fished the Normanton area towards the dam and recorded a 6lb 9oz specimen, along with a 4lb Rainbow and four other rainbows. Jake’s big fish fell to a small Suspender Minkie.

There are plenty of fry for the fish to feed on but don’t ignore dry fly tactics/nymphs. There are still very good hatches of buzzers coming off the dam with beetles, daddy long legs and lady birds.

Best methods: Bank – Fry patterns, dries and nymphs. Boat – As for bank but include tubes and mini lures.

Best Rainbow: 6lb 1oz taken by W Donald.

Best Brown: 7lb 8oz taken by Tom Finney.

Best boat areas: All areas.

Best bank areas: Bank fishing has improved with fish being caught in a number of places including Normanton, the Dam, Sailing Club, Sykes Lane, Whitwell.
Please phone the lodge (01780 686441) to check for availability before travelling as demand will be very high for the next three weeks.

Throughout October the fishing lodges are open daily 8am-4pm

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