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UK Reservoir Trout Fishing Reports – 21st September 2018

We bring you the round up of the latest fishery reports from the big waters across the UK in our weekly fishery reports.

Llyn Brenig


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Last week’s rod average was 2.8 fish. The fish have been lying a little off shore and have been found between just below the surface and about two feet down. As a result there has been a lot of success using dries. Mr. Coxon from Heald Green took seven fish on the Heather Fly, whilst Peter Morris from Ellesmere Port caught six fish on the dries. Chris Bradshaw from Wrexham had the biggest bag of the week, which weighed in at 16lbs for six fish caught and the biggest fish of the week, a lovely 4lb rainbow, all caught on the dry fly. Brenigs fish farmer Jack Finney was testing the waters around the fishing cages in preparation for the Brenig Monster Mash which is taking place on Saturday 29th September and he hooked a massive 14lb rainbow trout which was quickly returned to the lake!

The hot spots for bank anglers this week have tended to be on the far side of the lake along the Ring of Stones down towards Hafod Lom and Tower Bay. Fish have also been caught off the bank in Sailing Club Bay and Water Sports Bay.

Boat anglers have had success from Tower Bay up towards Hafod Lom and along the Dam Wall. They have also found fish in the North of the lake below the Nature Reserve and below Barrow Island.

The top flies this week have been dry flies, Daddy Long Legs, nymphs, Cat’s Whiskers, Dabblers, Bibio, orange Blobs and various Boobies.

Carsington Water


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The rod average for this week was 3.55 with 252 fish caught by 71 anglers.

The heaviest rainbow was 6lb caught by Keith Newton and M Azeem.

The heaviest brown was 4lb 8oz caught by John Bond.

The most popular spots have been around Half Moon Bay, Fishtail Creek, Upperfields and the Dam Wall.

The most successful flies were dry flies, Montanas, Boobies and Damsels.

Both floating and intermediate lines have been used successfully.

Shane Calton with his excellent catch of Rainbows.
Shane Calton with his excellent catch of Rainbows.

Draycote Water


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Overall it’s been a good fishing week at Draycote with overcast conditions for much of it and the continued falling water temperature. Draycote have seen some good catches off the top on dries. Bank anglers have reported good catches on the washing line method and dry fly. A total of 276 anglers visited landing a total of 1552 fish for a rod average of 4.1.

Light winds from the south west kicked off the week, with dries featuring well on the catch return. Peter Elliot landed 18 fish all on size 12 Bob’s Bits drifting from the Overflow to A Buoy. Ian Richardson fished from the bank at the Overflow to land five fish on Crunchers and Diawl Bachs including a lovely 4lb rainbow.

The water temperature dropped down to just over 16°C by mid-week which will hopefully mean that the difficult fishing of the water summer is behind us and the trout will start to look up before switching onto fry for the back end. Season ticket holder Peter Fisher landed 16 fish on a dry Soldier Palmer. Another season ticket holder also catching well from the boats was John Dickens who boated 14 fish all on dries. Steve Barby used the rudder to land 10 fish on tubes and snakes on a Di 3 sinking line over the shoals.

The good sport that had been experienced Friday continued into the weekend with good catches coming from both bank and boat. Mike Garner fished on the Tower Bank in the morning then Rainbow Corner later in the day, straight lining Diawl Bachs to land seven fish.

Saturday also proved a good day for the rudder as three boats fishing the method all caught well landing doubles figures. Using tubes and snakes on sinking lines across the deep water towards the Draycote Dam. Iain Barr and Ed Foster ventured down to Toft and were rewarded with a catch of 25 between them.

Eyebrook Reservoir


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Another excellent and extremely busy week at the ‘brook. The water temperature is now down to 16C and the trout are very active. Boat anglers have been enjoying most of the sport and the fish remain evenly spread across the Main Basin. Dries are still proving to take most of the fish. Daddies or Hoppers are both working well. Bank anglers are starting to have better returns, fishing the Belle, Dam wall or Island, with the Island producing some very good quality fish.

David Priestly and Naomi Sharp boat fished with Daddies. The pair caught eight fish one of which was a fin perfect brown trout of 4lb. A stocking of 1010 rainbows from West Acre Trout Farm kept the good sport going throughout the week. To date Eyebrook have stocked 18,742 fish and with a stock level of 14,030 fish there’s plenty out there to be caught!

Perfect conditions to start the day Wednesday meant dries worked particularly well. Draycote member Ed Douglas had another very successful visit to the Eyebrook, netting over 20 fish all to the dry fly. Ed found some better fish out from the Island Dave Willacy enjoyed part one of his three-day break fishing Eyebrook and Draycote. He fished dry daddies from a drifting boat from various areas of the main basin. He was pleased to catch and release a dozen fish on Wednesday and over 20 on Thursday.

Eyebrook held the England Ladies National Eliminator over the weekend. Sixteen ladies from across the country fished to an eight fish kill and time bonuses. Everyone knew it was going to be an extremely close match after practise had gone so well for every angler on Saturday, but we didn’t expect only 3 oz’s to determine 8th, 9th and 10th  places!

Foremark Reservoir


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The recorded average catch rate for this week was 3.0, which was the highest rate for some weeks. The water temperature has dropped to 16C and has held at this level. The water level in the reservoir continues to drop.

The major hot spot is still the Main Basin from number 1 to number 2 buoy and beyond to the aerators and number 3 buoy, including number 7 buoy off of Hut Point to the top Dam Wall. Fishing on the drift has been the most effective fishing method.

Scotty Wilson on Monday caught eight rainbows whilst on the drift using a floating line on an olive Hopper on the dropper with a Booby on the point.  Messrs Robinson and Topping landed nine to the boat, whilst fishing orange Blobs and Minky Boobies on an intermediate line. On Wednesday the rod average was 5.5 with Kevin Hart catching 9, Gordon Richards 5, and Mr Fogg landing 8. The flies utilised were Damsels, Blobs, Cormorants and Boobies all on a floating line.

The success of two bank anglers during the week indicates and that trout are starting to move in from deeper water probably seeking fry or shrimp.

Grafham Water


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Grafham hosted the Inter Service’s on Monday and Tuesday – this was a great success despite some challenging weather conditions. This was closely followed by anglers preparing for the Angling Trust’s English National Final where fishing was tricky.

There have been mixed results this week with Mr Deacon managing a colossal 18 fish in a day. This was a sterling effort and way above the last few weeks’ rod average. Others fishing well include Dennis Cooper, landing 8 fish, and David Portman who landed a cracking rainbow of 3lb 8oz – the best of the week.

Anglers are reporting fish up in the surface layers, particularly when the conditions are overcast, with most finding success on the washing line coupled with a floating line or midge tip. Traditional flies such as Muddlers, Diawl Bach and Hare’s Ears are the most effective patterns.
Boat fishing is mainly up in the water, though some will still be catching deep on a Di5 or an 8 coupled with a lure. Those fishing up in the water on Diawl Bachs are suggesting a very slow retrieve whilst those on sinking lines are pulling as fast as they can! There are a lot of coarse fish fry on the move currently, particularly perch.

Bank fishing is improving too with the fish beginning to follow the shrimp into the shallow water. Wading will certainly increase your chances of bagging up, fishing the edge of the coloured water where the visibility is better. The north shore has shown some good results this week, when using Shrimp or Hare’s Ear. If you are bank fishing you will need to be active during the middle of the day, looking for feeding fish, although you can set out your stall for the morning and evenings still.

Best boat areas: Hedge End, Pylon Point, Deep Water Point, G marker, open water drifting, Sanctuary Bay, wind lanes and drifting off West bank.

Best bank areas: Deep Water Point, G bank, Hedge End, Hill Farm.

Lake of Menteith


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The New National Fly Fishing Champion is 35 year old Derek Pozzi from Glenrothes. Derek finished top with 17 fish in a tight match ahead of second placed Scott Aitken (16 fish) and Graham Lynch (15) fish. Most of the action was in the eastern basin and Derek got his fish in the Tod Hole area and then International Bay – fishing a 3ft midge tip washing line set up. When the fish went off at Lochend, Derek moved to International Bay where he caught another 5 fish. In all the 60 anglers caught 440 fish, giving a rod average of 7.3.

Thalassa AC Club Member Derek, whose father Scott Pozzi was Champion in 2001, first fished the Lake as a 12 year old and was in the youth team from age 14-17. Derek has just recently returned from the successful visit of Scotland to Wales where he picked up his seventh cap for his country. The International Team finished nine fish ahead of their nearest rivals Wales, 14 ahead of England and 28 ahead of Ireland – to take gold.

Derek Pozzi Scottish national champion.
Derek Pozzi Scottish national champion.

Pitsford Water


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It has been another fantastic week on Pitsford Water with a rod average for the week of 6.3 with many double figure bags and plenty of anglers commenting on the quality and fight of the fish.

Among the many notable catches were Mr Peat from Bedfordshire who caught and released 15 fish. Mr McGuire had fish of 4lb, 3lb 8oz and two at 3lb in his eight fish bag. Pat Traynor from County Donegal had fourteen fish, all returned. Mick and David O’Farrell caught and released twenty nine fish.

Fish are now spread throughout the reservoir and there is a good number of fish in Stone Barn and down the Northfields shore. Fish are now targeting the shrimp in the margins along the Gravels and Cliffs and bank anglers are catching good fish in these areas.

Boat anglers are catching high in the water with dries working well or in brighter conditions try washing line tactics on floater or midge tip lines.

Ravensthorpe Reservoir


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The fishing has really picked up at Ravensthorpe on the boats and anglers are enjoying some great sport on the dries with others finding success just sub surface with Blobs and nymphs. The rod average has maintained a distinct improvement at 7.4 fish this week and the water temperature and clarity are steadily improving.

Keith Bowen had eight fish on small black nymph patterns early in the week with Mike Osgood landing 12 on Tuesday with Blob and Buzzer combinations.

The fish are well up in the water and have been coming readily to foam Daddies. Mr Finley had a cracking catch of 38 quality rainbows on Saturday; his fish were taken on Blobs and various nymph patterns.

The dry fly served Mark Mathieson and Richard Slater well on Sunday when overcast conditions prevailed and the pair took plenty of fish on Big Reds, claret Hoppers and claret Bits.

The best boat sport is to be had drifting across the middle of the reservoir and main basin and over the boils.

The bank fishing at Ravensthorpe is still a challenge with the dam the best prospect for fish. Bob Draper managed to winkle fish from the dam using his unique set up and emerging Blobs!

Rutland Water


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Fish: 343 Returns: 106 Rod average: 3.23

One or two boats are finally venturing down the “arms:, notably the south. In the rudder match at the weekend some very nice fish came out from Manton Bay with four or five over 3lb caught, especially to Mick Bennett and Ian Dalby’s boat. The pair had three 3lb fish including the best fish of the match at 3lb 11oz. Browns were showing interest but not taking flies.

Keith Jones, Cameron Neil and Toff Crowther all encountered a big fish “chase” follow to the boat. Keith Jones showed Nigel Savage a superb 6lb plus brown that he returned. This was caught earlier in the week from the North Arm.

Food supply includes plenty of roach and perch fry. There is a plentiful supply of buzzers, albeit they are rather small. There is a small number of Daddy Long Legs about at the moment. Daphnia is showing in some fish out in the open water. 1,000 rainbows were stocked last week.

WaterAid – 13 September
38 Anglers fished this fund raising event supported by Rutland Water Fly Fishers who were invaluable as boatmen. Top rod on the day was Chris Evans who took 8 fish for 15lb 1oz. The best fish of the day weighed 3lb 15oz and was taken by Steve Evans.

Anglian Water Rudder – Match 15 September
24 anglers fished in this match. Simon Lehane won with 8 fish for 25lb 11½oz; Mick Bennett was second weighing in 6 fish for 20lb 13oz; third place went to K Johns. A good number of better fish were taken in Manton Bay – with big browns showing but not pulling.

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