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UK Reservoir Trout Fishing Reports – 23rd May 2019

We bring you the round up of the latest fishery reports from the big waters across the UK in our weekly fishery reports.

Blithfield Reservoir


Tel: 01283 840284





No Report this week







Llyn Brenig


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Bank Fishing Hotspots: Ring of Stones, Nant Glyn Shore, Sailing Club Bay, the Visitors Centre bank by the Dam and Tower Bay.
Boat Fishing Hotspots: Dam, Sailing Club Bay, Tower Bay and Visitors Centre.
Top Flies: Buzzers, nymph, black hopper, diawl bach, cats whiskers, cormorant, montana, green sedge, cruncher, and various blobs and boobies.
Top Bag: (For six fish caught)
15lbs 8oz – Mr. Chris Bradshaw
Biggest Fish: 5lbs 0oz – Malcolm Rough.
Rod Average: 5.3 fish per angler (Including fish returned).

With the water temperature at 9 degrees C the fish seem to be lying about a foot from the top of the water although some fish have been caught on the dry fly this week. Mr. Dei Smith had, ‘Another great day, plenty of fish caught on an intermediate line,’ whereas Mr. Chris Bradshaw had a good day catching six fish for the biggest bag of the week at 15lbs 8oz using a washing line with a diawl bach and cruncher.

With the weeks rod average standing at 5.3 fish per angler (including fish returned) once again we have had a really good week of fishing and once again both boat and bank anglers have benefitted in equal measure as the fish are still close to the shore. Malcolm Rough and his boat partner Phil had a fantastic day of fishing catching fourteen fish between them but not only catching plenty of fish but also catching some really lovely fish and in the process landing the biggest fish of the week a massive 5lb 0oz Rainbow.

Once again both bank and boat fishermen have had equal success this week with bank fishing proving to be very profitable this week as the fish have come nearer to the bank.

Bank fishing hot spots this week have been Ring of Stones, Nant Glyn Shore, Sailing Club Bay, the Visitors Centre bank by the Dam and Tower Bay.
Boat fishing hot spots have been along the Dam, Sailing Club Bay, Tower Bay and Visitors Centre.

This coming weekend we are launching our new innovation of early morning boats when you can start boat fishing at six o’clock in the morning. The early bird catches the worm as they say so don’t forget to book a boat for Saturday and Sunday.
The main gates will be shutting at 7.15pm this week and all boats need to be back on the jetty by 6.45pm.

Bristol Water Fisheries


Tel: 01275 332339




Water temperatures continue to sit around 14-15C at present.

Fishing continues to be superb at the lakes with those larger fish still showing. Fresh fish are going into Chew Valley early this coming week. A few smaller fish may be around as we intend to release a fish pen that has a bit of a mix of sizes. Averaging over 900 grams most of the fish will be of standard stock size although there will be a few smaller ones mixed in along with a few bigger ones too! Swings and roundabouts. Operating a fish farm as warmer weather approaches produces its own set of challenges. Often freeing up space in units can help our stock significantly. By utilizing our fish pens at this time of year we reduce the risk of having problems later down the line. Too many fish, not enough space…what a conundrum!

Our special week of Blagdon pike fly fishing has been producing some nice fish although a few have struggled. Reports of a 32lb fish earlier in the week along with plenty of doubles and a good head of 20lb+ fish.

Recent comps have been great. The Fishtec league had a heat at Chew last week with a rod average of over 9 fish per person and the 3rd evening league heat averaged over 6 fish per person. Today’s A.T.T.E.F.F competition at Chew will be an interesting one with a real mix of weather throughout the day. We await results in anticipation.

Chew Valley – Res level 95% full
Stocking to Date: 16,630
Rod Average: 5.67
Average Weight: 2lb 12oz
Biggest recorded Rainbow (this period): 8lb 6oz
Biggest recorded Brown(this period): 5lb

Bank areas:
Both the North Shore and Walley bank have been good recently. The area half way along Walley bank near the reeds has been producing some good numbers of fish. Try an intermediate line with a damsel imitation on the point and a blob on the top dropper in this area. Short quick pulls will be worth a go, occasional stops can entice fish to hit the fly too.

Interestingly the whole of the North shore has been good recently with the fish seemingly spreading down this bank rather than being confined to the corner nearest PA1. Black diawl bachs have been working well in this area with several bag limits recently.
Woodford bank continues to produce along with Wick Green. Herons has dried up slightly from the bank. Most of the fish in this area seem to be holding little further out.

Boat areas:
A large portion of boats have been fishing around the entrance to Villice and down into the bay recently. There seems to be a pocket of fish from the start of the treeline on Woodford all the way down to the ‘bench’ in Villice bay. Try a damsel, they are starting to show readily now and reports of a few fish already feeding on them has been encouraging.

The False island and out in front of Denny has being throwing up a few ‘lumps’ recently although they can be sporadic feeders. Conditions need to be right with a light breeze really helping with catch rates. Due to the shallowness of this area and weed beds starting to pop up try a washing line setup with a small booby as a point fly. The old faithful Bejeezus booby will be worth a try in coming weeks.

There are plenty of other areas holding fish , all fishing well on their day. Most of the time if you can locate an area that hasn’t had significant pressure you will pick up fish pretty quickly. Stratford, Wick, Walley, Herons, Spring Bay and Moreton are all worth a try.

Reasonable fly life recently with a number of anglers commenting that big buzzer hatches had taken place. Mr Walker commented ‘lots of buzzers showing behind the island/north shore on Friday’. Small lime green buzzers along with sedges have also been showing across the false island area of the lake. The first proper signs of damsel nymphs hatching has also been promising. Green diawl bach’s and buzzers will be worth a go as the weather continues to warm up.

Lots of jacks being caught by our predator fly anglers at present. A fantastic perch was caught on Friday by a boat fishing behind the island/north shore area. 3lb+ and unharmed taking a black and green lure. A couple big perch have been spotted in and around the jetty area recently too. Its always worth a cast or two near structure if looking for a big perch.

Blagdon – Res level 91% full
Stocking to Date: 8,674
Rod Average: 4.43
Average Weight: 2lb 10oz
Biggest recorded Rainbow (this period): 5lb 8oz
Biggest recorded Brown (this period): 5lb

Bank areas:
Cheddar water and Green lawn continue to be the places to be on the bank at Blagdon. A few fish off of Wood bay, especially to those venturing out early in the morning. Some unusual insect life at the lake recently with amber nymph’s showing in the stomach contents of fish. Small brown buzzers also apparent along with corixae and daphnia. Some good hatches of buzzer in the correct conditions, predominately black in colour.
Weed beds starting to pop up now so a floating line with a booby on the point will be the way to go to keep flies high in the water.

Boat areas:
Some excellent boat fishing continues with Butcombe bay still holding good numbers of fish. The front of the lodge, Cheddar water, Home bay and Long bay also worth a go. The Top end and Bells bush area are still chucking up fish, occasional rising fish at times too so if conditions are favorable try a dry or two. Patterns like Bobs bits in claret and black will be worth a try

A few anglers trying sunken line tactics namely an intermediate line with a couple F.A.B’s or similar as a point and top dropper fly. Standard diawl bach’s as a middle dropper. It’s surprising how often a fish will decide to take the nymph on the middle dropper of a leader setup such as this. Blobs and F.A.B’s can act as much as an attractor than anything else. How the fish pick out the nymph, especially when being pulled, is anyone’s guess.

At this time of year, don’t dismiss a sunken hopper. When corixae start to show a sunken hopper fished on an intermediate or midge tip line can be deadly.

Carsington Water


Tel: 01629 540478




Rod Average: The rod average for this week was 3.71 with 512 fish caught by 138 anglers.

Best Rainbow/Brown:
 The heaviest Rainbow was 7lb caught by Gary Briggs.
 The heaviest Brown was 6lb caught by Keith Noble.

Top Spot:
 The most popular spots have been around Tower Bank, Brown Ale Bay, Fish Tail Creek, Millfields and Buoys 5, 6 & 7.

Methods & Flies: 
The most successful flies were dries, buzzers, nymphs, damsels, montanas and black lures.

 Both sinking lines and floating lines with a slow retrieve have proven popular, many anglers have also used a Di3 or Di5 method with success.

Autumn Open Competition

Saturday  5th October 2019 – 
The Autumn Open is a known pairs competition, the entry fee is £60.00 per pair including petrol boat and 6 fish permit.

Mixed fortunes for our anglers this week. The most success going to those that drifted using nymphs and buzzers, leaving them static in the water on very slow sinking lines. 
Anglers have remarked on the size and quality of the fish they have been catching, an example being the lovely 6lb brown trout caught on Saturday, see photo below. 
The fish are now becoming well distributed all over the reservoir.






Draycote Water


Tel: 01788 812018




Weekly Stats:

Number Rods: 475
Number Trout Taken: 381
Number Trout Released:  1527
Total Catch:  1908
Rod Average: 4.0

Draycote has experienced a very busy week, with 475 rod visiting the fishery landing a total of 1,908 fish which gives a rod average of 4.0. With a settled week the buzzer fishing has really excelled with the fish feeding hard, with also some great sport on dries into the evening and during the day given the cloud cover. With more settled weather this coming week, we expect lots of good quality fish to come out and lots of good catches, with another bust week expected booking is highly recommended.

The bank fished well Monday with a warm day and light winds from the North. Season ticket holders Bob Smith & Ian Richardson enjoyed good sport using buzzers fished under an indicator. With Ian landing 16 from Dunn’s bay enjoying a “really good day” while Bob took 12 once again from Dunn’s with one also coming from the overflow from the treatment works. Mr Finch- Noyes also fished in Dunn’s using buzzers fished on a floating line and a long leader to land 17 fish. On the boats Mr McGinlay & Mr Pelini landed 19 fish between them fishing in Dunn’s Bay on buzzer fished on a floating line. L Horner also enjoyed a good day on the boats landing 20 fish from Rainbow Corner on buzzers fished on a floating line. All water season ticket holder Ed Douglas enjoyed a great days sport using a long midge tip with a small FAB on the point teamed with buzzers for the main part of the day to land 29. Before landing a further 7 on dries once the evening rise really kicked off with olive shipman’s buzzer being his best pattern.

Another warm day with light winds Tuesday saw some great catches again on buzzers. However, this time it was the boats that took the lion share of the sport. Apart from all water season ticket holder Paul Walker who landed 19 fish using a washing line with Buzzers in Dunn’s bay. Gary Johnson & John Slavin landed 17 fish fishing a washing line on a long midge tip with a FAB on the point. The pair found the fish drifting along the Hensborough bank and then down to Rainbow Corner. Also fishing along the Hensborough bank was the boat of McGinlay, who landed 31 fish between them on buzzers fished on a midge tip. W & J Graham fished in Rainbow Corner on Buzzer to land 20 fish between the pair of them. In the evening Gary Turner & father enjoyed good sport on the last four hour boat landing 9 fish with dries working well in the evening and commented on “the fantastic fighting fish”. Another party who commented on the quality of the fish and enjoyed great sport was West Lothian Fly Fishers who fished just off the school slips near the Hensborough bank with buzzers on a midge tip and enjoyed great sport on the afternoon especially.

On Wednesday the wind remained in the East with just a touch of North in it, with sun for the most part with cloud at times. G McGinlay & G Pelini enjoyed another great days sport landing 47 fish between them using a long midge tip and washing line with FAB’s and buzzer once again the hotspot being drifting along the Hensborough bank into Rainbow Corner. Mr McKenzie & Mr Robertson employed similar tactics in the same area to boat 34 fish. Mr M Gilbert & K Davies enjoyed a good mornings sport landing 14 fish from Rainbow Corner and Lincroft Point. With the fish taking on black and red and black green buzzers. Out on the water for the last 2 days was John Lewis enjoyed a guided session with Lee Henfrey & then Tom Bird. John enjoyed a great 2 days sport fishing buzzers on his new 9ft #5 Sage X with he fish really testing the rod out for him. With John landing a lovely 4lb 9oz Rainbow that can be seen on Facebook at Traveling anglers Laurent Guillermin & Jean Oulion from France enjoyed a great day landing 51 fish on damsels and black streamers.

On the bank Thursday saw Tony Broadway landed 19 fish having a “FAB Day” using a washing line with a FAB on the point Tony landed fish from the Tower Bank, Lincroft & Cornfield with the fish taking a mix of the buzzers and the FAB. On the boats fishing the last day of a 3 day break Gary Johnson & John Slavin using a 6ft tip and once again buzzers and FABs landed 29 fish drifting in Rainbow Corner. Another party from Scotland Mr Mcintosh & P Taggart landed 25 fish between them around Rainbow Corner and Hensborough. Mr S Kelly & Mr F Daley enjoyed a good day landing 21 fish on buzzers and nymphs from Rainbow Corner using a midge tip. Mr B Cook fished on the Hensborough bank using buzzers to enjoyed a cricket score day landing 40 fish to the boat.

Good sport for the bank anglers Friday with Dunn’s and the Tower bank proving to the best areas. Pete Allen fished on the Tower bank using buzzers in a washing line to land 7 fish. While Brian Warwick landed 5. Just round from these anglers in Dunn’s Alan Grant landed 15 using a floating line with a small blue flash Damsel. John Hoskins used Buzzer from the boat in Dunn’s to land 10 cracking fish, all on a floating line. Fishing in the afternoon Gareth Jones enjoyed great sport on the dries landing a dozen fish using small CDC patterns, Gareth found the fish around the Tower bank, Biggin Bay and then across from Croft Shoal.

Ifor Jones & Jim Dempsey used the rudder to great effect Saturday landing 24 fish between them, using the large weightless barred olive snake from Fulling Mill, on a Di 3 sinking line. Fishing at anchor on Croft shoal Martyn Moore used small olive buzzers landing over 20 fish including some cracking Perch. Husband & Wife team Tony & Ruth Kirk fished from the bank along the Cornfield to land 14 & 9 fish all on buzzers, with the pair also landing some great Perch. Kenny Gray & Derek Purves landed 28 fish from Rainbow Corner on Diawl Bach’s with the other anglers in the party also finding success on the same method between the 4 boats they landed over 90 fish. Fishing in Toft Mr Bell-Scott and brother landed 19 fish on buzzers commented on “the great hard fighting fish”. Season ticket holder Paul Walley fished on the bank up at Tower bank to land 13 fish all of which took small size #14 buzzers.

Tricky conditions Sunday with hardly any wind to speak of for most of the day, although some cloud did arrive later the day bring it with it some much needed breeze. Draycote season ticket holder Tony Parker enjoyed a good day on dries landing 10 fish, from various marks across the middle. Another boat who found dries the key was Spencer Williams & Stephen Hawkins who landed 20 fish with the best pattern being Shipman’s. Kenny Miller & Mick Moran landed 12 fish using buzzers and nymphs in Rainbow Corner. The Stuart Malcolmson party from Scotland once again enjoyed a good days sport up in Rainbow Corner again on nymphs. Draycote season ticket holder Graham Homer enjoyed good sport fishing on the Tower Bank to land 5 cracking fish on a short pm afternoon season on straight lined buzzer.


During June 
6th June Ladies International (boatmen / boatwomen required contact the lodge 01788812018)

15th & 16th June Angling Trust Loch Style Championship

27th June 2019 – Alex Booth Fly Fishers Charity Match contact Roy Lewin via 07762 746825

Current Fishing Times:

Bank:  07:30 until 21:30

Boat All Day: 08:30 until 21:30

Boat Part Day:  AM 08:30 until 15:00 PM 15:00 until 21:30

Last 4 Hours from:  17:30 until 21:30 (Ticket sales available from 17:15)

Gutting Room Closes – 21:00

All Anglers to be off site by: 22:00

Elinor Trout Fishery


Tel: 01832 720786




242 anglers caught 1251 fish of which 888 were returned.

Best Fish
: 5lb 14oz  John Oram, Desborough, candy fab, boat

Best Areas
: Bank – gravel bar, shallow bay, lagoon, coarse bank, east arm
 Boat – fish coming from everywhere

Best Patterns: 
Yellow owl, olive or black cdc, daddies, olive buzzer, red diawl bach, damsel, candy blob, olive or black snake.

Elinor continued its rich vein of form with another week of great surface sport. Fly hatches have been the best for a few years with buzzers, pond olive, daddies, the first few damsels and a significant mayfly hatch. 
The majority of fish caught are 2lb + with plenty over 4lb. 
Although the biggest bags have come from the boats there are plenty of fish in range of bank anglers with dries scoring best although some have had success on snakes or damsels on an intermediate. 
Floater or midge tip with a washing line or dries are the best boat methods. 
Water remains crystal clear and at 16.8 C, two foot down at midday.

Competition Results

Scierra Pairs Sunday May 19th  9.30am – 4.30pm

Great weather with fish rising all day. First boat back to the jetty with a 12 fish limit were Anthony Meadows/Paul Pratt at 1.15pm using washing line anchored off the coarse bank.

Shortly after Ben Fox/Daniel Tranter bagged up at 1.34pm with some quality fish caught on yellow owls and cdc.

8 pairs caught 74 fish

Best Fish:

4lb 7oz  Ben Fox

3lb 4oz  Shane Else

1. Fox/Tranter 1.34pm 28lb 1oz + 5lb 8oz bonus = 33lb 9oz

2. Meadows/Pratt 1.15pm 23lb 14oz + 6lb 8oz bonus = 30lb 6oz

3. Kerrison/Griffin 4.14pm 26lb 1oz + 8oz bonus = 26lb 9oz

4. Bowman/Edwards 2.29pm 22lb 4oz + 4lb bonus = 26lb 4oz

5. Cuccurullo/Cuccurullo 3.57pm 24lb 2oz + 1lb bonus = 25lb 2oz

6. Cooke/Else 9 fish 20lb 8oz




Sunday November 10th
Dave Hughes Memorial Fur & Feather

Next Stocking: 
May 20th, 24th, 29th

Eyebrook Reservoir


Tel: 01536 770 264

Email: see website



Weekly Stats:

Number Rods:  398
Number Trout Taken: 359
Number Trout Released: 1381
Total Catch:  1740
Weekly Rod Average:  4.4

This last week saw light winds and long periods of sunshine that reinforced the feeling that it was May and the longer spring days are now with us. The water is still gin clear with a visibility in excess of 10 foot with the water temperature most of the week averaging 12 degrees. The warmer weather ensured that the good buzzer hatches have continued, and we are continuing to see Damsels on the warmer days. There have also been some good hatches of various olives as well as Mayflies and even the odd crane fly.

The top end of the reservoir remains the principal hotspot, however, fish have moved down slightly towards Watsons Cabin and the fence at Stoke Dry. A good head of fish has also moved across the open water from Stoke Dry drifting towards the Cow Shed and the Chestnut Tree. Buzzers, Crunchers and Diawl bachs are still featuring highly on the catch returns, normally fished in conjunction with a small FAB. In the evenings and on the more overcast days dries are catching well. With bank anglers enjoying good sport on the dries in the evening around the Chestnut tree and Sam’s dyke. On the dries the best catches have been coming to Shipman’s, CDC shuttlecock and Crippled Midge Patterns.

The week started off with a bang with the 40 anglers that fished on Monday returning an excellent daily rod average of 9.6. with over a third recording double figure returns. Mr Kirk and his partner took over 20 to their boat using buzzers whilst season ticket holder Mr. Shaer took 17 on damsels and buzzers. David James and his party from Philips Electrical had reserved 9 boats and all enjoyed good sport with a variety of methods.

The good sport continued on Tuesday with a rod average of just under 9 for the 33 anglers fishing. The fish were responding well to dries with Mr Taggart landed over 20 on dries and crunchers. Mr Davies and his boat partner Vaughn fished from the wheely boat and between them landed 30 fish including 7 on dries on one drift alone. All water season ticket holder Ged O’Donaghue landed 10 whilst Mr Wilson and his partner took 20.

On Wednesday the good sport on nymphs and buzzer continued with fish being caught all over the reservoir. Tony Miilano fished at Stoke dry from his float tube and landed 14 fish, the best being a fine 5 pounder taken on a Gold Ribbed Hares Ear. This fly pattern also proved successful for Simon Kolkowski who landed over 20 fish. Ian Jobe took 9 fish as did member Clive Moore, both fishing from the boats, Roy Swinfield fished from the bank at both the dam wall and at Stoke Dry for his 5 fish

The North East Police fished a regional competition at the Eyebrook on Thursday and in total landed nearly 120 fish for a match average of 4.5. Top rod was Bob Seeber whose 15 fish ensured a healthy catch and release bonus to add to his 3 killed fish that weighed in at 5pound 3 ounces. In addition to the police, several other boats went out and found some fish, Mr McGill and Mr. Muir landed 27 to the boat, whilst Mr Mc Kenzie and Mr Robertson both recorded double figure catches. A variety of flies were successful, with nymphs, buzzers and damsels to the fore.

On Friday, all water members Ian Jobe and Neil Shilton were out in their Float Tubes and both enjoyed sport with Ian landing 14 fish and Neil 13. Paul Walker was also on the water, but in a boat and netted 17 using buzzers.

Saturday was a very busy day and the fishing proved slightly harder than earlier in the week. Dave Carter held his annual Eyebrook charity match with 22 anglers fished from 11 boats including both of the fisheries wheely boats. Dave Etty and Martin Ryan won the competition with a combined weight of 18 and a half pounds for their 8 fish with Dave taken the biggest fish of the day which was a rainbow of 4 pounds and 10 ounces, a photo of this being on our Facebook page. Several rods were afloat practicing for the England qualifier which was being held on the Sunday and they fund fish across the reservoir.  D. Middlemass took 11 fish from Sam’s Dyke on dries and buzzers whilst Mr Blythe and his partner planed 9 to their boat using a washing line with a small bobby on the point.

Only 12 anglers fished the Eyebrook qualifier on the Sunday, with this competition run as a fully catch and release comp, all caught with a match average of 7.25. The three rods who qualified for the English national final are Ed Smith, Steve Cullen & Martin Introna. Full details can be found on the Facebook page. Mr Bentley and Mr Straton were visiting the Eyebrook on a three-day ticket and enjoyed excellent sport landing over 30 fish. Bill Law fished Sam’s Dyke from the bank and landed 8 fish on damsels.

This week it was nice to be re-acquainted with several anglers who travelled some distance to the fishery and took advantage of our short break tickets. With options ranging from 2 to 4 days and prices starting at a competitive price of £63.00 for 2 days, this is an excellent short package, especially with another bank holiday coming up. Looking ahead for next week we are set for better warm weather teamed with overcast conditions, as a result we are expecting the top of the water fishing to go from strength to strength. Today we have already noticed a good hatch of damsels with mayflies being observed as well as pond olives. With this good condition forecast and a bank holiday weekend, we are expecting another busy week, so please book before traveling to avoid disappointment.

Current Fishing Time:

Bank: 07:30 am till 21.30 pm

Boat All Day: 08:30 to 21.30pm

Morning Boats:   08:30 until 15.00pm

Afternoon Boats: 15:00pm until 21:30pm

Last 4 Hours from: 17:30pm until 21:30pm (Tickets on sale from 17.15pm)

All anglers to be off site by: 21:30PM

Grafham Water


Tel: 01480 810531




Fish 379 (Season 5,222) Returns 84 (929) Rod average 4.5 (5.62)
It has been another good week of fishing at Grafham Water, with the rod average currently standing at 4.5.

There are recurrent algal blooms currently happening at Grafham although this is only aiding the anglers, congregating the fish into the areas the algae is not. This week the south shore line has seen the algal bloom so therefore the north, west and east areas are fishing much better. Again the styles have been as changeable as the British weather with many still catching well on the bung before a change in conditions sees a change to lure, washing line or even some trying their luck on the dry fly.

Boat angling has seen some good results with some anglers catching up to 30 fish a day and cracking overwintered fish are making a regular appearance. Most anglers fishing close in are finding the overwintered fish, particularly on shrimp patterns, though they are certainly tougher to get hold of than this year’s stockies. Many anglers are reporting good bags whilst drifting. Hot spots currently for the boats include the main basin, Gaynes Cove, Stumps, Willows, G marker and in front of the lodge down to “L” buoy.

Bank angling is starting to improve with the over wintered fish coming a little closer than they have recently. Most anglers are fishing floating lines with buzzer although some fish are really up for a chase so bare this in mind and bring your lure box! The dam has started to fish better too though early and later in the day is certainly going to improve your chances. Good areas to try over the coming days include, Farm Bay, Hill Farm, Stumps, dam, Plummer and Marlow arm and Harbour arms.

Best boat areas: All the north shore, in particular Stumps, Hill Farm, Pig Bay, Hedge End, G Buoy, the Bowl, the Willows and out in the middle.
Best bank areas: The bowl, Marlow Arm, Harbour Arms, Deep Water Point, G Point.
Mid week boat winner: R Timothy.
Fish stocked: 3,500.

Lake of Menteith


Tel: 01480 810531




Water Temp at 6ft 15C Secchi Disk Clarity Gateside Bay 1.2m

Some good fishing at the Lake in the last few days in the duller conditions despite lower than usual clarity. There is a lot of practicing for the last heat of the SANACC on Friday, but dries were apparently the top method on Saturday Night in the Scottish Clubs. Top 3 man team Alba Orvis (Calum Crosbie, Stevie Welsh and Gregor Fleming) caught 35 between them. Sandy Bay was also productive today with one angler netting between 35 on grunters and buzzers. Other anglers reported good sport with buzzers and big dries on the washing line on Sunday. Also qualifying were Future FF with 27 fish and Butcher Boy with 22 fish. In total the 30 anglers landed 159 fish. Increasing numbers of May fly are on the water.

FIRST RECORDED LAKE TENCH CAUGHT ON A FLY by Josh Brush from Shetland/Belfast. We knew there was a population of Tench as we have had visual reports many years back and also a dead tench on the Lake exit grid about 10 years ago. So, it was no surprise when big Josh told us he had caught one – and proved the population is still present. These fish are very strong and this one was fooled by a size 12 pheasant tail nymph.

In the MENTEITH FARIO BOAT LEAGUE – Bill Ramage was top rod with 17; fishing fabs, diawl bachs and cats whisker at Tod hole. 2nd and 3rd placed Craig Inglis and Donnie MacBeth used similar tactics, and caught 11 and 10 fish respectively. Craig Inglis is the current league front runner.

Matt Roberts travelled all the way from London to fly fish for pike with guide Stuart Sutherland of FishX. His journey wasn’t wasted. He landed 8 double figure pike fishing a Dyckers and a Di3 line. His biggest (pictured below weighed 18lbs). Good fishing Matt.

Pitsford Water


Tel: 01604 781350





Fish 192 (Season 7,320) Returns 33 (1,113) Rod average 5.8 (6.6)

The rod average for the week at Pitsford is a healthy 5.8 with the season average at 6.6.

This week we have again seen large numbers of fish caught in the 3-4lb range with buzzers, diawl bachs and crunchers accounting for the best bags, fished either on floating or midge tip lines.

The small half of the reservoir has fished very well with Duck bank and May Tree Bay holding fish. Fish have also been found in numbers on the Sermons and Holly Tree bank and along the Pines and into Pitsford Creek.

Best Rainbow: 4lb 2oz.
Best Brown: 4lb 12oz.
Mid week boat winner: Mr Lickford of Olney.
Fish stocked: 1,500.

Forthcoming events
Anglian Water Airflo International Midland Heat 25 May
Anglian Water Rudder Match 8 June
Beginners courses: 9,14,22 & 28 June; 12,21 &27 July and other dates throughout the season.
Boat handling courses: 28 May; 18 & 25 June; 1 & 23 July and other dates throughout the season.

Mid Northants Trout Fishers Association
Hosts monthly open sessions for beginners at Pitsford where fully trained instructors are on hand to offer advice on fly casting, fly tying and water craft. Non members welcome. All sessions are 2-5pm
1 June, 6 July, 3 August, 7 September and 5 October.

Ravensthorpe Reservoir


Tel: 01604 781350




Fish 260 (Season 5,955) Returns 53 (725) Rod average 4.9 (8.2)

A tougher week at Ravensthope this week with a rod average of 4.9. Fish are now taking on top, rising to cdc, daddies, olive patterns. Buzzers and diawl bachs are still working well fished on the washing line with many fish taking the fab or popper hopper on the point.

Best boat areas: Dam, Island
Best bank areas: Dam.

Rutland Water


Tel: 01780 686441





Rod average 6.83

What a busy week we had down here at Rutland, and some fantastic sport enjoyed by anglers throughout the week!

With the Airflo Spring invitational coming up at the weekend numbers of anglers took to the water practicing, of course understandably tactics were being held close to the chest of competitors. What a fantastic 2 days of competition we had, with 126 anglers catching 1,585 fish and a combined rod average over the 2 days of 12.58!

Competition news

Airflo Invitation Match 18-19 May
Congratulations to FNF Nymphomaniacs on winning the 2019 Airflo spring match at Rutland Water! After leading after day one they managed to hold off Change Fly Fishers who kept up the pressure, but ultimately just fell a few pounds short, despite both teams catching 102 fish each. Third place went to Iain Barr Costa A with 97 fish. Team Flash Attack Reservoir Dogs lay in 12th place on day one and performed well on day two to come back to a respectable 4th overall.

Day 1 Saw the majority of the boat fleet fishing from Barnhill Creek on the end of the peninsula all the way to the transformer! Floaters and tip lines were the order of the day with nymphs in the form of diawl bach’s and crunchers on the majority of competitors’ casts. Fish were taken in very close proximity to the bank in a number of areas, well worth taking note of for you bank anglers. Pulling tactics did take a few limits on Day 1 but did not prove as consistent a tactic.

Day 2 saw anglers with a distinct lack of ripple, this resulted in anglers having to work hard to convert pulls into solid takes and fishing as static as possible in many cases.

Top rod across the two days was Flash Attack’s Craig Barr. Craig caught his 12 fish bag on both days beating FNF Falcons’ Sean McCaffery who finished 2lb behind in overall second place. Craig also released a huge Brownie on day one. Craig was delighted “It was brilliant to be “top rod” over the 2 days, as there were many top anglers in the field.”

There were no less than 6 double figured browns caught, and Ireland’s Robert Reilly had four browns around 7lb! All these fish were returned. Across the two days the biggest fish on the scales was a 7lb 2oz Brownie, caught on day two, by Pablo Mullins fishing for the Renegades.

Thank you to Airflo and all the competitors for making the event a huge success. 126 anglers caught 1,585 fish across the two days, including some proper lumps.

1st FNF Nymphomaniacs, 102 fish for 233lb 7 4/16oz
2nd Change FF, 102 fish for 229lb 6/16oz
3rd Iain Barr Costa A, 97 fish for 215lb 2 2/16oz
4th Team Flash Attack/Res Dogs, 87 fish for 201lb 7 14/16oz

John Seaton’s match
On Monday 13 May Rutland Water hosted retired Head Warden John Seaton’s Hunt Match. This is now the longest standing competition at Rutland Water with the first taking place in 1985! In bright conditions with very little wind the anglers were faced with some challenging fishing. The 34 anglers recorded 72 fish between them with Ben Farnsworth leading the way with an 8 fish limit of 19lb 1oz. Ben took advice from Head Ranger Andy Ainscough and ventured down the North arm where he fished deep buzzers on the Finches bank to record his limit. Ben and boat partner Guy Miller were also best boat on the day with 12 fish for 28lb, good angling gentlemen.

The best brown fell to Mark Bailey at 5lb 2½oz and not to be left out John Seaton took the best rainbow of the day at 4lb 3oz, John only fished for a couple of hours spending most of the time as ghillie for the day and was delighted with his fine rainbow. The anglers then enjoyed a meal and presentation in our very own Waterside Café to end what was a very enjoyable match fished in good spirits.

John Wadham Bank Match
Thirteen members fished on a cold evening with a moderate north-north easterly wind and overcast skies. Fishing was from 6 pm to 9:30pm followed by a fish and chip supper.

A four fish limit was imposed. Jake Waterman, the RWFF Chairman took first place with four fish for 9lb 1oz. These fish were caught into the wind in Pontoon Bay at Normanton. Second was Adi Humphreys with four fish for 7lb 14oz. Frank Daley came third with three fish for 6lb 5oz. He found rising fish at Sykes Lane.

The best fish prize went to Roy Taylor with a brown 3lb 10oz caught from the dam. Two other Browns were caught and returned and thus, are not included in the rod average of 1.4 fish. In view of how difficult the bank fishing has been this season, this was quite a good result.

Tuesday Night Boat League
Week 2 of the Tuesday Night boat league proved tough for a number of anglers with the fish only switching on at 8pm onwards. Making the most of this was Vince Sparrow with 5 fish for 9lb 10oz, 2nd Tom Davis with 4 fish and Rick Cooper 3rd with 4 fish. Best fish of the evening fell to the rod of Sean Hillaby with a fine 2lb 13oz rainbow.

Brand new events for our anglers

Breakfast club fishing
This year at Rutland we are hosting some unique early morning events we are calling ‘Breakfast club’

The idea is to get out on the water early at the time of year when the water temperatures are starting to get quite high and have some sport before the sun gets right up.  You will be able to enjoy a chat and share your success with other anglers over a coffee and a cooked breakfast (included in the price). Fishing will commence at 5am until 11am with breakfast served shortly after.

We will be hosting Breakfast club fishing on the following days:
June 8th, 15th, 22nd and 29th (all Saturdays).

Although rangers will be on-site early to assist and prep the boats, the fishing lodge won’t be opening until 8am (as usual)  so Breakfast club fishing will need to be paid in advance.

To book and pay call the lodge on (01780) 686441 (there are limited spaces).

Costs per person:
Season ticket holder single man boat £24.50
Season ticket holder two man boat £20
Non-season ticket 1 fish kill c&r single man £47.50
Non-Season ticket 1 fish kill c&r two man £43
Non-season ticket 4 fish kill c&r single man £49.50
Non-season ticket 4 fish kill c&r two man £45

Fish stocked: 2,000 stocked 20 May.
Water temp: 12 Celsius at 1m; 11C at 3m.

Forthcoming events:
Bob Church Classic 2 June
An evening with Hans Van Klinken 7 June
Breakfast Club Fishing 8,15,22 & 29 June
Anglian Water Over 50’s Match 15 June
EDFF 3 July
EFFA 4 July
Scierra Pairs 6 July
England Qualifier 7 July
Anglian Water Airflo International – North of England Final 15 July

Beginners courses: 25 & 29 May; 7,16 & 29 June; 2,14 & 20 July and throughout the season.
Boat handling courses: 30 May; 5,10,17 & 24 June ; 5 & 9 July and throughout the season

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