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UK Reservoir Trout Fishing Reports – 23rd August 2018

We bring you the round up of the latest fishery reports from the big waters across the UK in our weekly fishery reports.

Llyn Brenig


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With the water temperature at 14.5C and overcast skies with a generally southerly breeze the conditions have been ideal for anglers. The rod average is 2.8 fish per angler. Fortunes however are about to change with the arrival of the Heather Fly. The first hatches were spotted last weekend in Sailing Club Bay.

The fish have tended to remain in the north of the lake this week with boat fishermen finding the fish around the Coves, Nant Glyn shore and off Hafod Lom. There were also fish in Tower Bay and along the Dam wall. Also, with the heather fly making an appearance, there will be fish in Sailing Club Bay and Watersports Bay and off Barrow Island.

The top flies this week have been Cormorants, Buzzers, Daddy Long Legs, black and claret Hopper, Diawl Bach, Heather Fly and various blobs and boobies.

Carsington Water


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The rod average is staying at a consistent three again this week with some cracking quality fish being caught on the drift. Most fish are being caught in open water from the dam wall towards the main deep basin.

The heaviest rainbow was 5lb 8oz caught by J Matthews on a orange Blob.

The heaviest brown was 3lb 8oz caught by J Grimes on a brown Fritz using a fast sinking line. The most popular spots have been around the Buoys 3, 4 and 8, Main Basin, Fishtail Creek

The most successful flies were white and olive snakes, Blobs, Boobies and Minkies.
A Di 7 has proved the most successful.

165 fish were caught by 55 anglers.

Draycote Water


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With the water temperature having dropped to 20 degrees, and more cloudy conditions through the day, the fish now seem to be getting caught across a larger area of the venue. The assistance of the odd shower or two also seems to have improved conditions for bank anglers, with some turning their perseverance into decent numbers of fish landed, particularly so when targeting the deeper areas off the Tower bank and Dunn’s Bay. The main areas to fish remain A, B and C Buoys but fish are now showing up on the Hensborough Bank, as well as P and X Buoy over Middle Shoal.

Jim Edwards had a great day drifting over the boils to boat 20 fish. Jim’s winning tactic was to fish a pink snake on an intermediate line and pull it back straight off the top with the fish taking just a couple of feet under the surface. The boat of L & D Orton enjoyed good sport too netting 21 rainbows between them. Daren Fox fished on a short 5 hour afternoon session in fine form to land eight. He found fish drifting from B Buoy down to the tower about 75 yards off the Draycote Dam wall. All his fish took a yellow FAB fished as part of a washing line on a floater.

Last week157 anglers visited the fishery and caught 391 fish, producing a weekly rod average of 2.5

Eyebrook Reservoir


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The good sport continues at Eyebrook. Cool, overcast days with a south westerly have made perfect conditions for dry fly fishing. Water temperature is still slowly dropping and is now down to 19 degrees again. The fish remain spread across the basin, with nothing showing any further north than the island. Long drifts from Dogwood bay or The Hawthorns proving most successful. Natural Daddies or Hoppers are taking the majority of fish. Other anglers are fishing with blobs or washing line nymphs.

Notable catches include Simon Hunt who caught 13 fish on a small Booby, Diawl Bachs or a holo Pheasant Tail Nymph. Mr J Parnham caught 14 fish on Hoppers from a drifting boat. Tim Polito caught 9 fish on nymphs fished high in the water.

Weekly Stats:
 Number Rods: 153 Number Trout Taken: 133 Number Trout Released: 520 Total Catch: 653 
Rod Average: 4.3


Foremark Reservoir


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The water temperature has held at 18 degrees centigrade and appears to be slowly on the decline.The cascade is still running albeit it is flowing into shallow water, and there are still strong undercurrents in the vicinity of the tower, which is where the water is extracted. These undercurrents, in combination with the nearby aerators, are still attracting significant numbers of fish. Number 1 to 2 buoys and on to the aerators were the major areas holding fish. The fish returns have also indicated number 3 buoy and towards the dam wall is also of interest.

On Thursday there was a Cheshire police match and 11 anglers competed. The weather was unfortunately blustery and sunny which somewhat made the fish more arduous. Never the less compared to previous weeks the rod average for the match was good at 1.6 with first place to Ian Wood catching 5 fish, Messer A Dunedon came second 4 fish and Messer R Hood came third with 3 fish. Kevin Hart netted 8 during an afternoon session on drifts before and after the aerators using muddlers waked through the waves, mini boobies and crunchers

Grafham Water


Tel: 01480 810531




The best Rainbow of the week weighed 3lb 4oz and was landed by Grafham regular Mr Gilks.

This week the dam has been packed with bank anglers. The fish are high in the water early in the morning, so a floating line with a washing line approach will work best. A popular method is a Booby or a FAB on the point and two nymphs of your choice on the droppers. Daddies are working especially well in the evenings. Best boat areas have been aeration tower, aerators, the bowl, open water drifting, mouth of Savages, mouth of Gaynes Cove, south dam.

189 fish were caught for a rod average of 3.04.

Lake of Menteith


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Fishing has been predominantly on dries (Grunters and Yellow Owl CDCs appear to be first choice flies) and recently best areas have been Gateside and the Rookery. The Lake is currently fishing well with some catches into the 20s per rod and one angler from Lochend managed into the 30s. Evening fishing is now finished at the Lake. Water temperature is 13c and clarity 3m. Well done to Brian MacKenzie the 2018 Menteith Evening League Champion and this is fourth win in the last ten years. Brian won the last heat to take the championship. He had 6 fish on his 5wt rod on Boobies (3) and Diawls (3) in the far corner of the cages on a floating line before moving to out in the middle and catching (5) on dries. The first semi-final of the 2018 SANACC Scottish Club Championships was held on the lake on 17/8/18. The 22 teams were faced with a south westerly breeze and rain showers throughout the day. The fish remained high in the water with many anglers opting for floating or midge-tip lines with nymphs and boobies. Top areas on the day were the Portend Burn side of Gateside Bay, Rookery and International Bay. The top team on the day was Gateside FFC B comprising of Greg McLaren, Brad Chalmers and Lee Anderson. They had a total of 32 fish. Greg was top individual with 15 fish. He found success with a Booby and Diawl Bachs on a fast glass line at Gateside.

Pitsford Water


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Anglers are enjoying consistent sport at Pitsford Water on a variety of methods. The rod average for the week is 4.2; although we did see it peak at 7.9 at the weekend! The water is gin clear and the fish are hard fighting.

When conditions are overcast then dries are working with Daddies, Hoppers and Bibios proving effective. In brighter conditions then nymphs are taking good numbers of fish with Diawls, Crunchers and Muskins all catching.

In stronger winds then those fishing the rudder with tubes and snakes are catching.

The fish are confined to the main basin with drifts from the dam out into open water best.
There are some better fish being taken from the sailing club frontage, Pines and across the mouth of Pitsford Creek.

Rutland Water


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Anglers have enjoyed a real upturn in sport this week with the Main Basin coming to life. More conducive conditions have seen vast numbers of trout in the upper layers of the main basin giving drifting boats quality sport. Long drifts in the open water and down the wind lanes is the way to go with fish being picked up anywhere between the tower and buoys on the dam. Floating lines and midge tips have been the order of the day with a FAB on the point and dark nymphs up the cast and fished slow.

Favoured nymph patterns have been black Diawl Bachs or a black UV Cruncher. A Di3 fished quickly has also produced with a leader consisting of two blobs well spaced apart. These were the successful tactics employed by husband and wife Keith and Sandra Moffitt from Northern Ireland; they recorded a staggering 125 fish over four days! Local anglers Brian Bonner, Roger Gill, Malcolm Janik and Peter Harradine have all taken bag limits with fish falling to nymphs, lures and even some on wet flies.

Gordon Bloodworth and Barry Vaughan reported over 30 fish to the boat last week from the basin fishing midge tip and floating lines respectively.
Fish have also been taken to similar tactics closer to the bank by Three Trees to V Buoy, the latter throwing up some fine overwintered specimens up to 4lb. The boils themselves continue to hold fish as would be expected with Humungus or snakes fished in the boils on Di3 or Di5 lines a good starting point.

The arms of the reservoir still seem to be relatively quiet, a few anglers are starting to venture down them once again and have picked up a few fish. Vince Brookes took a fine 6lb plus brown on a yellow minkie from round the weed beds. Browns Island has featured, with some superb weed beds round it now the water level is dropping. There are some great weed beds in many areas of the reservoir harbouring this year’s fry which is a good sign for the coming weeks.

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