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UK Reservoir Trout Fishing Reports – 26th April 2019

We bring you the round up of the latest fishery reports from the big waters across the UK in our weekly fishery reports.

Blithfield Reservoir


Tel: 01283 840284





Rod average 4.35

Best Areas: Old Man’s; Ten Acre Bay; Mary Lou’s; Dougie’s; Concrete Bowl
Best Dries: Shipman’s sugar lump; sedge; red Bristol hopper
Best Lures: Cat’s Whisker; Montana; red bloodworm; olive tadpole
Best Nymphs/Wets: Montana; black buzzer; Diawl Bach; claret buzzer; green buzzer
Best Fish: 5lb 8ozs rainbow trout caught on a buzzer from the bank, South Lake by Mr. Roger Goring

Having said goodbye to the cold of the spring Easterlies we welcomed the warmth of South Easterlies coming in from southern Europe which in turn produced more favourable angling conditions.

Bank fishing is still providing the best of the sport although boat anglers are starting to see an improvement in returns as water temperatures rise slightly.

Once again there were a large number of double-figured returns this week with buzzers and nymphs being the trout’s temptation with a few coming to dry flies in the late afternoons and evenings. At the start of the week we welcomed a group of anglers from the Northwest Fly Fishers who enjoyed some excellent conditions and produced a meeting rod average of 6.75 between them.

Noteworthy returns include on the 16th for Permit holder Mr. Phil Roper with 12 fish from the banks whilst visiting rod Mr. Savage once again graces our report with a very creditable 22 fish and visiting rod Mr. Jez Alcock recorded a total of 14 fish, all caught from the South Lake banks. On the 17th Permit holder Mr. Ian Colclough returned a total of 13 fish to various patterns including buzzers, blobs, boobies and Montana from the banks and fellow Permit holder Mr. Harry Deakin recorded 14 fish. On the same day boat anglers enjoyed decent sport with Messrs Heseltine & Greenhalgh recording a total of 25 fish to their boat and Mr. Mark Evans returning 19 fish, all 44 fish caught on buzzer patterns while Doctors Graham and Turnock used Diawl Bach and Cats Whiskers to great effect with a total of 23 fish between them. Continuing the theme on the 18th Season Permit holders Mr. Derek Spilsbury and Mr. Phil Sadler both recorded 12 fish apiece from the South Lake banks whilst fellow Season Permit holder Mr. Steve Cherrington fished for a few hours during the evening and returned a total of 14 fish all caught on hoppers. Visiting rods also fared well with Mr. Dunlevy recording a total of 16 fish all caught on Diawl Bach nymphs and Mr. Steve Owen returning 15 fish from the banks. Rounding off yet another productive week on the 21st were visiting rods Mr. Cotterill who returned a not-so-unlucky 13 fish again all tempted with Diawl Bachs from the banks and Mr. K. Flint who spent 4 hours in a boat during the morning and used a lime green buzzer to return 12 fish.

The North Lake is currently closed to non-Season Permit holders until 1st May but the sport on the South Lake can be enjoyed by all.

A quick reminder that the Angling Office closes at 10.30am on Saturdays (as it did last year). Visiting anglers will need to see the Duty Bailiff across the Dam at the Boat House after this time.

Llyn Brenig


Tel: 01490 420 463






Bank Fishing Hotspots: Nant Glyn shore and Hafod Lom with some fish being caught in Sailing Club Bay as well as the Visitors Centre.
Boat Fishing Hotspots: Brenig Arm but by the end of the week it was fishing well between the cages and the Quarry and also along Hafod Lom.
Top Flies: Black nymph, black and green montana, black beetle and various blobs, boobies and buzzers.
Top Bag (For six fish caught): 14lbs 8oz – Mr. Kevin Prince from Wrexham.

Biggest Fish: 3lbs 8oz – Mr. Gethin Morris from Bala
Rod Average: 3.1 fish per angler (Including fish returned).

With the top of the water having warmed up by the end of the week the fish were drawn to the surface but the very bright sunshine soon drove them down again. The result being that it was quite difficult to determine the best method of catching the fish. One thing that was noticeable was the huge increase in insect activity by the end of the week especially the amount of small black beetles. As we know bright sunshine isn’t the best time to catch fish and as a result the fishing was a little bit difficult towards the end of the week. The fish had also tended to move away from the Brenig Arm which had dominated the fishing for a large part of the week. The rod average of 3.1 fish per angler is well down on the previous weeks and does reflect the more testing conditions. Still 3.1 fish isn’t a bad return in anyone’s book and would be considered a good day’s work by a fisherman. Mr. Nathan Williams from Tal Y Bont certainly had a good days fishing catching six fish from Nant Glyn bank and writing ‘returned another twelve up to 2lbs 14oz, fantastic five hours fishing, much better than work and glad I took the day off now.’ I think we’d all agree to the work bit!

On Thursday North Wales police held a competition at the Brenig. Fifteen fishermen caught 157 fish with a rod average of 10.4 fish. The top rod was Mr. Colin Jones and Mr. Ian Hughes came second.

Next month we are trying out two new ideas, the first of which is ‘Ladies Day’ on Saturday May 11th, the purpose of which is to try to encourage more women to participate in the sport. It would be an ideal opportunity for fishermen to bring their wives and partners to the Brenig and to develop a shared interest. The other innovation is the early morning boats which will take place on Saturday and Sunday of the 25th and 26th of May. This will mean that the boats will be allowed to leave the jetty at 6 o’clock in the morning. They do say that the early bird catches the worm so it would be a great opportunity to see the sun rise over the Brenig whilst catching some fantastic fish and enjoying the peace and solitude that comes with that time of day.

The main gates will be shutting at 7.15pm this week and all boats need to be back on the jetty by 6.45pm.

Bristol Water Fisheries


Tel: 01275 332339




Chew Valley – Res level 97% full

Stocking to Date: 14,130
Rod Average: 5.33
Average Weight: 2lb 15oz
Biggest recorded Rainbow (this period): 12lb 7oz
Biggest recorded Brown (this period): 9lb

Bank areas:
All of the banks are producing although Woodford bank has been favoured by many. Make sure you get here early as the bank has been packed recently with late arrivals struggling to get any bank space in this area.

The north shore and Walley bank have also been good now that the easterly winds have passed. Tactics are much the same all around the lake with many now favouring intermediate or sunken lines to get that little bit of extra distance. Next to no wind and clear water has meant that those anglers able to cast a little further have done slightly better than those anglers who may struggle a little getting a full line out. Utilising a heavier weight line or sinking line often helps a little with distance.
Try a hot head damsel or similar on the point teamed with some nymphs on the droppers. Alternatively some blobs or snakes fished a bit faster on a faster sinking line will also work.

Boat areas:
Just like the bank angling, Woodford bank has been favoured by many. Making sure you are at least 50m out from bank anglers try long drifts all the way into the mouth of Villice bay. The area around the cages is also worth a go with Mr Ellis finding a cracking 9lb brown trout in this area just a few days ago.

For those who like to have an explore, have a look in the Stratford area. Please be mindful of the no fishing area and try to keep disturbance to wildlife at a minimum. It often helps to motor slowly into areas, particularly those that are shallow. Motoring slowly means you do not disturb your intended quarry which can drastically help catch rates. Try more imitative patterns in this area as there is the good chance of hooking into a grown on resident fish like Mr Winstone did on Saturday. A fine 12lb 4oz rainbow took a liking to nymphs fished slowly on a floating line.
Herons Green is still holding fish, especially in the far end of the bay up near the ‘boot’. Try a di5 or similar with a couple blobs or FAB’s in this area.

For those who struggle to fish nymph and buzzers super slow try a sight bob or indicator to fish the flies static when fishing a floating line. On hot days, casting consistently can be tiring and sometimes the fish will be a little finicky. Fishing an indicator and watching for bites rather than feeling for them can be a productive method.

The bright sun and flat conditions haven’t made pike fly fishing easy recently although increasingly we are hearing of reports following flies and better numbers of fish being caught. No monsters this week but fish are starting to move out of the margins and into the deeper water. Noticeably a few marked trout this week indicating fish are starting to feed rather than concentrating on spawning. Keep plugging away in the open water for that chance of a big fish. The bays of Herons Green and Villice bay should be worth a try.

Blagdon – Res level 97% full

Stocking to Date: 8,074
Rod Average: 4.8
Average Weight: 2lb
Biggest recorded Rainbow (this period): 7lb
Biggest recorded Brown (this period): 4lb 3oz

Bank areas:
A challenging week for bank anglers at Blagdon although there have been some good returns fishing from the Green Lawn area and back into Home Bay. Red diawl bach’s are accounting for a good number of fish although damsels are also being favoured by many too. Those anglers exploring other areas have picked up fish from Wood Bay, Rainbow point and Butcombe although sport has been a bit patchy. Fresh stockings of fish this week should improve sport for both bank and boat anglers.

Boat areas:
As mentioned earlier in the update, there was a big competition at Blagdon this weekend. Under the conditions and significant pressure from boat anglers recently the result was very respectable with a good rod average of 4.3pp on competition day. Most boat anglers have favoured Butcombe, Cheddar Water and Home bay as the fishing at the Top End of the lake has become a little challenging recently.

A real mix of methods but many still favouring floating or midge tip lines with the usual diawl bach variations and a blob or fab as a point fly. Many anglers have chosen to fish the bung method during this hot spell as the fish have wanted it static.

Carsington Water


Tel: 01629 540478




Rod Average
The rod average for this week was 5.97 with 698 fish caught by 117 anglers.

Best Rainbow/Brown
The heaviest Rainbow was 6lb 8oz caught by Gary Freegard.
The heaviest Brown was 2lb 8oz caught by James Carson.

Top Spot
The most popular spots have been around Tower Bank, Brown Ale Bay, North End, Half Moon Bay and Fish Tail Creek.

Methods & Flies
The most successful flies were green and black lures, buzzers, snakes, orange blobs and orange boobies.

Both intermediate and sinking lines have proven popular, with a slow drift and slow retrieve being successful for many anglers.

The water has fished well again this week and hasn’t been affected too much by the brighter, warmer weather. It’s been good to see a few reports of the use of floating lines and lots more buzzer fishing. We are certainly seeing much more natural life on the water hopefully helping to bring those fish closer to the surface.

Please Note – We are fully booked this Saturday for the Spring Open Competition

Draycote Water


Tel: 01788 812018




Weekly Stats:
Number Rods: 252
Number Trout Taken: 249
Number Trout Released: 1847
Total Catch: 2096
Rod Average: 8.3

After a cool previous week and a cold start to Monday with an overnight frost and chilling easterly winds, it was great to see the weather break from Tuesday onwards with the return of spring sunshine. As a result, we experienced a very good week at Draycote with 252 anglers visiting the fishery landing a very impressive 2,096 fish for a rod average of 8.3. With the cold weather hopefully now behind us, we are expecting the buzzer fishing to go from strength to strength and, as the daylight hours increase, the start of predictable evening rises.

With very cold temperatures on Monday caused by a bitter easterly wind, we only saw 3 anglers on the water. Only one caught, tempting a rainbow from the Cornfield with 3 others hooked but lost.

Thankfully the weather changed on Tuesday with warmer conditions and the chill dropping out of the north easterly wind. This led to the rod average shooting up to a staggering 13.06, with Damsels and Buzzers featuring heavily on the catch returns. The best of the action came from the bank as the fish moved into shallow water to feed hard on the hatches of buzzer that had been brought on by the rising temperatures.

Tony Broadway fished along the Tower Bank with washing lined buzzers on a floating line to land over 20 rainbows. Size 12 black buzzers proved to be his most productive pattern. Also on Tower Bank, Gary Russell landed over 35 on a mix of Pitsford Peas and Hothead Damsels. Further down the bank into Dunn’s Bay Mersers Bircumshaw & Westbury enjoyed exceptional non-stop action. They fished teams of buzzers to land a staggering 90 between them! A truly amazing catch which just shows what a difference a day can make with a significant change in weather. Out on the boats Keith Coley & Bob Taft landed 23 collectively fishing Hares Ears, Buzzers and Diawl Bachs. All water season ticket holder Ed Douglas also enjoyed a good day’s sport due to the warmer conditions as he located feeding fish in Toft that were willing to take edries. On drifts from the shallows to G buoy he finished the day having fought 16 fine rainbows to the net.

The warm weather continued into Wednesday with cloud cover in the morning which broke around 10am to leave a lovely warm spring day. Alan Grant fished just up from Biggin Bay before Dunn’s Bay to land 15 with all his fish falling to Damsel patterns fished on a floating line. Draycote season ticket holder Michael Ravenscroft also used Blue Flash Damsels on a floating line to great effect- landing 22 fish in a half-day session. Michael found the hotspot to be just on the Tower Bank where the overflow from the treatment works comes in. Mike Oliver was back on the banks and fished various spots around the venue using his own Pheasant Tail variants. He ended his session having landed an impressive total of 34 rainbows caught & released. Tony Parker shared a boat with Nick Parker and found that the fish had dropped deeper in the water column as the sunshine increased. They therefore fished buzzers deep on a Di 5 sinking line which produced amazing results and they finished the day having caught 25 each. Mr D Cox & B Middleton fished in Dunn’s and Biggin with nymphs on a floating line enjoying a “great day’s sport with great fishing and staff”. (A thank you for those comments guys). Guiding & Tuition Manger Tom Bird took Rob Floyd out onto the water. Rob was looking to improve his overall catch rate and knowledge of Draycote in general. Tom kitted him out with a Sage Pulse rod and RIO Midge Tip Long line with a washing line cast of buzzer and 2 nymphs held up with a biscuit FAB blob. This proved to be a great method and caught fish everywhere they tried. Rob enjoyed his best day’s sport to date & even managed to hook into a fantastic rainbow estimated at 5lbs+ which, unfortunately, got the better of him & got off after a hard fight. For pictures of the day please At the end of the day Lorenzo Serrano experienced non-stop evening action in Biggin Bay. He took a “last 4 hours” boat and, fishing teams of buzzers to moving fish, managed to bring 36 rainbows to the net!

The fishing on Thursday continued in the same fantastic form. All water season ticket holder Jude Tuffs landed 31 from the overflow from the treatment works on a floating line with a small blue flash damsel. Fishing just down the bank from Jude in Dunn’s Bay, Bob Smith & Ian Richardson enjoyed a great day too, landing 40 between them on Damsels and buzzers presented on a floating line. Traveling down from Scotland the “Paisley Patterns” club enjoyed a good day on the boats landing 113 fish between 12 anglers. They found the fish around Dunn’s, Tower Bank and Biggin and fished a mixture of buzzers and lures deep. Some fished floating lines with a long leader with others in the group choosing to use DI 5 sinking lines. Mr R Somerfield enjoyed great sport as well, landing over 40 fish on size 14 mini lures such as cormorants, cat’s whisker and “black and greens”. Lorenzo Serrano returned in the hope of repeating the previous evenings action. He was not disappointed as the same tactics brought an impressive tally of 19 rainbows to the net in a short, but very hectic, session. This time he caught consistently along the Farborough Dam as well as in Biggin Bay.

A lovely warm spring day greeted the anglers on Friday. The fish would normally be expected to drop down in the water in such bright conditions however, this was not the case for most. They were still being encountered throughout the water column by both boat and bank anglers. Similarly anglers were catching on a wide variety of patterns and methods. The backbone of the action was to buzzers and small nymphs but damsels, snakes and the Pitsford Pea also accounted for some good returns. Any line from a floater down to a DI5 showed up on the catch returns, but the most success was probably had on a midge tip or floating line. Those anglers willing to persevere with dries enjoyed some success, with the ever popular Big Red and the Crippled Midge patterns accounting for a few fish when accurately presented. Once again the “Paisley Patterns” took to the water and did extremely well using a diverse array of lines and fly patterns. Their return for the day was 124 fish to the boat between them. Graeme McCallum was their top rod on the day with 17 to the boat. Bank anglers have been encountering some great sport along the north shore. Among them was Alan Grant who netted 19 rainbows on a mix of buzzers and damsels. David Bailey and Alan Cooke netted a dozen from the boat, also on buzzers. Mr Brassett fished along the north bank from a boat and netted three for the pot with a further 18 caught & released on blobs. Mr N Starkey and Mr M Draper both had good sport from the boat netting 7 & 14 respectively on yellow cheeked black buzzer.

Yet another bright start greeted us all on Saturday with Draycote sitting mirror calm. Despite seemingly adverse conditions as regards fly fishing, once again anglers were catching fish from on or near the surface to right down into the depths. The two most popular methods on the day were either a DI5 and lures, or a midge tip and buzzers, with a FAB or a mini booby on the point. The “Paisley Patterns” were doing their level best to catch every fish in the reservoir (at least once!?), with a 107 fish tally between them for the day. Once again Graeme McCallum was their top rod, this time with 15 to the boat. Over their 3 days with us they caught and released a total of 344 fish, giving them a rod average of 9.5 for the trip. Well done lads, and we look forward to seeing you all again soon. The boat pairing of Jim Smith and Ed Douglas also had a productive day, with over 30 fish to the boat on buzzers and dries. Chris Aubrey and Ian Reeve used a mixture of buzzers and damsels in Biggin Bay also catching & releasing over thirty rainbows between them come the end of their session. Mr J Osbourne and Mr W Bilsborough used damsels, blobs and green buzzers, fished 6 feet down to good effect catching a total of 25. Only four anglers fished on the bank but good sport was also still to be had with Mark Randle landing a six fish limit for the pot at Lin Croft Point with a further brace caught & released.

The mini heat wave continued into Easter Sunday with blue skies, sunshine & near 20°C temperatures. However, it appeared that most celebrated the occasion with family as only eight anglers took to the water. Nevertheless, the fish clearly stayed hard on the feed with Colin Adams & boat partner John Maxwell ending their three day break with us in style landing 16 & 32 respectively. They used buzzers fished on a washing line and slow intermediate fly line at the Dunn’s Bay end of the Tower Bank. Their joint performance over the three days was tremendous with a combined total of 127 trout landed which represented an individual rod average of 21.16 per angler per day! Interestingly Colin commented that whilst adult buzzers were seemingly everywhere on their first two days, they had to resort to damsel patterns to catch consistently in Rainbow Corner & the Overflow. However, on their third day very few adult buzzer were on the wing & they caught non stop on midge pupa patterns.

Temperatures are forecast to return to more seasonal norms as the week progresses and, although some showery weather is in the mix from mid-week, it is anticipated that the great spring sport we have been experiencing will continue.

Elinor Trout Fishery


Tel: 01832 720786




230 anglers caught 1275 fish of which 1025 were returned.

Best Fish
12lb 6oz Andy Lane, London, olive buzzer, boat
11lb 2oz Jim Nixon, Kettering, black buzzer

Dean Barker fly fished for pike from a boat and had a cracking 22lb 8oz specimen.

Best Areas
Bank – coarse bank, east arm
Boat – west arm, east arm, dam

Best Patterns
black or olive buzzer, small damsel, olive cruncher, red diawl bach, olive shipmans, olive or black cdc/suspender, white/green lure.

A busy week at Elinor with the warmer weather bringing some great buzzer hatches.
Bank anglers had to work hard for fish with the sun and incredibly clear water pushing fish at full casting range until the evening rise.

Boat anglers had a stunning week with fish feeding through most of the day and evening with numerous double figure bags. Washing line with a floater was the best method although many fish were also caught on dries.

Anglers who targeted the dam end continued to catch best by fishing buzzers or damsels deeper whereas most other areas saw fish in the top two foot.
Many of the buzzers now are a good size with size 10 or 12 imitations working.
The fish are in fantastic condition with 3 and 4lb specimens regularly taking anglers down to the backing.

Forthcoming Competitions
Sunday May 5th Geordie Mountford Boat Pairs
Open to everyone. A memorial match to commemorate a superb flytyer and all round top bloke.
You fish with your partner. 12 fish limit for the boat. 9am – 4pm.
Entry fee including fishing permits £70 per pair.
Richard Winser has kindly supplied a stunning trophy for the winners along with medals for the top 3 pairs. Tackle prizes will also be on offer. Come and fish a friendly competition at peak buzzer time!

Sunday May 19th Elinor is holding a heat of the Scierra Pairs.
Entry forms available at Elinor or
One in four pairs will qualify for the Grafham final on September 8th

Next Stocking: April 26th & May 2nd

Eyebrook Reservoir


Tel: 01536 770 264

Email: see website



Weekly Stats:

Number Rods: 266
Number Trout Taken: 249
Number Trout Released: 1284
Total Catch: 1533
Weekly Rod Average: 5.8

Eyebrook continues to provide good sport with the rod average for the last week 5.8 with Stoke Dry area producing consistently well for boat anglers along with the Chestnut & Mucky Bay. The water clarity is “gin clear” therefore any form of ripple will certainly help. On the calmer brighter days as the day progresses boat anglers need to seek out the drop off areas around the chestnut, mucky bay & bell coming off the midge tip & floaters and reach for your sink 3 sinkers. Slow retrieve or static is best.

For the bank anglers its certainly paid to be mobile, Stoke Dry best first thing & last thing with the Bell, Hawthorns & netted bank all areas worth trying. Eyebrook member Dave Chadwick bank fished on Saturday catching a cracking 4lb rainbow

Tuesday all water member Tony Day fished the washing line with buzzers to temp his catch of 26 rainbows, L Bates boat fished for a morning session catching 10 trout to 4lb with Mark Hunt fishing the late evening session with dries catching 7 trout down the bottom of stoke dry.

Wednesday & the rod average at the end of the day was 10+ with anglers getting into double figures catching on buzzers, diawls, cruncher, blob, fab & dries with Bill Clarke boating fish of 3lb+ & 4lb+ the washing line worked best.

Thursday & our good sport continued, all water member Alex Urquhart caught 18 trout including a tench, Draycote members P Elliott & Lee Patten visited Eyebrook catching well into double figures as did all water member Nev Welsh

Friday Neil Shilton took to his float tube & enjoyed an excellent day catching 28 trout to 4lb5oz, Eyebrook member Steve Lawrence bank fished catching 8 trout for his 4 hour morning session.

Saturday & Sunday the brighter hotter & calmer days greeted the anglers, despite the conditions the Eyebrook continued to produce good sport with emergers, buzzers, fabs & diawls still the patterns of choice with a small weighted damsel on the point working well in the bright conditions. Again Stoke Dry produced the majority of fish with the drop off in front of the chestnut, mucky bay & bell fishing well during the brighter warmer part of the day.

Grafham Water


Tel: 01480 810531




Grafham has continued to fish very well, particularly for the boat anglers.

The boat anglers are continuing to have the best of the sport here at Grafham with fish being taken on buzzers fished deep (at least 12 feet down) either static or very slow retrieve so anchoring is probably better for presentation. Damsels continue to fish well as do tequila blobs and black and green lures.

Most of the fish are still coming out along the North Shore although over the last couple of days fish have been coming up in the water in the late afternoon and can be taken on emergers and dries out in the middle and it really is the middle of the lake! So look for moving fish on the top from 4 pm on or if it’s overcast they may be up all day.

Bank anglers are having mixed success with most of the fish being taken early and late in the day. Congratulations to Martin Brocklebank who won the GWFFA bank match this week with 8 fish for 17lb 10oz, 8 anglers fished the match with 24 fish being taken for a 3 fish rod average.

The stone jetties in front of the lodge and at Marlow are a good bet for the bank angler as they give access to deeper water. Anglian Water’s Stuart Stenning White had 10 fish off the left arm on Sunday morning on Damsel flies and the bowl of the dam. If it becomes overcast and dull look for a big buzzer hatch off the stones at Marlow.

The Invicta Fly Fishing Club’s Tuesday Evening League starts at Grafham on Tuesday 14 May. This enjoyable series continues weekly, finishing on 13 August. Scoring will be on numbers caught, no weigh in, the best 10 results to count. Start time is 5.30 pm, but there will be someone around until 6 pm to organise boat pairings etc. Draw for boat partners will take place at approx 5.15 pm and where possible less experienced fishermen will be teamed up with experienced anglers. We go to the Wheatsheaf in Perry after fishing for a drink and sandwiches and chips.

The aim of the series is to have some pleasant summer evenings fishing at Grafham (weather permitting!), rather than a serious competitive event; also to give those who have done a fly fishing course the opportunity to gain some experience. Further information from Paul Stevens email

Best boat areas: All points and bays along North shore and out in the middle.
Best bank areas: G Buoy, Dam, Marlow Stones, dam and harbour arms.

Forthcoming events
England Qualifier 3 May
Snowbee Floating Line 4 May
Home International 7-10 May
Invicta Pilgrimage 23 & 24 May
EFFA ProAm 20 June
Anglian Water Airflo International Midland heat 22 June

Beginners courses: 5,19,26 & 31 May; 6,15,23 & 30 June and other dates throughout the season.
Boat handling courses: 30 April, 13 & 27 May; 4 & 11 June and other dates throughout the season.

Lake of Menteith


Tel: 01480 810531




24th April 2019
National Championships
The second heat of the Scottish National Trout Fly Fishing Championship 2019, Sponsored by Ridgeline UK, 7plus7 Construction & R & E Hygiene was held on the lake on 23/4/19 in cooler overcast conditions and a south easterly. The top area appeared to be International bay and Hotel Bay to Reedy Point, with good catches also occurring in Sandy Bay. The 59 anglers caught 390 fish giving a rod average of 6.6. Top bag on the day was George Gall of Roscobie Loch DA with 13 fish and his first 3 weighing 7lbs 15.9oz. George was fishing in International Bay and Hotel Bay with a washing line with buzzers held up by a FAB – most of his fish took the FAB. In second place was Kinross AC’s Connor Campbell also with 13 fish fishing in similar areas with similar tactics but his first 3 weighed 5lbs 7oz. Third placed was William Davidson of Black Bull FFC who was also fishing with similar tactics, but his fish all took the buzzers! The cut off weight for qualification was 13lbs.

Traffic Disruption
A lot of road disruption with the A873 closed between Blairdrummond and Thornhill this week between 8am and 6pm. On Sunday the Stirling Marathon is closing a lot of local roads and probably best to consult their closure map at to get a route to suit.

Menteith Boat League
Evening Fishing Commences on 1st May as does our Friendly Boat League. If you are interested in joining the boat league this season let the fishery know (07752 128489 or 07710 433464) and turn up and see if it is for you. Kick off is at 6pm next Wednesday 1st May with randomised boat partners. More info at

Pitsford Water


Tel: 01604 781350




Fish 1,316 (Season 5,123)
Returns 141 (756)
Rod average 9.3 (6.8)

With a rod average of 9.3 for the week and over 1,300 fish caught, Pitsford is in truly amazing form. We have seen Brown trout of 8lb 9oz, 7lb 8oz, 7lb 6oz and numerous others between 5-6lb. With Rainbows of 6lb, 5lb 8oz and numbers between 4-5lb. Most of these fish were returned; Pitsford must be one of the most productive lakes at the moment.

Quality fish in huge numbers are feeding on the masses of buzzer hatches from most areas of the water with both boat and bank fishing fantastically.

Some of the highlights this week included English Disabled FF. 15 anglers fished to a six fish limit, catching 84 fish for a rod average of 5.6. The best fish was caught by Ian Bradfield at 3lb 10oz. The best bag of 6 fish went to John Thompson who weighed in at 14lb 10oz.

The English Fly Fishing Association held a Spring Members Day with 32 anglers fishing to a kill four and catch and release four fish for an 8 fish bag. 235 fish were caught for a rod average of 7.3. Paul Heavens recorded the best fish at 3lb 13oz. The best bag of four fish went to John Seaton with 11lb 2oz. Tony Smith caught and released a stunning Brown of 7lb 7oz (this didn’t count as he had already caught his four fish).

Other catches include Mark Ross with 8 fish for 19lb 8oz with a further 9 fish returned. Mr Munroe had a Brown of 8lb 9oz. Duncan Garnsworthy had a 4lb 8oz Rainbow (returned). B Loveland took 8 Rainbows and returned Browns of 5lb 8oz and 3lb. Wellington AC from Scotland enjoyed a superb day with most of the lads catching and releasing twenty plus fish and one angler having 43!.

Keith Harding and Mike Clarke from Staffordshire caught and released 45 and 20 fish respectively on buzzers and diawls. Terry Walford from Staffordshire had 8 fish for 22lb 12oz including a 4lb 10oz Rainbow. Season ticket holder Phil Jordan enjoyed a week on the water and in seven days he caught and released a staggering 161 Rainbows and 10 Browns with fish to 6lb plus with floating line and buzzers.

Best Rainbow: 6lb taken by Phil Jordan.
Best boat areas: 8lb 9oz taken by Mr Munro.
Best bank areas: Duffers, Bog Bay, Stilton, Cliffs, Sailing Club.
Fish stocked: 2,000.

Forthcoming events
Anglian Water Airflo International Midland Heat 25 May
Anglian Water Rudder Match 8 June

Beginners courses: 2 and 18 May; 9,14,22 & 28 June and other dates throughout the season.
Boat handling courses: 1,15 & 28 May; 18 & 25 June and other dates throughout the season.

Mid Northants Trout Fishers Association
Hosts monthly open sessions for beginners at Pitsford where fully trained instructors are on hand to offer advice on fly casting, fly tying and water craft. Non members welcome. All sessions are 2-5pm
4 May, 1 June, 6 July, 3 August, 7 September and 5 October.

Ravensthorpe Reservoir


Tel: 01604 781350





Fish 349 (Season 4,488)
Returns 52 (521)
Rod average 6.7 (8.6)

Anglers have enjoyed another good week at Ravensthorpe with plenty of top quality hard fighting fish being caught. The best fish of the week was a massive Rainbow estimated between 14 and 15lb. This was caught and safely returned by John Krailing.

The best method shave been floating lines with buzzers, diawl bachs, crunchers and damsels. Intermediate lines with lures are also catching fish.

Bank anglers have been catching a few fish mainly from the dam or wading in front of platforms 4 and 5. Black buzzer and floating line are the best method.

Best Rainbow: 14lb taken by John Krailing.
Best boat areas: Front of lodge, along dam.
Best bank areas: Dam wading in front of platform 4 or 5.
Fish stocked: 2,000.

Midweek boat winner: M Nelson.

Rutland Water


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Anglers are catching huge bags of fish from many areas of the reservoir.

Sheffield angler Bob Copsey had a good day’s boat fishing which included a specimen 6lb 4oz Brown. Howard Watson who held the Rutland Brown trout record for the 1981 season made a successful return to Rutland. Howard followed Nigel Savage’s advice and had a great day’s boat fishing in Dickenson’s Bay. Howard had lost none of his touch and returned to the harbour with a cracking 5lb 1oz overwintered Rainbow.

The warmer evenings have seen the fish moving later on with dry fly accounting for one or two fish. The Tuesday Night Boat League starts on 7 May. An enjoyable evening, open to all from 5pm with boats away at 6pm. Boat partners will be drawn from a hat. The evening concludes with a fish and chip supper and the prize for the best fish on the night is a free mid week boat.

Forthcoming events
Anglian Water Airflo International – Northern Heat 29 April
Davy Hodgson Memorial 5 May
Anglian Water Rudder Match 11 May
Airflo Invitation Match 15-19 May
Bob Church Classic 2 June
Anglian Water Over 50’s Match 15 June

Beginners courses: 27 April; 16,25 & 29 May; 7,16 & 29 June and throughout the season.
Boat handling courses: 29 April, 14 & 30 May; 5,10,17 & 24 June and throughout the season.

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