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UK Reservoir Trout Fishing Reports – 26th October 2018

We bring you the round up of the latest fishery reports from the big waters across the UK in our weekly fishery reports.

Blithfield Reservoir


Tel: 01283 840284





The rod average for last week was 2.88. Anglers who resisted the temptation to wade out beyond knee-depth were the most rewarded with several tactics producing good sport. Floating lines once again came up trumps whilst the most beneficial fly patterns varied from small white Boobies and lures at the start of the week to Bibio, black Hoppers, Black & Peacock Spider and Bob’s Bits by Sunday afternoon! The water clarity has improved greatly which has also ensured that boat sport is still producing very successful returns – particularly on the South Lake. An interesting note this week is the rise in numbers of brown and tiger trout being recorded as they become more mobile in the cooler temperatures.

Noteworthy returns this week include on the 15th for Permit holder Mr. Barry Turner with six fish from the South Lake Banks in just a few hours. On Tuesday 16th Season Permit holder Mr. Paul Walker fished from the banks for approximately two hours and recorded a total of seven fish, mainly on an Invicta whilst earlier on the same day visiting rod Mr. Geoff Forman recorded six fish from the South Lake banks, including a lovely brown trout, all caught on black spider patterns. The 17th proved to be an incredibly good day with a rise in air pressure and settled conditions. Permit holder Mr. Barry Turner again enjoyed great sport with a total return of 10 fish, all caught on small white lures, from the bank; visiting rod Mr. Robert Arrowsmith used Black Pennell and Bibio patterns to record a total of seven fish from the bank; boat pairings also submitted creditable returns on the same day – Permit holders Mr. Brian Jones and Mr. Graham Wood returned a total of 10 fish to their boat on the South Lake and visiting boat pair Mr. Tim Buckett and Mr. M. Rudding also recorded 10 fish to their boat – all caught on hoppers and Shuttlecock CDC patterns during the afternoon. On the 18th Season Permit holder Mr. Derek Spilsbury fished for just a few hours and returned six fish to the bank on the South Lake while Season Permit holder Mr. Alan Miles enjoyed a great morning on the banks with a total of 9 fish. On the same day Permit holder Mr. Terry Dallaway also fished from the banks and recorded a total of six fish to Bibio and dry fly patterns, including the best fish this week – a stunning 5lb 8ozs brown trout caught on a black Bibio-hopper. Towards the end of the week on the 20th Permit holder Mr., David Marlow returned a total of five fish from the banks as did visiting rod Mr. Tom Clasper who counted a lovely brown trout amongst his.

Also amongst the returns this week were a 3lb 6ozs rainbow trout for Mr. Paul Walker ; a stunning brown trout for Mr. Mick Grant ; a 3lb 4ozs rainbow trout for Mr. Alan Miles ; a 3lb 4ozs rainbow trout for Mr. Alan Mould and a 3lb rainbow trout for Mr. Dennis Anslow.

A reminder this week that the Reservoir will close to visiting permits, including Syndicate anglers, on 15th November 2018.

Llyn Brenig


Tel: 01490 420 463






Pike Fest Week is starting next Thursday 1st November, limited boats available booking is essential.

There is a friendly bank competition at Brenig on the 27th of December Please book a place by contacting the fishery on 01490 420 463.

Carsington Water


Tel: 01629 540478




The rod average increased last week to 3.18 as 127 fish were caught by 40 anglers.

The most popular spot has been fishing a drift from the Main Basin to Fish Tail Creek with many fish seen topping with the warmth of the autumn sunshine. Other popular spots have been around the North End, Tower Bank and Half Moon Bank.

The heaviest rainbow was 5lb 8oz caught by John Bond whilst the heaviest brown was 3lb 14oz caught by Gary Fallows.

The most successful flies were dries, black and green Snakes, Bibios and Cats Whiskers.

Both intermediate and floating lines with sink tips have been used, many anglers have continued to favour fishing on a drift this week.

Spring Open 2019 Competition
Saturday 27th April 2019 is the date for next years Spring Open Competition bookings are being taken at the lodge.

Last Day of the 2018 Fishing Season will be Sunday 4th November

Draycote Water


Tel: 01788 812018




Weekly Stats:   

Number Rods: 286
Number Trout Taken: 361
Number Trout Released: 1240
Total Catch: 1601
Weekly Rod Average: 5.6

Bank anglers have enjoyed some excellent sport from a lot of different areas around the reservoir using Hare’s Ears, Crunchers and Diawl Bachs on a floating line. Dries have also worked very well and have proved to have been a more successful method for the boat’s. As usual this time of year when the temperatures start to drop off, lures are becoming more popular, in particular small Snakes in a natural brown or olive colour on either a midge tip or an intermediate line.

On Wednesday the wind started in the west before swinging round to a more northerly direction. Again the fishing proved to be fantastic with rod average of 6.8 for the day. Geoff Tomkinson caught 18 fish from the bank in Toft and off Lincroft Point using a white tadpole. Draycote regular John Hall caught 12 fish from the cornfield using a small black lure. Season permit holder Kevin Rees ventured out in a boat once again to net 30 fish on Bobs Bits, remarking on a “fantastic day”. Mr Newnams boat pairing netted 25 fish on dries and Diawl Bachs around S buoy. Mr Peter Biernaki had eight fish from the bank on dries and nymphs.

A north wind on Thursday meant that most of the bank anglers would have a comfortable days fishing along the Cornfield and in Biggin Bay. Tony Broadway caught 21 fish from the bank. Bob Smith caught nine fish whilst bank fishing in the cornfield. Season permit holders Lee Patten and Peter Elliott had over 40 fish between them from the bank on various nymph patterns such as Crunchers. Mr Peter Fisher caught 17 from the boat using small black and green spiders and dries. Season permit holder John Dickens had 17 fish to the boat on bobs bits. Draycote regulars Andy Birkett and Brent Vinall had in excess of 30 fish to the boat on dries and various nymphs. Dave Kennell and Eddie Mitchell remarked on the good quality of the fish, bringing over 20 to the boat between them. Alex Campbell netted seven fish from a drifting boat in an afternoon session on size 12 and 14 Crippled Midge with a Copper Hopper on the point, remarking that he had missed and dropped a lot of fish over X and P buoy.

A bright warm autumnal day Saturday, which did cause the bank fishing to drop off slightly as the fish pushed off into the deeper water to feed. On the bank season ticket holder Mike Garner landed 7 fish from the Cornfield & Toft on a mixture of cormorants and Diawl Bachs. Husband & Wife team Tony and Ruth Kirk landed 8 fish between them from the Swan’s Nest and along the Tower bank. The pair fished Hares’ Ears and Diawl Bachs on a floating lines. On the boats Ian Reeve & Chris Aubrey landed 20 fish between them fishing around Farnborough Spit and Croft Shoal on various snakes on sinking lines. Rudder regulars Jim Dempsey & Ifor Jones enjoyed good sport landing 27 fish including come lovely silver 3lb lumps drifting down through Toft tight in down the Dam and into the Swans nest. Kas Leoviriyaki enjoyed a great half days sport landing 11 fish from Biggin Bay on Diawl Bachs.

Once again the sunny conditions made the bank fishing a little tricky for the most part. However, season ticket holder Brian Allwood enjoyed great sport landing 14 fish on small nymphs fishing along the cornfield. although for the most part it was really a day from the boats. Ed Doulas & Jim Smith landed 19 fish to the boat, the pair started around Croft Shoal before moving to Farnborough spit. They fished two very different tactics with Ed opting for dries while Jim used snakes on a midge tip long. Mr Dudley & Mr Holdsworthy used a combination of small minkies and buzzers to land 30 fish to the bat including returning a 6lb brown. Paul Mitchell & Tim Burn enjoyed a great day’s sport using FAB’s & Blobs on a Di3 sinking line to land 34 fish fishing around Toft, Biggin Bay and Croft Shoal. In house guide Lee Henfrey enjoyed a day off looking to target big fish with boat partner Nigel Keeber. Fishing over the shallow water at Croft Shoal with snakes on a Di3 the pair landed 12 fish including several big rainbows and returned a 6lb brown, with follows of much larger fish.

Eyebrook Reservoir


Tel: 01536 770 264

Email: see website



Weekly Stats:

Number Rods: 160
Number Trout Taken: 90
Number Trout Released: 189
Total Catch: 279
Rod Average: 1.7

Last day of fishing for the 2018 season will be Wednesday 31st October. 

As the season draws to a close the fishing has become ‘changeable’ and often challenging this week. Unseasonable warm weather for the majority of the week resulted in an abundance of fly life, which is rather unexpected for the time of year. Extremely small buzzers and a mass of small aphid flies were on the water. Fish were topping continuously in pods and were extremely challenging to catch. A single ‘F’ fly or ‘CDC’ worked as well as anything, fished static and generally it was best not to cast to the fish as they were extremely spooky on bright calm days. A hard frost Friday morning did change this, and the fish started to focus more onto the fry again. Minkie and fry patterns fished on a floating line or intermediate worked, in front of the dam wall or into the basin. Member Dave Shaer caught the best fish of the week, a 6lb brown that took a white minkie fished on an intermediate. Dave saw a lot of surface action from fry feeders in a small area out from the tower and was excited when his line tightened up. Please remember all brown trout are to be returned.

The big news this week at Eyebrook has been the Pike fly fishing. A new record has been set and a very impressive one at that. Danny Peet caught a 39lb monster on his second cast of the day! Danny and boat partner Rick Varley set off in dense fog, Rick hadn’t got his rod set up when Danny on his second cast hooked the fish! After being weight by the fishery staff the fish went away strongly.

Monday was an extremely wet and cold day and most anglers found things challenging. Fry patterns worked as well as anything with Tim White taking four fish from Harrison’s on a black Zonker. Tuesday saw almost perfect conditions and the fish fed all day on the surface. Many anglers were getting frustrated with the amount of offers they were having to the dries with out hooking a fish. P Oakley and D Collingham managed five fish in front of the dam wall and Dave Schofield caught four fish on a size 14 Double Decker.

Wednesday saw a much-improved average of 3.8 fish a rod. Again, lots of fish feeding on the surface in front of dam wall, Three Trees and across the Basin to the Three Trees. Clive Moore caught seven fish on Blobs and Boobies just sub surface. Ian Jobe continues to have a lot of success on a mini Snake patterns and caught 12 fish from across the Basin. Andy Birkett and boat partner Brent Vinall had a very successful session on small buzzers and dry fly patterns they caught 22 fish between them including fish of over 3lbs.
Bob Thompson fished in challenging conditions on Thursday, he fished a washing line and size 14 Daiwl Bachs to net 8 fish. Mark Hunt fished into the Evening and caught five fish on an extremely small CDC fished static.

Memebers Dave Chadwick and Bob Margery boat fished on Saturday morning. The pair caught nine fish between them on Cat’s Whiskers, Blobs and Minkies. Tom Finney and friend Ollie Jenkinson targeted the predators in the reservoir after hearing of the monster caught the day previous they were particularly optimistic. They caught several fish the best weighed in at 23lb 8oz followed by a 19lb 8oz specimen.
Sunday was a glorious autumn day. Extremely bright and a breeze wasn’t perfect for fishing, but the fish were still on the surface. All be it hard to catch, most success came to fry tactics. Steve Lawrence caught 11 fish on a mix of flies, but the majority came to a popper minkie fished with a figure -of -eight retrieve across the surface. Jerry Barnes fished for a short morning session and caught six fish on a Minkie fished on a floating line.

Eyebrook Fur and Feather Sunday 28th October – This popular pairs match will be fished to a 12 fish kill to the boat. Bacon rolls will be served in the morning and warm soup into the evening. Please bring a raffle prize to support the EDFF. To Book call the Lodge – 01536 770 264

Foremark Reservoir


Tel: 01283 703202




Weekly Stats:    

Number Rods: 62
Trout Taken: 23
Number Trout Released: 101
Total Catch: 124
Weekly Rod Average: 2.0

This week the fishery has experienced several nice autumnal days with a mixture of bright sunshine and overcast conditions. The winds have in the main been light, in the 5-10 knot region, and coming from the south/west, have given us some nice warm days. The water temperature has stabilised at around 12 degrees which has suited the fishing. Although the water level dropped earlier on in the week as the Dove was in flood following last week’s storms, over the week the water levels in the reservoir have continued to gradually rise. 
There are still a lot of fish close to the banks with the fish continuing to target the fry, with the productive areas being the bank/dam wall in front of the lodge, Flamingo Bay opposite the lodge, Verdun’s Point and Hut Point. From the boat angler’s perspective, the Top Dam wall and the tower area including the Aerators is still a productive area, as is the area around Number 1 buoy. Several boats have caught on the drift through the main basin whilst the Cascade has produced some significant catches most of which have been caught near the bank in shallow water. Anglers are also reporting lots of fry feeders in Carvers Arm, with the successful fly patterns continuing to be white lures, Cat’s Whiskers, Damsels, Hoppers, nymphs, fry imitations and daddies.

On Monday, DCAC member Mr Price used Boobies to land nine fishing on the Ticknall side of the reservoir, whilst Mr Fogg landed five from the Boils using a combination of Olive and Orange Fritz. On Tuesday, regular visitor Scotty Wilson landed 16 fishing white lures in the wind lanes coming off the boils whilst Paul Walker took eight fish from the point in front of the lodge.

Wednesday was a quiet day but on Thursday Mr Lancini landed five whilst Mr Wilson returned to catch another dozen fish on floating fry patterns and he used similar tactics on Friday to land a further 11 fish. Paul Walker again bagged up using damsels, all his eight fish coming from the beach in front of the lodge.

On Saturday Mr Herod landed six fish including one of over 4lbs, these all succumbing to a variety of fry patterns whilst Mr Marples landed four on orange minkies. Sunday was a very bright day, and with the reservoir hosting a National University Sailing Regatta, and hence conditions were not in the anglers’ favour. Never-the-less Mr D Wilson fishing in front of the lodge at the far end of the beach caught five fish on a sinking line using a Cat’s Whisker.

On the 28th October there is an open competition charity match on the behalf of prostate cancer, fishing from 10am to 3pm, followed by a buffet and a raffle. Please telephone the lodge to make a reservation to support this charity event.

Grafham Water


Tel: 01480 810531




Weekly Stats

Fish: 864
Returns: 176
Rod average: 4.91

Grafham has turned the corner with the rod average set to climb steadily as more fish come on the feed. There are still pockets of algal bloom so anglers should look to fish in clear water to find feeding fish.

Fry Feeders Match 20 October (by invitation).
Grafham Water hosted day one of the Fry Bashers Meet (day two was at Rutland). The biggest fish on day one at Grafham went to Henry Russell at 3lb 7oz. Henry went on to win the match overall with another good performance on day two at Rutland recording 15 fish for 31lb 3oz across the two days. Day one saw Nick Halstead leading at the halfway point with 8 fish. Sadly for Nick, day two at Rutland didn’t go to plan and he took 34th place overall.

Bank anglers should look to fish the upwind shore with fish being caught close in – as little as two feet of water so approach cautiously and don’t be tempted to wade in until you have fished the margin. In light winds the down wind shore may be fishable if you can wade past any algae. The best bank areas in a southerly wind are Mander car park, Plummers car park, the south end of the dam and the Seat. In a northerly head for any of the points on the north shore – particularly G Buoy and the Willows.

GRHE’s, shrimp’s and Diawl Bachs continue to take fish with a FAB on the point as an attractor, also daddy long legs and Minkies are taking fish.

For the boat anglers, again seek clearer water and fish similar tactics on floating lines and sink tips. Alternatively a Di3 with Blobs, Humungus or Snakes stroked back are working well and will pick out the bigger fish. Best areas have been the south end of the dam, in front of the Seat and Sailing Club, the Stumps, Valley Creek to the nature reserve and all points along the north shore.

Predator anglers continue to enjoy good fishing at Grafham, reporting pike to the high doubles/low 20’s and plenty of perch in the 3lb plus bracket. Zanders up to double figures have been reported too

Throughout October the fishing lodges are open daily 8am-4pm.

Best boat areas: Rainbow Point, Stumps, Sanctuary Bay, G marker, Pylon Point, Deep Water Point, Hill Farm, Hedge End, Willows, dam, the Seat, Sludge Point.

Best bank areas: G bank, Hill Farm, Deep Water Point, hedge End, Pylon, the Stumps, the Seat, the dam.

Forthcoming events
Fly fishing for Pike 16 May to 31 January 2019
Beginners courses: 28th October.
Grafham Water Fur & Feather (bank) 25th November
Shrimpmasters bank league: Sundays 11th and 25th November; 2nd and 16th December; 6th and 20th January.

Lake of Menteith


Tel: 01480 810531




No report







Pitsford Water


Tel: 01604 781350




Weekly Stats:

Fish: 689
Returns: 133
Rod average: 5.2

Pitsford Water continues to get better and better, with the quality of the fish improving by the week. The rod average for the week is an impressive 5.2 with the best brown over 10lb and rainbows up to 5lb.

Fish are feeding hard on fry, shrimp and snail and the bank fishing has really taken off.

Iain Barr and Airflo’s Gareth Jones had a day afloat to do a feature and brought over 30 fish to the boat, with browns up to 6lb and rainbows to 4lb. Steve Cullen and Graham Hayward had a similarly great day with over thirty fish, nineteen of which were browns and even managed Perch up to 3lb.

The best reported brown of the week was a fish of 10lb caught and returned by Mike Weaver who also returned ten Rainbows. Gareth Pearson fished with his father Graham and caught his personal best Brown, a lovely 7lb 15oz fish. He had a further 7 rainbows up to 3lb 8oz.
Alex Ferguson had a day on the dry fly catching a brown of 5lb 8oz and a further eleven fish.

On Tuesday an Anglian Water team fished against the Environment Agency, 38 anglers caught 16 fish with several browns caught up to 6lb 2oz. Top individual was Ben Bayliss from the EA with 8 fish for 22lb, including a brown of 6lb 2oz.

All areas of the Main half of the water are fishing with the fish in the top three feet and often feeding in two feet of water on shrimp and fry.

Best Rainbow: 5lb.

Best Brown: 10lb taken by Mike Weaver.

Forthcoming events

Mid-Northants Trout Fishers Association offer taster/introduction sessions at Pitsford Water on the following Saturday’s; 3rd November and 1st December 1-4pm.
Pitsford Fur & Feather (boat) 10th November.
Fly fishing for Pike 16 May to 31 January 2019

Ravensthorpe Reservoir


Tel: 01604 781350





Weekly Stats:

Fish: 150
Returns: 29
Rod average: 5.17

The rod average at Ravensthorpe is 5.17 for the week. Some days have proved more challenging than others. Anglers have been having a few fish from the boats, and have been catching mainly over the boils. Dries are still working well, however Blobs, nymphs, Minkies and Cats Whiskers are also proving effective.

The bank fishing has improved and is producing some fish. Alan Duffin took four fish from Platform 4.
Results of the Bob Church Trophy boat match will be in next week’s report.

Best Rainbow: 4lb taken by D Moss.

Best boat areas: Boils/dam.
Best bank areas: Platform 4/Dam.

Forthcoming events: Ravensthorpe Fur & Feather 4 November (bank)

Rutland Water


Tel: 01780 686441




Weekly Stats:

Fish: 425
Returns: 119
Rod average: 3.57

Another good week at Rutland Water with the biggest fish of the season so far – a superb brown of 12lb 10oz taken by Chris Bobby.

The bottom of both Arms are fishing well with some large fish being caught on corixa, small buzzer (dries) and fry patterns. Tim Appletons and Burley Reach in the North and Cattle Troughs, Lax Hill to Browns Island in the South Arm have switched on.

The centre of the Arms and the Main Basin to the dam are fishing well; specifically New Zealand Point, B, A, 17, 16 and 14 buoys past the Church to the Blue Pipes.

The main methods have been pulling Humungus, Minkies, tubes and Snakes, washing line with small lures, nymphs and FAB’s on various intermediate and tip lines. On floating lines; dries, Suspender Minkies and Floating Fry.

Competition News
Day two of the Fry Feeders match was fished last Sunday (Day one was fished at Grafham). The largest fish of the season so far, a brown trout of 12lb 10oz was caught by Chris Bobby on a black Snake and intermediate line at the bottom of the South Arm. Top rod was Henry Russell with a combined total over the two days of 31lb 3oz. Chris Bobby took the best fish of the competition and for this season – a monster of a brown tipping the scales at 12lb 10oz.The top three places went to Henry Russell, Graham Pearson and John Hardy. Graham netted the best rainbow of the week at 4lb 6oz and fished tube flies.

Best Rainbow: 4lb 6oz taken by Graham Pearson.
Best Brown: 12lb 10oz taken by Chris Bobby.

Forthcoming events
Fly fishing for Pike 16 May to 31 January 2019
Beginners course: 27th October.
George Moore Memorial Trophy (rudder) 27th October
Anglian Water Rudder match 17th November
Rutland Water Fur & Feather (bank) 2nd December.

Throughout October the fishing lodges are open daily 8am-4pm

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