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UK Reservoir Trout Fishing Reports – 28th March 2019

We bring you the round up of the latest fishery reports from the big waters across the UK in our weekly fishery reports.

Blithfield Reservoir


Tel: 01283 840284





Once again this year heavy rain and strong winds heralded the start of the 2019 Season sending waves crashing over the Dam wall for the first 3 days. This, combined with a considerable influx of cold, coloured water from the rivers produced a tough start for some.

During the following days the water clarity improved and on warmer, less windy, days fishing improved and some good bags were recorded.

Towards the end of the week in flat calm conditions large numbers of rising fish were seen all across the South Lake feeding on terrestrial cow dung flies and the start of the buzzer hatches. Some early chancers have caught on dry flies but the majority of fish are responding well to Montana, black & green lures, small black Cormorants and Cat’s Whiskers on intermediate lines. A steady retrieve is certainly a good tactic to employ in these early days of Spring with fish closer in to the banks and feeding avidly.

The initial pre-season stocking of 4,000 fish and a continued weekly stocking policy, combined with a significant head of resident fish, should ensure improving returns if the conditions remain favourable.

Notable returns this week include on the 19th for Permit holders Mr. Derek Cope and Mr. Mick Cope with both recording fish of 4lb plus from the South Lake banks. Mick just sneaks best fish of the week with a 5lb rainbow caught on a Cat’s Whisker and safely released ; Permit holder Mr. Alan Deakin recorded a total of 7 fish from the South Lake banks, all caught on black buzzers and lures. The 20th saw further improvements with Season Permit holder Mr. Peter Jeffries returning 15 fish – all caught on small white lures from the South Lake banks. The 21st was opening day for non-permit holders and proved fruitful for Messrs Bruce Burton and John Graney with a total of 27 fish to their boat in near perfect conditions, again black & green lures proving to be irresistible to the trout ; on the same day Season Permit holder Mr. Alan Miles bagged up with his 8 fish limit from the South Lake banks and visiting rod Mr. G. England found that a black & green Cormorant was a perfect choice, recording 7 fish in total. Winds swinging to the Northwest on Friday and Saturday saw slightly cooler conditions but Season Permit holder Mr. Phil Sadler still managed a decent 6 fish from the banks and Season Permit holder Mr. Barry Walker recording 7 in total.

The North Lake is currently closed to non-Season Permit holders until 1st May but the sport on the South Lake  can be enjoyed by all.
The rod average is  2.46

Llyn Brenig


Tel: 01490 420 463






There is good high water fishing at the moment at Llyn Brenig, Hover lines and intermediates being the choice for many with the smaller flies doing more damage than bigger flies.

A total of 5,000 have been stocked since opening day with another 1000 to be stocked next week.

Rod average: 5.9

Hot Spots: Tower Bay/ Hafod Lom and Dam Wall – tower end.

Top flies:
Cat’s Whiskers
Diawl Bach
Bright colour blobs and boobies

Bristol Water Fisheries


Tel: 01275 332339




The season at Bristol Water Fisheries has just kicked off with pre-season stocking of fish as follows:

11,000 – Chew Valley Lake

7,500 – Blagdon

4,000 – Barrows

 Chew opened on the 7th March with some superb fish being caught with plenty of 4lb+ fish showing. There was a really good spread of fish with anglers catching from both boat and bank. Hot spots include Woodford Bank, Herons Green, Walley and the North Shore. A variety of methods worked well although many anglers are favouring small lures fished on sink tip or intermediate lines. Fish are feeding hard on a mixture of daphnia, corixa and alder nymphs!
Good bags of fish weighing over 30lb have been caught with most anglers at least finding one or two 4lb+ fish per visit. Despite the challenging conditions, an excellent start to the season!

Rod average: 8.86 fish per angler
Average weight: 2lb 15oz
Best rainbow: 8lb 3oz
Best brown trout: 5lb


 Opens 14th March

Barrow Tanks: Barrow Tanks opened at the end of February. It was a patchy start but anglers soon found fish feeding high in the water with fish rising on many occasions. Number 2 Tank remains closed for essential maintenance work. Tanks 1 and 3 fishing well with most anglers opting for nymphs fished slowly/static. 

Those fishing deeper down have also done well, especially on windier days. The pipe of Number 3 Tank remains a favourite amongst our bank anglers although further down the bank towards the Bristol Corner has also fished well. Some of the famous brown trout have shown to anglers fishing deeper with Boobies and fry patterns. Big brown trout, often found patrolling the bank for sticklebacks, mean it’s always worth a cast or two close in before trying to hit the horizon with your flies.

Rod average: 4.8 fish per angler
Average weight: 1lb 8oz
Best rainbow: 4lb
Best brown trout: 5lb

Carsington Water


Tel: 01629 540478




A much calmer week brought lots of anglers out searching for those over wintered fish. Many anglers caught towards the North End and Fish Tail Creek using sinking lines with black and green patterns proving successful. Despite the rod average for the week being around 5 there were lots of anglers completing catch returns of double figures. It was also great to see many fish being caught at 4lbs plus with our largest catch for the week being a 6lb rainbow.

The heaviest rainbow were two 6lb fish caught by Simon Caddy and W Dungavel.
The heaviest Brown was 4lb caught by A Hall.

Top Spot: 
The most popular spots have been around Brown Ale Bay, North End, Fish Tail Creek, Upperfields Bay and Millfields.

Methods & Flies
The most successful flies were orange blobs, zonkers, black and green snakes, black buzzers and orange boobies.

Both sinking and floating lines have proven popular, with the Di3 method being successful for many anglers.

Spring Open 2019 Competition

Saturday 27th April 2019 is the date for next years Spring Open Competition
For more information and booking contact the fishery

Draycote Water


Tel: 01788 812018




Weekly Stats:   
Number Rods:  313 
Number Trout Taken: 469 
Number Trout Released:  2582
Total Catch:  3051 
Rod Average: 9.74

What a difference a week makes! With the strong winds now gone the fishing has been amazing with rod averages into double figures and cricket score catches coming from both boat and bank. It’s lovely to see that with the light winds and warmer temperatures the buzzers are back in a big way. Anglers are making the most of the hatches using teams of buzzer to tempt lots of hungry trout to the net. Overall 313 anglers visited the fishery landing a staggering 3051 trout for a rod average of 9.74

On Monday on the bank Messrs Masters & Wilson enjoyed good sport landing 22 fish between them. They found feeding fish in Dunn’s & Biggin Bay and used floating lines with a mix of damsels, black buzzers and nymphs. Also fishing the bank in Biggin Bay was Jim Hall who used small black & green lures and buzzers to land 10 cracking fish.
The wind dropped even more Tuesday giving a lovely gentle ripple all day with nice spring temperatures of 12 degrees. On the bank Peter Elliott landed over 25 rainbows from Dunn’s using buzzers and Diawl Bach’s on a floating line. Jim Marriott and Grant Cooksey had a great day landing 53 between them on a mixture of an intermediate teamed with orange lures or a floating line with buzzers and cormorants. The pair found the best areas to be Lincroft Point and from Croft shoal drifting down to Toft. Both anglers caught fish up the 4 and 5lb range. Tony Plummer and Colin England played 40 fish to the net on buzzers in Biggin Bay. Jim Smith enjoyed a great day’s sport fishing over both middle and Musborough shoal using a midge tip and buzzers to land over 40 fish. Alan Stern and Nigel Angus landed 67 in a boat using buzzers, nymphs and orange blobs on midge tip in Biggin Bay.

Good conditions continued into Wednesday resulting in some great sport. Ed Douglas used buzzers over the Shoals on a RIO midge tip to take 40 fish which included some stunning overwintered fish. John Woodcock and season ticket holder Rob Bettinson also enjoyed great sport with 44 to the boat on Pitsford Pea and Montana. Marty Lewis fished Diawl Bach’s on a floating line in Biggin Bay to land 20 fish including a fantastic 5lb plus brown which was returned to the water.

Without question, the best day of the week was Thursday. The perfect spring weather saw the fishery busy with 81 visiting anglers catching a fantastic 828 trout for a rod average of 10.22  Jim Smith and Ed Douglas netted over 50 fish having located buzzer feeding fish on Croft Shoal in the morning – which they tempted using a midge tip and 3 buzzers with Jim even landing a triple hook up!  In the afternoon they noticed that a few good fish had started to move on adult buzzers which had drifted off over open water. A change to small crippled midge and a drift out over the open water, they went looking to tempt overwintered fish. Their endeavours were rewarded as they landed 5 on the dries with the fish all being on or over the 4lbs mark and fin perfect. Ian Pugh and Tony Jones used buzzers on a floating line in Biggin Bay to land 55 – with size 12 black buzzers being their most consistent pattern. Tony Cartwright and Allen Hughes landed over 80 fish on buzzers with the pair finding fish all over the lake. Biggin Bay, Toft, Croft Shoal, Hensborough and the Old School Slips all produced well on the day. Season ticket holder Tony Parker fished with Gerallt Hughes to land 44 on size 12 Diawl Bach’s and a small eyed booby fished as a washing line on a midge tip. Draycote regulars Tony Plummer and Colin England were also back on the water on Thursday & enjoyed another 40 plus catch on the buzzers in Biggin Bay and Toft.

A slightly cooler day Friday with the wind swinging more to the west and building in strength from the previous day. This meant that the buzzer fishing wasn’t quite as exceptional as the previous days and other tactics were required to tempt the fish. This did not stop them pulling though with the fishery recording a 9.7 fish rod average. Daniel Tranter and Dad Nigel landed 61 fish with the majority coming on a di 7 sinking line and black and green boobies.

Saturday produced the best rod average of the week at 12.9. On the bank Jared Burton fished on Lincroft Point to take 22 fish on buzzers and orange hot head tadpole patterns. Also on the bank, Tony & Ruth Kirk used buzzers to land 23 rainbows between them from Biggin Bay, Dunn’s and the Tower Bank. Bob Eaton & Nick Lant shared a boat and landed over 50 by the end of their hectic session. All their fish came to buzzers from both Toft and Biggin Bay.

With the winds from the north on Sunday, combined with clear blue skies, the temperatures also dropped off and fish tended to seek sanctuary deeper in the water column. This made for harder bank fishing however Paul Walley netter 8 rainbows in Dunn’s Bay which came to a mix of damsel patterns & buzzers. Ian Western & Dennis Tidmarsh also bank fished together & finished their sessions with six each.

With an increase in temperatures forecast for us this coming week, the strength of the buzzer hatch will certainly increase. More fine sport to imitative teams is therefore anticipated.

On Sunday 14th April Draycote is hosting its popular RIO & Sage Day with Jim Fearn (Sage) and Simon Gawesworth (RIO) in attendance. They will be able to talk you through the latest kit and be on hand to provide casting sessions. The guiding & tuition team will be running the 1 ½ hour guided sessions, taking you out on the water to test the kit. Helping the tuition team will be Brown Bowl winner and RIO & Sage sponsored angler David Hoppe.

Elinor Trout Fishery


Tel: 01832 720786












Eyebrook Reservoir


Tel: 01536 770 264

Email: see website



Weekly Stats:
Number Rods:  175    
Number Trout Taken: 162
Number Trout Released: 509
Total Catch:  671      
Weekly Rod Average:  3.8

With an ever improving forecast Eyebrook has enjoyed some good this last week with the bank sport improving towards the weekend
Sinking lines worked best in the morning with slow sinkers better in the afternoon, by the weekend a few rods were recording good catches to a floater.
Monday and the fish were a good cast off the bank, I Reeves & A Miller caught six apiece from the bank fishing along Dogwood down to the casting platforms, Mr Christian caught 6 from a boat fishing his flies static.
Tuesday and again the boats enjoyed the better sport with All Water member Ged Odonoghue & Steve Coe catching 17 between them on Blobs, FAB’s & Cats Whiskers, Bill Coppin returned a 5lb brown taken off the bank.
On Thursday Mr Cox & Frith boated 18 fish taken on traditional wets and buzzers, Mr Guigan & Dimmick fishing a three day package caught eight trout including an 8lb brown returned. 
By Friday the daily rod average was 5+ Mr Guigan & Dimmick boated 11 trout, Ian Jobe bank fished and caught 14 trout, member Keith Johnson caught 10 including 2 fish over 3lb finding his fish off Robbos`s with S Richards & C Richards taking to a boat for their 21 trout.
With bank restrictions now lifted bank anglers can venture down Stoke Dry and down past the Cowshed. Early reports indicate a good number of fish along these areas with a number of overwintered fish reported.
Saturday N Shilton & K Dewey float tubed with both catching good numbers. All Water Member A Lilley caught 10 on an orange blob off the platforms with Eyebrook member M Farrell recording 16 fish for his bank visit using blobs & buzzers. D Etty took advantage of the lifted bank restrictions catching 8 fish on buzzers & diawls down past the pens. Nick Dunn guided his client into good numbers of fish using a floating line with crunchers. Jobe Burnham returned a 8lb brown with Paul Martindale returning another brown estimated at 7lb. S Ayres fished from a boat taking his 6 fish & returning 20+ with S Newby & W Newby fishing from Sams Dyke towards the platforms catching 23 fish between them. Dave Chadwick caught 6 on a Cats Whisker and reported that the Osprey had returned
Sunday proved to be a more challenging day than the day before with the fish generally 30yd+ off the bank. Jamie Sharman & Tony Lee fished the bank from the Hawthorns towards Sams Dyke were they caught 16 between them. From the boats the most successful pair were Brent Vinall & Andy Birkett fishing with FAB’s, cormorants and humungus to catch 12
The bank fishing restrictions are now lifted with anglers able to fish all areas of the bank down to the buoys in front of the tern rafts.

Grafham Water


Tel: 01480 810531




Fish 247(Season 637)
Returns 60 (143)
Rod average 4.11(4.45)

Fishing at Grafham Water has come on leaps and bounds this week. In the tail end of Storm Gareth we hosted the Scierra Pairs qualifier; it was a difficult day for all but we would like to congratulate Dayood Sheik and Steve Jones for catching the biggest fish at 2lb 3oz and Dom Sheratte and Gary Owen for winning the match overall with a combined bag of 11lb 15oz. We look forward to hosting the final at Grafham in September.

The wind has been blowing NNW for most of the week so the south side of the Dam and Plummers car park have seen a lot of bank fishing as it has been out of the wind. A lot of our season ticket holders have done well in these conditions with returns showing 16 fish catch and release in some cases but in most at least one or two take home.

On the boats it has been a mix of the old favourites of G Buoy and the dam for a lot of anglers but we have had reports of good fishing on Saturday off Pylon Point and Hedge End.

On the whole it has been reported that green and black lures i.e a booby, or a snake have done well on the point with green Diawl Bachs further up.

Anglers are also reporting that bright blobs have also brought in the fish, on a sinking or intermediate line, retrieving slowing which has brought the fish up from the depths.

We are hoping for more great fishing weather this coming week and are looking forward to this coming weekend where we are hosting a new match called Perch Masters.

Best Rainbow: 4lb taken by Mr Seskevicius

Best boat areas: North shore, G Buoy, Willows, Pylon Point, South side of dam.

Best bank areas: The bowl, Marlow Arm, Hill Farm, Deep Water Point, Mander car park.

Midweek boat winner: Mr Wray.

Fish stocked: 12,750

Forthcoming events

Perch Masters 30 & 31 March
Anglers World Individual Flyfishing Championships 6 April
Anglers World Team Flyfishing Championships 7 April
Anglian Water Rudder Match 13 April
England Qualifier 3 May
Snowbee Floating Line 4 May
Home International 7-10 May
Invicta Pilgrimage 23 & 24 May

Beginners courses: 22 March; 6,11,19 & 23 April; 5,19,26 & 31 May and other dates throughout the season.
Boat handling courses: 30 April, 13 & 27 May; 4 & 11 June and other dates throughout the season.

Lake of Menteith


Tel: 01480 810531




Water Temperature at 6ft 7.5C; Secchi disk Clarity 2.7m

Some very nice rainbows have been caught at the Lake recently with some good catches on Saturday. Boats were cancelled Sunday due to the high winds.
Heriots were out on Saturday 23rd and landed 63 fish with their five boats. The best boat had 20 of these and second placed boat had 16. Colin Riach’s detailed report speaks of a good head of fish out from Kate’s Brae and at Reedy Point. It seems the best tactics were sinking lines and weighted flies. Grizzlecats returned 108 fish with six boats – also on Saturday.

Pitsford Water


Tel: 01604 781350




Fish 622 (Season 1,756)
Returns 99(303)
Rod average 6.3(5.8)

Pitsford is on fire this week from both the bank and the boat with a rod average of 6.3.

There are large hatches from first thing and the fish are gorging on buzzer throughout the day.

Anglers are reporting fish from most areas with many anglers able to catch 20 plus fish, in fact several boats have reported bringing 40 fish to the boat.

Floating or midge tip lines with teams of buzzer or Diawl Bachs are all that is needed.

Notable catches this week include a 4lb 8oz Rainbow for Ian Hyde, part of a 15 fish haul, 11 of which were released. Martin Fox took a 4lb Brown. Simon Bosher reported catching 15 fish in three hours fishing buzzers on a washing line method. Danny Pett and Rick Varley had another great day taking over 40 fish to nymphing tactics. Ron Oldroyd had a great day with over 20 fish to buzzer. Phil Jordan was targeting bigger fish and had 15 fish, five of which were Browns, up to 6lb. The fantastic fishing looks set to continue through the coming week.

Best Rainbow: 4lb 8oz taken by Ian Hyde.

Best Brown: 6lb taken by Phil Jordan.

Best boat areas: Flats, Pitsford Creek, Brixworth Bay.

Best bank areas: Duffers, Bog Bay, Stilton Point, Gravels.

Beginners courses: 30 March; 3 and 16 April; 2 and 18 May and other dates throughout the season.

Boat handling courses: 1,15 & 28 May and other dates throughout the season.

Mid Northants Trout Fishers Association
Hosts monthly open sessions for beginners at Pitsford where fully trained instructors are on hand to offer advice on fly casting, fly tying and water craft. Non members welcome. All sessions are 2-5pm
6 April, 4 May, 1 June, 6 July, 3 August, 7 September and 5 October.

Ravensthorpe Reservoir


Tel: 01604 781350





Fish 736 (Season 2,536)
Returns 87 (264)
Rod average 8.4 (9.6)

It’s been a fantastic week of sport for all anglers at Ravensthorpe with a rod average of 8.4. With buzzers hatching in vast numbers the fish were up for the taking with most anglers fishing floating line and a team of size 12 buzzers. With another fine week of weather forecast things should be as active this coming week.

The biggest fish of the week weighed 6lb and was caught by John Poote.

Best Rainbow: 6lb taken by John Poote.

Best boat areas: Dam wall out from far side from Catwalk Corner to Island.

Best bank areas: Dam wall, platforms 2-5.

Rutland Water


Tel: 01780 686441




Fish 312 (Season 449)
Returns 51 (99)
Rod average 6.11 (4.53)

Rutland has started to wake up this week with a rod average of 6.1 for the week. Large concentrations of fish have continued to be found from East Creek to Normanton Church for boat and bank anglers. Former fishery warden Martin Hearth had his first session on the bank and recorded his 8 fish limit by 2pm. He fished East Creek from the bank with his favourite black and gold humungus on a floating line and commented on the superb condition and size of this year’s stock fish. Not to be outdone, Ranger Mark Macleod recorded 14 fish in the same area, but turning to Di7 40+ to punch a line into a stiff headwind and get his flies close to the deck.

Rutland regular Malcolm Janik had a great day in Whitwell Creek last Monday taking 8 fish and returning a further 8, Malcolm fished the far bank of the creek towards Stockie Bay. Cameron Neil reported a great day’s sport on heavy buzzers on Saturday including an estimated 7lb brown in perfect condition, safely returned. Season ticket holder Roger Marshal enjoyed an afternoon session along the Normanton bank taking 6 fish to washing line tactics with nymphs. Stanislav Benko and Stefan Stempel visited Rutland for the first time all the way from Slovakia and recorded a staggering 80 fish between them for their two days! The most successful method for the pair was Di3 fished in conjunction with Blobs and Cormorants.

Ian Barr fished Rutland On Saturday and reported on his day afloat as follows – “Cracking day afloat with my dad for his birthday on Rutland yesterday in gorgeous weather once the sun broke through. Four of us landed 93 fish plus a few off the wall before we started afloat. Fish were well spread in all layers of the water from the top few feet to 20 feet down in places. We even managed a few on the buzzers!!!! We encountered some large stock rainbows so we are looking forward to getting them on the buzzers in a month or so!!!! There were a few decent browns mixed in, with one of the largest browns I’ve ever seen follow me up and turn away! Prospects for 2019 are looking awesome!”

As mentioned the most consistent areas have been East Creek to Harbour Wall off the bank and Whitwell Creek to Stockie Bay. The same applies from the boat but fish can be found circa 70 – 150 yards off the bank. Other areas that have featured in catch reports are Old Hall, Yellowstone, Fantasy and the Sailing Club Bay to New Zealand Point. A mixture of flies and lines have been employed with Di7 to floaters featuring! Blobs, Boobies, Cormorants and black diawl bach have been a favourite with some fish falling to buzzers. Although fish are feeding on buzzers we aren’t seeing huge hatches, as is often the case with Rutland being so large and taking longer to ‘warm up’, in comparison to smaller waters. Another theme has been late morning through the afternoon providing the best sport with fish coming higher in the water as temperatures rise.

Prospects for the week ahead look like continuing with more of the same and buzzers starting to feature more in catch reports. We are full steam ahead with a further 2,500 rainbows this week to take us up to 20,250! We would also like to remind all day and season ticket anglers that catch returns must be completed and submitted for the day/week respectively.

Best Rainbow: 6lb 11oz.

Fish stocked: 500.

Water temperature: 7 Celsius at 3-6 metres.

Forthcoming events
Independence Day Trophy (best fish) 1 April
Anglian Water Airflo International – Northern Heat 29 April
Davy Hodgson Memorial 5 May
Anglian Water Rudder Match 11 May
Airflo Invitation Match 15-19 May
Bob Church Classic 2 June

Beginners courses: 23 & 28 March; 7,14,20,25 & 27 April; 16,25 & 29 May; 7,16 & 29 June and throughout the season.
Boat handling courses: 29 April, 14 & 30 May; 5,10,17 & 24 June and throughout the season.

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