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UK Reservoir Trout Fishing Reports – 28th June 2019

We bring you the round up of the latest fishery reports from the big waters across the UK in our weekly fishery reports.

Blithfield Reservoir


Tel: 01283 840284





Rod average: 6.67
Best fish: 5lb 6ozs rainbow trout
Caught by: Mr. Tim Buckett
From: South Lake, drifting boat
Fly used: Claret hopper
Best Dry Flies: Shipman’s sugar lump ; sedge ; claret Bristol hopper ; orange CdC  hopper
Best Wet Flies/Nymphs: black buzzer ; olive damsel ; Diawl Bach ; GRHE ; pearly PTN ; black & peacock spider ; butcher
Best Lures: orange tadpole ; orange cactus booby ; olive tadpole ; Cat’s Whisker

As another week passes by the weather has once again played an important role in the sport here. However it continues to be a positive one as the temperatures remained on the cool side and the rod average has crept up as a result of some excellent returns from both the boats and the banks.
Dry fly top-of-the-water sport now dominates the various tactics used with pearly nymphs a close second – these mimic the pin-fry that are now abundant and providing a rich diet for the naturally grown on trout that Blithfield is renowned for.

We hosted 2 very successful events on the 22nd and 23rd. The first, held over both days, was the ATEFF Youth Squad meeting which saw some incredibly talented youngsters from around the country enjoying a taste of dry fly sport from the boats. The rod average for Saturday alone was 7.4 with Sunday’s result still awaited at the time of writing. The future of our sport relies on our ability to encourage and coach younger anglers and here at Blithfield we are keen to support this. A huge thanks to Craig Barr, Andy Taylor and the ATEFF Youth Team for the vital roles they are playing and for the time they give to this superb initiative.  The second event hosted was on Sunday 23rd where we welcomed Foremark Fly Fishers back to Blithfield where they enjoyed some great boat sport with a rod average between them of 7.64. Winner of the match was Dixie Baxter with 10lb 4ozs, mainly caught on claret hoppers, with Rich Miller in second and Ric Saccone in 3rd. Rich Miller had the largest fish of the match at 2lb 8ozs. Our thanks again to all who took part.

Further notable returns this week (and once more, these are just a selection of many) include on the 17th for Permit holder Mr. Jeff Johnson with 20 fish from the South Lake banks – mainly caught on black Shipman’s buzzers and for Permit holder Mr. Pete Jeffries with 15 fish to his drifting boat, again all caught on dry fly patterns. On the 18th Permit holder Mr. Norman Swinson recorded a total of 16 fish to his boat whilst Permit holder Mr. Pat Burton returned a total of 14 fish to his boat ; visiting rod and dry fly enthusiast Mr. Tim Buckett returned a total of 15 fish to a drifting boat on the South Lake, also recording the best fish of the week amongst his bag – a 5lb 6ozs full tailed rainbow. The 19th saw the continuation of the superb sport with Permit holder Mr. Joe Cravagan returning a total of 14 fish ; Permit holder Mr. Graham Wood recorded a total of 27 fish to his boat, all of them safely released to see another day and visiting rods Mr. Gary Freegard and Mr. John Billings paired up in a boat to return a total of 29 fish between them, with many more lost at the net. On the same day visiting rod Mr. Ian Jennings fished from the bank and used buzzer patterns to great effect with a total of 30 fish returned. Visiting rod Mr. Steve Heath recorded a creditable 26 fish from the South Lake banks on the 20th whilst the following day Permit holder Mr. Trevor Horton returned a total bag of 17 fish, all caught on buzzer and hopper patterns ; visiting rod Mr. Chapman used olive green hoppers from his boat and recorded 14 fish and visiting rod Mr. Geoff Tomkinson found olive damsel and black buzzer imitations were a perfect choice as he returned 32 fish from the banks. Finally this week, referring back to the youth anglers, Harrison Douds visited the reservoir on the 21st for a practice day before the squad meeting at the weekend and returned an incredible 58 fish to his boat, all on dry flies – this young angler truly is a credit to the sport and one to watch in the future.A quick reminder that the Angling Office closes at 10.30am on Saturdays (as it did last year). Visiting anglers will need to see the Duty Bailiff across the Dam at the Boat House after this time.

Llyn Brenig


Tel: 01490 420 463






We have had a busy fishing week at the Brenig with the police holding their inter – regional competition here on Thursday and a Scierra Pairs heat taking place on Saturday. First place in the Scierra Pairs went to Mr. Glen Moody and Mr. Neil Gregory whilst in second place came Mr. Ryan Perrott and Mr. Gareth Williams. Third place went to Mr. Osian Davenport and Mr. Llion Francis. We also had the Clwb Hela Eryi Fishing competition taking place here on Sunday with the money being raised going to the club and the Macmillan trust. Sunday was a bit more of a struggle with the fishing as the heavy thundery skies tended to turn the fish off, however, the winner, Mr. Ian Williams from Llanberis managed to catch six fish at a bag weight of 14lbs 5oz and also claimed the biggest fish, a 3lb 7oz Rainbow.

Once again the lake has been fishing really well with some lovely fish being caught. The fish in the lake at the moment are a mixture of Rainbows and Blues both of which fight like crazy. They also seem to take the fly differently with the rainbows diving deep whereas the Blues take the fly as they come out of the water and as a result are extremely spectacular as they fly through the air. This makes for some very exciting sport and many fishermen have commented on the thrill of catching these fish. The rod average for this week was 5.3 fish per angler including fish returned. The fish caught seem to be getting bigger with a number of fish over four pounds being recorded. Mr. D. Ellis caught a Rainbow weighing in at 6lbs whilst the biggest fish of the week was a massive 12lbs 4oz and was caught by Mr. Paul Jones from the Wirral.

There have been so many positive comments about the fishing at the Brenig that it is a pleasure to read them. Mr. Dei Smith captures the mood of the fishermen when he wrote, ‘The Brenig continues to fish very well, hard fighting fish, lost four on a sinking tip line. The season ticket is worth every penny.’ Next Saturday there will be Early Morning boats available from 6am at a cost of £34.50p for a boat (two anglers) plus permits.

The top flies this week have been hawthorne, heather fly, diawl bach, black hopper, sedge, cat’s whiskers, damsel and various blobs and boobies.

The hot spots? – now once again the fish have been found all over the lake, they are close to the bank and in the top of the water so you can really take your chance and fish wherever the fancy takes you! The Visitors Centre is always a good spot for bank fishing as is Tower Bay for the boats but Sailing Club Bay has fished well once again from bank and boat and the Quarry and Hafod Lom was a hot spot for the boats last week.

The main gates will be shutting at 7.15pm this week and all boats need to be back on the jetty by 6.45pm.

Bristol Water Fisheries


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No Report this week







Carsington Water


Tel: 01629 540478




Rod Average
The rod average for this week was 6.13 with 619 fish caught by 101 anglers.

Best Rainbow/Brown
The heaviest Rainbow was 7lb caught by Mick Cartlidge.
The heaviest Brown was 5lb caught by T. Walford.

Top Spot
The most popular spots have been around Shiningford Creek, Brown Ale Bay, Fish Tail Creek, Main Basin and Mill Fields.

Methods & Flies
The most successful flies were Dries, Black Lures, Cormorants, Buzzers, Montanas, Hot Head Damsels, Black Nomads, Hawthorns and Hoppers.

Both floating and sinking lines have been popular this week, and the washing line method has proven successful for many of our anglers.

It’s been a busy week on the water with weather conditions being more favourable and an influx of anglers practicing for the Angling Trust Team England Fly Fishing event on Sunday.
32 anglers fished the qualifier event on Sunday catching a total of 274 fish between them. Dom Sheratte was in 1st place catching 21 fish overall, closely followed by Sam Bailey & Iain Barr.  Thanks to all those involved in the event, we certainly enjoyed hosting it and your feed back on our fish quality was much appreciated.

With the warmer conditions of last week we have found that many anglers have success on dries, we are even seeing boats venturing away from the banks into deeper water as the temperatures are rising a little. The north end is still fishing really well especially with the water levels increasing again, maintaining a good level of water in the bays around Brown Ale and the Osprey towers.

Draycote Water


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Number Rods: 248
Number Trout Taken: 184
Number Trout Released: 717
Total Catch: 901
Rod Average: 3.6

We’ve had a very busy week here at Draycote with the build up towards the Angling Trust Competition. We fully expected the fishing to drop off after the pressure of the country’s top competition anglers on the water, however this didn’t seem to happen. There have been some great catches all week coming from the boats, with the bank anglers also enjoying some fantastic sport. On the bank Alan Grant fished in Rainbow Corner to find lots of fish hitting pin-fry, which can be difficult to catch. However using small lures Alan did manage to tempt 5 of these cracking silver fish onto the hook. Out on the boats season ticket holder Dave Adkins fished around D Buoy and Dunn’s, landing 14 on snakes fished on a Di 5 sinking line. He landed some cracking quality fish with his 6 taken for the pot going 15lb 12oz. Another angler who found the better fish was rudder man Rod Wilson who landed 20 fish on a green rabbit snake fished over the open water around the middle. Rod’s 4 fish taken for the pot tipped the scales at an impressive 13lb 6oz. Chris Discombe enjoyed good sport landing just short of double figures around the valve tower. Chris found the key to his success was to use a black lure and buzzers, and commented that “the fish were full of snails”. Like Rod Wilson, Steve Barby used the rudder through the middle to land some cracking fish in his 9 fish haul, but found it wasn’t until the afternoon they really started to pull.

Near perfect conditions on Tuesday meant that there were fish feeding all over the lake for most of the day. Season ticket holder David Holding passed comment that “you could walk across their backs out there, but they proved challenging to get onto the hook”. On the bank Richard Walker found that pearly pheasant tails fished for the pin-fry feeders worked well, landing 4 in dunns before taking another 3 from the cornfield. Gordon Byers & Tim Grove used a very small sparse Damsel pattern from a boat around Biggin Bay to net 14 fish to the boat. Ed Douglas commented that he found the fishing challenging on the dries with so much natural food on the water.  Although a small F Fly did take 10 fish for Ed before the rain in the afternoon got the better of him. Proving great minds think alike Kevin Rees also stuck to dries all day to land 9, and like Ed found that an F Fly was the key to getting positive takes. In house guide Lee Henfrey took season ticket holder David Holding out for a boat session.. Taking 9 fish to the boat, Lee found the method for the day was to fish a washing line with a small FAB on the point with Diawl Bach’s on the dropper. With the flashback green cheeked Diawl Bach from fulling mill proving to be the top pattern.

Another good weather day on Wednesday once again meant lots of fish feeding high in the water. Season ticket holder Martyn Price landed 7 fish drifting through the middle on a washing line with a booby on the point and then a mix of Diawl Bach and crunchers on the droppers. Gordan Byers & Tim Grove found that a Cut Throat Cat was to be their top pattern for the day landing 18 fish to the boat including some cracking silver tailed fish. Fishing a washing around the middle and Rainbow Corner to A buoy Kieron Thomas & Bob Jones landed 20 fish to the boat. Another boat using similar tactics was Jim Venning and M Linton from Northern Ireland who boated 14 fish. In House guide Lee Henfrey once again took to the water guiding this time for 8 hours with John Lewis & his friend David. The pair enjoyed great sport using a washing line with a FAB and then 2 nymphs on their trusty #5 & #6 sage rods. Lee found the lads several fish around X buoy and then T buoy later in the day. Towards the end of the day the lads did also land a number of good fish on an olive snake fished on a floater.

A trickier day for the most part on Thursday with sun and strong winds than the previous days meant that the fish that had been feeding hard out in the middle dropped down in the water. For the third day in a row Lee Henfrey took to the water guiding with John and David. After a long day on Tuesday and tough conditions, it was back drifting snakes through the middle that got them into some great fish. Brian Moore enjoyed a good mornings sport fishing snakes out the back of the boat around the top end of the lake, drifting from the top dam wall out over the open water using an intermediate line. Season ticket John Dickens also used back drifting snakes with olive again being the top colour to land 15 fish. Lee Pattern and Peter Elliot found a lot of fish, landing good number down the Farborough Dam and them around the corner into the Swans nest. They used a mixture of cormorants and blobs fished on a long midge tip.

Friday dawned bright and sunny with cloud cover rolling in about lunchtime. The bank anglers enjoyed some terrific sport down in toft and along the north shore. Season permit holder Bob Smith netted 19 fish from the bank on black buzzers and diawl bachs and commented on “a very good day”.  Keith Hughes, Richard Walker, Gordon Slack and Colin Grainger all produced good returns, but no notes of tactics or areas are available at this time. Mr J Sherwell netted 4 fish from the bank on buzzers. Season permit holder Paul Walley took a brace from the bank on buzzers in toft. Visiting us form the north east, Gordon Byers and Tim Grove had 21 fish to the boat from across the outer markers on a mixture of buzzers, diawl bachs and dries. The intrepid pairing of Jim Smith and Ed Douglas netted 15 from a drifting boat on dries, (the crippled midge strikes again) at various points in open water. Dave Kennel and Eddie the super sub Mitchell netted a dozen fish from the boat and commented on a fantastic day. In house guide Lee Henfrey and staff member Michael Hanlon ventured out for a days sport to net 42 fish between them from a drifting boat. Their method of choice was a DI5 and snakes.

Saturday had a bright start and looked an excellent day to be out on the water. Draycote regular George Leaton netted 11 fish from a boat in Toft on buzzers fished deep. Sean Gilbert had 18 fish to the boat on a DI5 and snakes and commented on the excellent quality of the fish. Saturday regular Jim Dempsey netted 9 fish on the rudder whilst Melvin Severn took 8. Both anglers thought that the fish were sitting quite high in the water for such a bright day. Mr Butler and his boat partner had a bakers dozen to the boat on DI5’s and DI7’s and a silver lure.

The weather forecasts for Sunday were a bit gloomy, but it looked like the ideal day for fishing with heavy cloud, a light breeze and little or no rainfall. Martin Moore took to the water to net 11 fish from a boat on olive buzzers and diawl bachs. Keith Harding and Mike Clarke commented on “the fabulous fishing.” They used a combination of DI5’s and snakes, and a floating line and buzzers to net 33 fish. Both anglers said that some of the fish ran to 4lbs in weight and were “bars of silver”. Richard Walker and Paul Davis boated 13 fish using a “tiger snake” down deep. The lads weighed in 8 fish for 26lbs.

Current Fishing Times:
Bank:  07:30 until 22:00
Boat All Day: 08:30 until 22:00
Boat Part Day:  AM 08:30 until 15:00 PM 15:00 until 22:00
Last 4 Hours from:  18:00 until 22:00 (Ticket sales available from 17:45)
Gutting Room Closes:  21:30
All Anglers to be off site by: 22:15

Elinor Trout Fishery


Tel: 01832 720786




209 anglers caught 891 fish of which 678 were returned.

Best Fish: 
6lb 12oz  Lazloe Boden, Rothwell, red diawl bach, boat

Eleven fish over 5lb last week with many more seen taking damsels off the surface. 
End of June last year the water temperature had hit 23C. This week the water is hovering around 18C which has kept the fish feeding most of the day and spread over most of the lake. 
Bank fishing is still ok with anglers doing well on hoppers, foam daddy and small damsel nymphs. 
Boat anglers are also catching on dries as well as washing line with diawl bach or cruncher on the dropper. There are some fish getting caught by fishing deeper down the middle on white/green lures or a team of epoxy buzzers.

Sunday June 23rd
Kirby Fly Fishers held a boat pairs competition.
10 anglers caught 35 fish
Best Fish 4lb 11oz Tim Ward
The winning pair of Richard Dayman and John Foster caught 12 fish weighing 27lb 2oz

Best Areas
Bank – gravel bar, east arm, coarse bank
Boat – all areas holding fish

Best Patterns
Olive or black hopper, damsel nymph, foam daddy, red apps, red cruncher/diawl bach, tequila fab, white/green lure

Next Stocking
: June 28th

Eyebrook Reservoir


Tel: 01536 770 264

Email: see website



Number Rods: 161
Number Trout Taken: 115
Number Trout Released: 359
Total Catch: 474
Weekly Rod Average: 2.95

Unsurprisingly, we haven’t had as much rain as fell last week and with the scour valves open, our water levels were back to normal by Thursday. Also, with the crops well established in the fields, there was no residual water clarity issues and there is now reasonable visibility at the bottom of Stoke dry. The cooler water that flowed into the reservoir last week and the cooler than average day time temperatures has resulted in the water temperature remaining within the ideal range for reservoir trout fishing of 12c – 18c.

This week, the staff have started to manage the bankside vegetation so as to minimise its affects on bankside access and casting. Also, this week, the staff did a complete survey of the marginal weed growth to see how it is impacting upon the bank fishing. The greater majority of bank is accessible, albeit with occasional weedy areas but the main areas where excessive weed growth will affect bank fishing are currently Dogswood Bay, the bank between Sam Dyke and the point on the island and Mucky Bay to the Chestnut. During the survey, the staff observed lots of fish moving along the edges of the weed beds, probably waiting to move into the weed beds during the evening to mop up the emerging insect life. These fish should respond well to floating line tactics. A further stocking took place this week with the total stocked now in excess of 15,000, a video of these fish can be seen on our Facebook page.

There are still lots of damsels emerging as well as buzzers during the day and sedge hatches in the evening. We have also begun to notice an increase in the Daphnia levels and there is still pin fry in abundance. With the fish hitting these Pin Fry, our guides top pattern to land these challenging fish is the Fulling Mill’s Barron. This fly is best fished on co-polymer like a dry and as the fish hit and stun the pin fry this little f-wing style dry with its pearl body will look like an injured fry waiting to get eaten. This pattern is in stock at Draycote so call the lodge on 01788 812018.

As the levels dropped and the temperatures stabilised, the fishing got better as the week progressed with rod averages increasing from just below 2 to 6.5 on Sunday. On Monday, Mr Whittle took 8 during a morning boat session whilst Ollie Mills took 9 and Mr Johnson 10, during their afternoon/ evening bank sessions. Ashley Gillies and his boat partner also enjoyed their evening boat session and posted a report with photos on our Facebook page.

The fishing on both Tuesday and Wednesday was frustrating with lots of fish moving but proving to be finicky. However nearly all the anglers caught fish, although only member Bob Margery recorded a double figure catch.

Thursday saw an upturn in fortunes with some good catches recorded. Neil Shilton took to the water in his tube and recorded 15 fish, whilst Mr Frampton landed “loads”. Dave Heseltine and his boat partner, Mark Evans, used pearly green buzzers to land 22. On Friday, all water member Jamie Scott enjoyed a “lovely day” using a boat to work the edges of the weed beds in the vicinity of the Bell. He used black crunchers on a washing line to deceive 16 fish, whilst Eyebrook member Michael Farrell used Hoppers for his 11. Other successful patterns used on Thursday included Shipmans, Buzzers and blobs.

The weekend saw the best fishing of the week with lots of fish falling to Daddies, Diawl Bachs and FABs. Mark Hunt had 15 during his morning session, whilst members Dave Chadburn and Jerry Barnes took nearly 20 fish between them fishing the far end of the dam wall.  Ged O’Donaghue and Steve Orton also landed 20 fishing the main basin with Ged returning on Sunday to catch another 18. Claudio  C  and his partner fished the same area to bring over 30 fish to their boat.

Pike Fishing 
This was the first full week that the reservoir was open for pike fishing, but the resident big ladies have been difficult to tempt although we have had several reports of them following flies. This week we did see one twenty and some doubles taken but we were unable to better Adam Cooper’s 28 Lb fish taken on opening day. The jacks though have been more than willing to take with lots of fish being caught in the 5 to 8-pound range. Pike fishing will continue ( water temperatures permitting) until we close the fishery on the 3st October. Pike fishing is fly only, is limited to a maximum of 5 boats per day and it is recommended that visiting pike anglers check the specific pike fishing regulations which can be found on the fishery website. This year we will also be offering guided pike fishing with our in-house guides. Further details are available on our guiding and Tuition website ( or by contacting our guiding manager Tom Bird on 01788 812018.

Current Fishing Time:
Bank: 07:30 am till 22.00pm, Boat All Day: 08:30 to 22.00pm
Morning Boats: 08:30 until 15.00pm, Afternoon Boats: 15:00pm until 22:00pm
Last 4 Hours from: 18:00pm until 22:400m (Tickets on sale from 17.45pm)
All anglers to be off site by: 22:15pm

Grafham Water


Tel: 01480 810531




Fish 829 (Season 7,815) Returns 209 (1,558) Rod average 3.96 (5.0)

Grafham Water has had a very busy week with the majority of boats being booked each day. Anglers came from far and wide, birthdays were celebrated and matches contended, all in fierce competition.

Competition news
EFFA ProAm 20 June

The EFFA Pro Am on Thursday saw 18 boats take to the water, carrying 36 very enthusiastic and knowledgeable anglers. The majority of boats headed straight to Gaynes Cove where there was an abundance of quality ‘overwintered’ fish. Tempting them just below the surface with a FAB on the top dropper, then two hares ears and a booby on the point proved the killer combination; especially with a very long hang at the end of the retrieve.

The Professionals won with the results as follows

The Professionals
119 fish for a total weight of 274lb 12oz and a rod average of 7.44
1st Keith Jones 27lb 10oz
2nd Sean Hanlon 27lb 6oz
3rd John Hardy 26lb 12oz
4th Graham Pearson 25lb 12oz

The Amateurs
92 fish for 213lb 7oz and a rod average of 5.75
1st Steve Otteridge 28lb 8oz
2nd Gary How 27lb 7oz
3rd Keith Gilchrist 21lb 14oz
4th Peter Hartley 17lb

Anglian Water Airflo International Midland Heat 22 June
This eagerly anticipated match saw four teams of 6 anglers battling it out for a place in the International Final. Because of a change in wind direction the fish had moved and the method was a little more challenging. The winners were the Finatics with 29 fish for an impressive 65lb 7oz. Top rod was Cameron Neil with a weight of 27lb 12oz. Peter Hartley took the best fish of the day – a superb Rainbow of 3lb 14oz.

Bank fishing has been patchy this week, but the dam is still producing. The wind is always a factor so have a look at the direction and think where the fish are likely to be.

With an eye on the forecast for the coming week we recommend fishing the south bank, trying areas such as the Seat, Perry Point and drifting into Valley Creek.

Best boat areas: Wind dependent – the Seat, the West bank.

Best bank areas: The dam (bowl area), the Harbour Arms (early morning and late evening).

Mid week boat winner: Barry Tayler.

Forthcoming events
Invicta Tuesday Night Boat League
Open to all; boat draw approx. 5.15 with fishing commencing at 5.30pm. The evening concludes at the Wheatsheaf in Perry for refreshments.
Anglian Water Airflo International – Southern Final 8 July
Anglian Water Airflo International – Midland Final 22 July
WPC 17&18 August
Anglian Water rudder match 24 August

Beginners courses: 30 June;6,19 & 28 July; 3,9,24 & 30 August and other dates throughout the season.
Boat handling courses: 2 & 24 July; 6 August and other dates throughout the season.

Lake of Menteith


Tel: 01480 810531




Water Temp at 6ft 16.5C Secchi Disk Clarity Gateside Bay 2.8m

Summer has arrived at the Lake and we managed to avoid the deluges that hit Stirling on Monday which was good. With SANACC semi-finals dominating the week information has been a little a scarce but the dry is still doing well and most of the boats in today’s semi appear to be fishing around the islands, sandy bay and the top end – as well as Gateside Bay. Stocking this week will be on Wednesday.

In the Scottish Clubs Championship the 13 clubs (39 anglers) netted 116 fish and weighed in 55 for 120lbs. Heat 8 was fished on a balmy June evening and was won by the Alba Orvis FF  “B”   team of James Gardiner (3), David Bonnington (9) and Paul Garner (8) with a total of 20 fish.  The The Caley Liners “B” team of Stephen Francis (12), Billy Muir (4) and Kenny McClymont (2) were second with 18 fish and the Ardrossan Eglinton  AC “B” team of Darren Rourke (8), Joseph Wood (7) and Tony Goggans were third with 15 fish. Top individual rod was Stephen Francis with 12 fish for 24lbs 12.3ozs.  Stephen took his fish in the area around Chicken Leg Bay where he was fishing a dry olive. Thanks to the sponsors (Lake of Menteith, Keir Hardie Joinery, Famous Grouse, Fly Tying Scotland and Glencairn Crystal.

FARIO Menteith Boat League. Heat 8 of the Menteith boat league sponsored by Fario Flies  took place on a calm and dry evening. 22 Anglers took part and caught 109 fish. Top rod was Brian Mackenzie with 12 fish. 2nd place was Ronnie Mckean with 11 fish who won the box of Fario flies. 3rd place was Ken Oliver who won a voucher for a free nights fishing. The majority of the fish on the night were caught on dry flies around Malling shore and in the cages. Brian MacKenzie is now top of the leader board with Bill Ramage in second place.

Next week we have the Angler’s World Individual Heat on Sunday and there are still places left.

Road closures are still affecting access to the Lake but now only from Callander. There are no access problems from Thornhill or any other direction. Callander road is open till 9am (12noon till 1pm) and after 5.30pm.

Check the Stirling Council website road closures or phone the fishery for advice.

Pitsford Water


Tel: 01604 781350





Fish 676 (Season 10,147) Returns 167 (1,659) Rod average 4.04 (6.1)

Pitsford Water continues to fish well, particularly in overcast conditions when fish can be caught on dries or nymphs fished high in the water, washing line style with diawl bachs and crunchers. Fish are feeding on a wide range at the moment including snails, caddis, damsels, sedge and pin fry. In the evenings fish are moving into the margins, often in just a couple of feet of water giving tremendous bank sport in the last couple of hours, particularly on dries.

The fish are relatively well spread out, with boats catching in the small half, Stone Barn across to Bog Bay, the Dam, Sailing Club and the Pines. Bank areas to try are Sailing Club, Flats, Rigbys and Sermons.

Best boat areas: Flats, Pines, small half, Stone Barn to Bog Bay, Dam/sailing club.

Best bank areas: Sailing Club, Flats, Rigbys, Sermons.

Mid week boat winner: Robert Graton from Telford.

Forthcoming events

Beginners courses: 28 June; 12,21 &27 July; 11,23 & 29 August and other dates throughout the season.
Boat handling courses: 1 & 23 July; 7 August and other dates throughout the season.

Mid Northants Trout Fishers Association
Hosts monthly open sessions for beginners at Pitsford where fully trained instructors are on hand to offer advice on fly casting, fly tying and water craft. Non members welcome. All sessions are 2-5pm 6 July, 3 August, 7 September and 5 October.

Ravensthorpe Reservoir


Tel: 01604 781350




Fish 350 (Season 7,199) Returns 57 (972) Rod average 6.1 (7.4)

Anglers are enjoying top of the water action at Ravensthorpe this week with a rod average of 6.1. Ravensthorpe continues to fish well on the top with many fish feeding on snails and damsels in the wind lanes.

Drifting boats fishing from the middle of the reservoir to the west bank, particularly in Tall Willow Bay and the Domes, have been the most successful with many anglers having red letter dry fly days.

The profusion of ramshorn and pond snails floating along the surface means snail patterns are a must on the cast with small deer hair creations such as muddler or G&H sedge proving successful. Others have caught well on static bushy bob’s bits or big reds.

Midge hatches and sedge hatches are large when they occur and so worth imitating also with crippled midge, shipmans buzzer and small hoppers.

Grafham Water Fly Fishers Dry Fly Day at Ravensthorpe
13 GWFFA members fished in the club’s annual dry fly day at Ravensthorpe Reservoir on Sunday 23rd June. Most anglers opted to fish across the middle of the lake. The fish were taking small buzzer, a few terrestrial flies, damsels and floating snail.

Various patterns were successful with Stuart Stenning-Whte taking top rod with 12 fish to the boat. Stuart caught his fish on a home tied dry daddy and a deer hair sedge, Runner-up Peter Waterhouse fished mainly with a Klinkhammer and a black hopper. Others were fishing small bobs bits, hoppers and CDC buzzers. Following a BBQ lunch anglers found the early afternoon quiet. A late afternoon rally by three others could not quite catch up with Stuart and Peter. All fish were returned. David Moore had a rainbow of about 6lb which he said was probably one of the best conditioned fish he had ever caught. 82 fish were caught for a rod average of 6.3. A big thank you to David Rowe the ranger for his help with the day.

1st Stuart Stenning-White 12 fish.
2nd Peter Waterhouse 11 fish
3rd Lianne Frost 9 fish.

The bank fishing at Ravensthorpe is a challenge due to low water levels and the weed growth but fish are still possible around the weed as they feed close in mainly on emerging damsels.

Best Rainbow: 6lb 10oz taken by Mick Griffin.
Best boat areas: Middle of reservoir to Tall Willows, Catwalk Corner.
Best bank areas: Monger bank and the dam.
Midweek boat winner: John Crossan.

Rutland Water


Tel: 01780 686441





Fish 719 (Season 19,801) Returns 224 (3,657) Rod average 3.2 (5.41)

Fishing overall is amazing at the moment with huge areas of the reservoir alive with surface feeding fish mopping up pin fry within feet of the shoreline. This has provided bank anglers with plenty of opportunities, as well as boat anglers who have also reported fish showing well out in the open water and these are also feeding on this year’s fry.

Last week saw the trout really switch on to Rutland’s pin fry which culminated in a real mixed bag of results for anglers. Pin fry feeders are notoriously hard to tempt with many different flies employed by anglers last week. Hares ear, pearly pheasant tail, diawl bachs and dries such as a yellow owl cdc have all scored for these fish when kept high in the water on a floating line. A switch to co polymer leader material and also reducing the length of leader helps with this.

It is very important to keep the flies on the cast high in the water when targeting these fish as they are so high up in the water their field of vision is very small. Fly choice varies day to day so keep chopping and changing to try and gauge what will be the preferred fly on the day. Get it right and spectacular sport can be enjoyed as found by season ticket holder Toff Crowther and retail assistant Graham Hayward; the pair had a fantastic afternoon/evening on the bank during the week. Toff and Graham targeted the pin fry feeders, banking 31 fish between them in one session. The successful method was to keep moving along the bank looking for individual fish to target using a single buzzer on a heavily greased leader. Later on in the evening they switched to dries with good numbers of sedge encouraging the fish to take a dry.

The main basin has also switched on in the last week with many fish in open water from Stocky Bay to the buoy line on the dam. Washing line with FAB on the point and diawl bach, crunchers and buzzers up the cast has been the best tactic, fished with a floating/midge tip line. The best boat areas have been Manton Bay, Gibbets Gorse, New Zealand Point to the Sailing Club, East Creek and Fantasy Island along the Normanton bank. Also featuring have been Yellowstone, Old Hall and Ernies Point, and along Sykes Lane frontage. This really illustrates what a good spread of fish there is currently in the reservoir with plenty of locations producing fine Rainbows up to 4lb. Mark Jeffery was rewarded with one of Rutland’s fine specimen Browns weighing 6lb 7oz, it was a tough day for Mark, but a special fish like that can turn any day into a good one.

From the bank Ernie’s Point, Sailing Club Bay, Stockie Bay, Barnhill Creek, East Creek and the blue pipes along Normanton are all holding good numbers of fish and well worth a look.

It is also worth noting that our Summer bank ticket is now available to purchase – so take advantage of what is often the best part of the day. Priced at just £12 for one fish plus catch and release you can fish from 6pm; a very good value option to enjoy those summer evenings on the bank.

Tuesday Evening Boat League week 6
Just 2oz separated first and second place last week with Rich Cooper seemingly handed victory quite literally on a plate. Keith Jones was one of the first to weigh in with a very respectable four fish for 12lb 3½oz. Rich then came to the scales with four fish for 10lb 5½oz plus another four released. With a ½lb allowance per fish released this gave Rich a total weight of 12lb 5½oz, 2oz ahead of Keith. Rich went off to gut his fish and came back smiling having discovered something very unusual in one of his fish; showing Keith and the rest of us a piece of porcelain, possibly from a broken plate!

Third place went to Paul Baker with four fish for 11lb 5¾oz. Ady Naylor had the biggest fish on the night – a cracking 4lb 9½oz Brown, winning Ady a free mid week boat.

Midweek boat winner: A Robinson of Suffolk.

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Anglian Water Airflo International – North of England Final 15 July
Anglian Water Lochstyle 4 man team match 31 August
Beginners courses: 29 June; 2,14 & 20 July; 4,10,25 & 31 August and throughout the season.
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