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UK Reservoir Trout Fishing Reports – 28th September 2018

We bring you the round up of the latest fishery reports from the big waters across the UK in our weekly fishery reports.

Llyn Brenig


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Heavy rain and strong winds at the start of last week saw little angling activity at Brenig. However by the end of the week the winds abated, the rain eased and the anglers returned with some excellent dry fly fishing-taking place.

Considering the weather the rod average of 4.2 fish per angler was very favourable and there were several fishermen who had an excellent days fishing. Mr. Peter Morris in fact had two excellent days of fishing this week fishing off Hafod Lom and the Coves using a floating line and a Dabbler and landing eleven fish on one day and twelve on the second day. Mr. Malcolm Rough also enjoyed two days of fishing last week and enjoyed similar results to Mr. Morris, landing the biggest fish of the week in the process – a 3lb 8oz Rainbow. The biggest bag of the week was claimed by Mr. M. Swift from Holywell and weighed in at 14lbs 10oz all caught on a Black Pennell. The week ahead is also looking very promising with the weather set to improve and with some excellent conditions in place for some great dry fly fishing.

The top flies this week have been Dabblers, Cormorants, orange Fritz, Black Pennell, Hopper, Bibio and various Blobs and Boobies.
The hot spots for bank fishermen have been Hafod Lom, the Coves, Tower Bay and Sailing Club Bay.

Boat fishermen found success in Tower Bay, Visitors Centre, off Hafod Lom and Nant Glyn shore.

Carsington Water


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No report









Draycote Water


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It’s been a very changeable week at Draycote Water, with near perfect fishing conditions at times, and then strong winds blowing the boats off the water for Wednesday and Friday. The water temperature has held at a healthy 16C which has helped a lot, with fish now being caught by both bank and boat anglers in good numbers at most of the popular spots around the reservoir. Indeed at the overflow on the Hensborough bank on Wednesday, fish could be seen grubbing around for shrimp amongst the rocks, and were being caught by one bank angler no more than a rods length from the edge of the water.

236 rods caught 642 fish, giving us a weekly rod average of 2.7

Mondays overcast conditions seemed to help the anglers, with a lot of returns showing the fish coming to dries. The boat pair of Jim Smith and Ed Douglas Netted a total of 36 fish between them, all to dries.

Wind speeds of over 40 mile per hour kept the boats firmly roped to the pontoon on Wednesday.
On Thursday a drop in wind speeds allowed the boats out on the water in what looked like ideal conditions, overcast with a light southwesterly breeze to start with. The EFFA held their Autumn Members Day with 25 rods taking part. Although it turned out to be tough going at times, with the wind picking up in the afternoon, the group netted 63 fish between them giving a rod average for the match of 2.5. Other anglers who went afloat also enjoyed some good sport with Peter Fisher netting 6 fish on a variety of dries, including soldier palmers. Mr G McGinley and his boat partner also had a good day out catching 26 fish between them.
Once again on Friday the wind speeds were too high to let the boats out.

Sunday was a very wet start with a light breeze. The wind changed direction a couple of times during the day with some heavy showers, and blew up well in to the teens in the afternoon. It was tough going in heavy conditions with few anglers managing any more than a brace to the boat. Bank anglers faired little better. Although it was noted that the fish are now spread well throughout the reservoir and fishing should improve now with more settled conditions forecast for the coming week.

Eyebrook Reservoir


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Number Rods: 163
Number Trout Taken: 124
Number Trout Released: 670
Total Catch: 794
Rod Average: 4.9

On two occasions last week the boats were unable to go out due to the strong winds.
Fishing has certainly been mixed this week, mainly due to tough conditions on the windy days. Boats are still enjoying the best of the sport. The fish remain high in the water even in rough conditions and are certainly on the feed. They are happy to chase most flies through the surface, blobs, boobies or floating fry patterns are attracting a lot of interest. Fish are still coming to daddies and hoppers too, particularly on the warmer stiller days. Most fish are holding across the basin and remain evenly spread. More fish are showing an interest in the fry across the dam wall and into Harrison’s corner. It is still quiet past the island with only the odd better-quality fish putting in an appearance. Bank anglers have found things tricky this week with the wind speed and directions. The Island has proved most successful in a north or north westerly and the dam wall in a south or south westerly. Fry patterns or corixa patterns working best fished just under the surface.

Monday got the week off to an absolute flier with 26 anglers catching 252 fish for a very impressive average of 9.7! There were mentions of a mixture of patterns on the returns sheet. Dave Shaer caught his fish on black buzzers and daddies. Andy Birkett caught extremely well on hoppers, hare’s ears and very small buzzers. Bill Woods and Hugh Munro had an exceptional day returning over 40 fish on small black dries or small daddies. Most boats starting their drifts at the tower and finishing off at the netted bank.

The strong wind impacted on the mid week fishing however 57 anglers fished on Saturday which proved to be the best conditions of the week and between them they caught 287 fish for an average of 5.13. Lots of fish came to the dries again with orange-bodied daddies being a favourite. Mr Lynch and Mr Mcnaughton got stuck in and returned over 30 fish between them that were all caught in the top 3ft. Boobies, blobs or dries doing the damage. There were mixed returns for Sunday, bank anglers struggled in the north winds and the cold air temperatures meant the fish were reluctant to feed off the surface. Most fish came to lures and blobs pulled on a slow intermediate line. Ian Jobe found an area of fry feeders in the basin and fished with a small snake to have a bonanza of a day. He caught 25 fish including two browns and had several fully finned fish of over 4lbs.

Foremark Reservoir


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The fishing continues to improve as the cooler autumnal weather settles in, although the fishery has suffered at the hands of the two storm fronts that passed through the UK this week resulting in the fishery being closed on Wednesday and Friday. In-between the storms, the weather has been primarily cloudy with some rain and light winds from the southwest.

The water temperature is holding steady at 15C and has been at this level for most of the week. Despite the cooler weather and the apparent drop in demand, the water level in the reservoir continues to drop. A slight advantage though is that several of the normal fish holding areas are now being revealed allowing a careful assessment of the underwater topography which will be invaluable when the levels returned to normal.

The best fishing areas remain the main basin from number 1 to number 2 buoy and beyond to the aerators and number 3 buoy, including number 7 buoy off Hut Point to the top dam wall. Fishing on the drift remains the most effective fishing tactic and when the wind has been reasonably high, the use of a drogue to slow the drift is recommended. Hut Point and Verdun’s Point remain the most favourable spots for the bank anglers although the beach in front of the lodge is holding fish. In the main basin, the fish appear to be in the top two or three feet of the water, allowing the use of floating, midge tips or intermediate lines, coupled with dries, washing line tactics, wake patterns or fry patterns. Small shrimp patterns on the dropper are worth trying.

On Monday, season ticket holder, Mr Reid took seven fish on daddies during an afternoon session, whilst DCAC member Mr Bradley took four as did Mr Stroud who fished dries from the bank in the deeper water off Hut point. On Tuesday the rod average rose to 4.5 with DCAC member Alan Topping taking four fish whilst Paul Walker netted eleven on damsels.
Adverse weather then affected the fishery from Wednesday onwards although Mr Downie and his boat partner took advantage of the slight respite on Thursday and were rewarded with 6 fish to their boat.

Saturday saw the weather return to something resembling normality although spells of heavy rain swept through during the afternoon. However, fish were still caught , with Scotty Wilson recording the best catch taking six fish on white muddlers whilst drifting away from the boils towards the dam wall. The heavy rain and gales forecast for Sunday didn’t materialise although few anglers took advantage of the last-minute change in the weather. One that did was season ticket holder, Mr Hemmings who fished from the bank in front of the lodge during the morning and landed four on a team of diawl bachs and blobs.

Grafham Water


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Fish 173 Returns 84 Rod average 2.05

Strong winds made conditions very tough this week, although that didn’t stop anglers catching fish! With the fish beginning to switch on many are catching providing you fish the right areas and keep on the move it will help you locate the feeding stock. Mr Harney gave the bank a go managing a wonderful 16 fish. Some fantastic angling well deserving of plaudits and proving that the rod average does not show the whole picture.

Again many anglers are reporting fish up in the surface layers of water. Washing line coupled with a floating line or midge tip with traditional flies such as muddlers, diawl bachs and hare’s ears are working, along with the many others using FABs, blobs and boobies for good results. Dries are working well too, particularly in a bit of wave, with the outskirts of Gaynes Cove being a hotspot currently.

The fish are mostly sitting deeper though according to the wealth of information provided from the predator anglers and their superb sonar equipment. These fish have been witnessed coming up for spells to feed before sinking back down. The easterly side of the reservoir is where the large pods of fish are more commonly seen at depths of about 20-30 feet along with the westerly side where fish are seen at around 10-20 feet deep.
Many of the bank anglers are catching fish this week with more and more shoreline to fish every day, but be sensible about your wading depths when in soft clay and silt. Lures are working as well as more traditional flies so make sure you have your lure box for your next visit.

Grafham Water Championship by invitation 22 September
This match was by invitation to the higher placed teams that had just missed out on qualifying for the Anglian Water Airflo International Final (fished 2 & 3 October). Anglian Water would like to thank all the teams who supported AWAI this year and good luck to those fishing in the final at Rutland next week. Some talented anglers fished at Grafham, in tough conditions, including Alun Williams of Cwm Fly Fishers and Ronnie Gilbert of Menteith Ospreys, both of whom bagged up. The best fish on the day was landed by Tom Cooper, fishing for Airflo Team Costa A, who weighed in a superb brown of 5lb 11oz. Best bag Alun Williams, Cwm Flyfishers, 19lb 1oz.


1st  Cwm Fly Fishers 23 fish for 47lb 13oz
2nd  Menteith Ospreys 20 fish for 43lb 12oz
3rd  Alba Orvis 19 fish for 40lb 8oz
4th  Airflo Team Costa A 16 fish for 35lb 5oz
5th  Bewl Chingley Chompers 12 fish for 27lb 9oz
6th  Airflo Team Costa B 13 fish for 26lb 13oz
7th  The Whakapapas 12 fish for 23lb 6oz
8th  Welsh Wizards 10 fish for 20lb 9oz
9th  Orvis Team Rutland 9 fish for 17lb 15oz
10th  Pedader Glas 7 fish for 14lb 1oz
11th  Greenwell Persauders 6 fish for 13lb 10oz

Best Brown: 5lb 11oz taken by Tom Cooper.

Best boat areas: Hedge End, Pylon Point, Deep Water Point, G marker, open water drifting, Sanctuary Bay, wind lanes and drifting off west bank.

Best bank areas: Deep Water Point, G bank, Hedge End, Hill Farm.

Lake of Menteith


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The 2018 SANACC Scottish Club Championships Final was held on Lake of Menteith on Friday 21st September and was the culmination of 13 heats and two semi-finals, involving 133 clubs. Before the results were declared SANACC Scottish Club Secretary Dennis Splaine thanked all for their participation and for the amount of money they have raised for charity which is over £20000 – with the main recipient being the Hospital for Sick Children in Glasgow.

2018 Club Champions Lintrathen Fly Fishers, comprising of Neil Anderson, Kevin Neri and Tyler Hay landed 38 fish for a total of 79lbs 9.5ozs. This follows on from the past couple of years when the club finished second in the event. The team found success at The Butts, Shear Point and Road Shore with dries being effective in the sheltered water. Second place went to Tartan Tyers B comprising Shane Kelly, Andrew Barrowman and Alan Steven. They landed a total of 30 fish for 64lbs 5.5ozs. Third place went to Costa Ecosse comprising John Buchanan, Allan Mclachlan and Murray Hunter. They landed a total of 29 fish for 60lbs 12.7ozs. The heaviest fish landed on the day was a rainbow of 4lbs 3.5ozs and was caught by Paul Barr of SPRA East A. The total catch was 385 fish for a total weight of 924lbs. Of this 117 fish were weighed in for a total weight of 280lbs 14.5ozs. The rod average was 6.41 fish (15.4lbs) per rod.

On Sunday Ronnie McKean from East Kilbride AC reported their results from 10 boats as “23 for 57lb 09 weighed in, best 3lb 15, and another 42 returned. Fish appear to well spread out, picking them up all over, mostly close in, and no big shoals evident. Caught on everything from Diawl Bach’s to Snakes. Cormorants and various lures, Damsels/Dancers probably worked best. Best lines were various sink tips, Intermediates, Di3. Were a few taken on dries, but patchy because of the sun and the gusty wind.”

Lintrathen Scottish Club winners 2018.
Lintrathen Scottish Club winners 2018.

Pitsford Water


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Fish 321 Returns 63 Rod average 5.1

Pitsford lost four days to the weather last week, but still managed a rod average of 5.1 with a rod average of 8.5 on Saturday.

Fish are still in the top couple of feet with dries and wets/hoppers working on floating and midge tip lines. Some fish are now starting to hit the huge shoals of fry in earnest and minkies and floating fry patterns fished around the weed beds are taking some nice fish.

Some notable catches from this last week include Clive Wilkins from Derbyshire caught and released 15 fish; local angler Peter Webb had 13 fish in a session. John Millar enjoyed a cracking day with a nice brown of 3lb 8oz plus rainbows of 5lb 4oz, 4lb and 3lb 8oz.

Ryan Varani had a rainbow of 4lb 2oz, Rod Barley had two browns of 4lb and 3lb 8oz. Clearly there are lots of quality, grown on fish showing now and with a further stocking of 2,000 Exe Valley fish this week, many of which were around the 3½lb mark. The fishing looks set to continue its fine form.

Fish are throughout the big half of the reservoir now and the bank is fishing well from Stone Barn, Gravels, Rigbys and Cliffs.

Best rainbow: 5lb 4oz taken by Ryan Varani.

Best brown: 4lb taken by Rod Barley.

Ravensthorpe Reservoir


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Fish 223 Returns 42 Rod average 5.3

Anglers have had a windy week with several days when boats have not been able to venture out. When conditions improved anglers have been catching well. Mr Kerr had an amazing brown of 7¼oz recently on a white minkie. The water colour has been improving steadily.

Drifting across the main bowl with floating lines and various blobs, FAB’s and crunchers, diawl bachs and small daddies will be effective. Some fish are now being caught on small lures and minkie type patterns.

Best Rainbow: 3lb 2oz.

Best boat areas: Main bowl.

Rutland Water


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Fish 449, Returns 151 Rod average 2.97

The strong winds seriously hampered anglers last week reducing the number of fishable days. During the better weather conditions boat anglers experienced consistent sport along the Normanton bank all the way to V buoy at the dam. Interestingly the fish seem to have got closer to the bank, which should encourage bank anglers, fish have been reported as being taken within 50m of the bank.

Open water drifts in the main basin have again produced numbers of fish with anglers enjoying great sport to dries when conditions have allowed. A party of Welsh anglers took up to 20 fish per boat on Saturday fishing mainly hog daddies. Depending on the wind an alternative is to fish long drifts from Yellowstone to Berrybutts/Gibbets Gorse with fish spread in open water.

With fish willing to take flies fished dry it is no surprise that the fish are not deep, with floating/ midge tip and intermediate lines being the most popular choice. A FAB on the point and diawl bach/crunchers/cormorants is a good starting point in any of the areas mentioned.

During the weekend fish have also been taken along the fishing lodge frontage, a good area being 50m or so off the harbour wall.

Many tactics are working with dries, nymphs, wet flies, fry patterns, through to mini blobs etc and large tube flies. Fish are generally feeding on tiny buzzers in some areas and daphnia. Despite the abundant supply of fry in the reservoir this season, only a few fish are showing the perch/roach in stomach contents.

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