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Fly Fishing With Your Dad

Fly Fishing With Your Dad

Many of us started our fly fishing journey fishing with dad. Jamie Sandford shares his experiences of fishing with his best pal… his Dad!

I found it difficult to start the piece with regards to a ‘title’ but I think ‘Fishing with your Dad’ does exactly what it says on the tin. The nature of this piece is to give readers of any age and background something they can relate too, in particular fishing with a family member or best friend- luckily for me I have both in the way of my father. Like the majority reading this both myself and Dad work demanding full time jobs that include unsociable shifts- so it’s always great when we can get a day off together to fish.

Staying Local

As we both live in a similar area of Cumbria little planning is involved with regards to where to go for a day out! We are lucky to have stocked club waters on the doorstep that include a mixture of coarse and game fish, various coastal marks with a plethora of sea species and several day ticket fisheries, all within a 50 minute drive.

A typical session together of late has been one of two, day ticket trout waters, Bessy Beck in Penrith and Bank House at Caton. Both venues offer great fishing for the sport angler and these well maintained waters mean a fun days fishing can be had together with ample stock to target!

Within Cumbria there are plenty of stillwater trout lakes to try.
Showing Jamie the way! Jamie’s dad bends into a stillwater trout.

Fishing For Fun

I reiterate the word FUN because to me and my dad that is what it’s all about…catching a few fish, sharing a flask of tea whilst discussing the current sessions tactics and usually trying to steal a biscuit…or two! I’m fortunate to have had over 30+ years fishing knowledge passed on to me and as an angler my dad is someone I look up too and respect.

In recent years we’ve had the pleasure of fishing together on various European trips, in particular to the River Ebro in Spain. A weeks lure fishing in the sun for a mix of species with your ‘best mate’ …Well, what’s not to love!? These previous trips have been about using conventional style lure tackle however we plan to take the fly rods in the future in the hope of catching largemouth bass on the fly!

A weeks lure fishing in the sun for a mix of species with your ‘best mate’ …Well, what’s not to love!?

Sharing tactics and catching a few fish!

Happy Fun Filled Sessions

As I write this I urge you to pick up the phone and ring your ‘fishing buddy’. As difficult as it may be due to the busy lives we live, arrange a fishing session and pencil it in the diary!

For those of us that perhaps aren’t as lucky to have our parents or friends through one reason or another, don’t dwell on the sadness of them not being present but look back on those happy fun filled memories of fishing together! What was it for you that made you smile? A MONSTER fish, a cricket score catch or simply a memory of laughing at each other’s jokes on the bank.

Here’s to many happy, fun filled fishing sessions with my best pal…Dad!

Happy fun filled memories. A day out on the bank with your dad!

Jamie Sandford

Jamie Sandford has been an avid fisherman all his life taking an interest in a variety of fishing styles both in the U.K. and abroad. Based in Cumbria he combines his love of fishing with being outdoors enjoying all aspects of the countryside. Jamie favourite style of fishing is lure fishing for trout, carp, pike and variety of sea species. He promotes fly fishing for carp through the Facebook page, Carp Champions.

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