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Fly Fishing In The Lothians

Nigel Duncan brings you the latest fly fishing news from the Lothians.

Evening Permits

Harlaw and Threipmuir are both fishing well on the eve of the introduction of an evening ticket, seven days of the week until August. Evening permit prices are £15 taking two fish home and £10 for catch and release. Permits start from 5pm. Jim McComb said the sessions were ideal for anglers keen to come straight from work to enjoy some quality sport in wonderful surroundings in The Pentland Hills.

Loganlea Buzzing

Up in The Pentlands, Loganlea is beginning to bubble with buzzers and lures attracting attention. Rainbows of up to 7lbs have been landed and anglers can fish on the bank or from boats.

New Sessions At Glencorse

Glencorse Reservoir boss Bill Taylor has started evening sessions on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings for bookings only. Bill said: “As long as we have two boats or more we will open but don’t just turn up as its bookings only.” He added: “Prices can be found on the website and catch release and take fish tickets are available with the open time from 5.15pm to 10ish. If there is enough interest in evening sessions we may look at opening some other evenings later.”

Teenage Success At Bowden

Bowden Spring boss Jim Gargaro reports that Ronnin Johnstone from Edinburgh landed a fine rainbow of 7lb 10oz and a blue trout of 3lb 12oz on a sink tip line with a mini Cat’s Whisker. Gordon Allen, aged 15, landed an excellent 5lb 4oz rainbow on an orange fritz lure and Jim Bryce from Livingston kept two rainbows for 6lb and released three other sizable fish all hooked on a small Yellow Dancer.

Cash Incentive

Rosslynlee Fishery near Rosewell prepare to introduce two tagged fish with a cash prize.
The water continues to fish well with Buzzers, Black Rabbit, Cat’s Whisker, Hot-Head Damsel, Bloodworms have proving among the best.

Jimmy Fairley has been fishing for 68 of his 70 years and the pensioner still gets a tremendous buzz from the sport which has been with him almost all of his life. The Broxburn-based angler was buzzing after winning the top prize of a rod in the Scottish Ladies Fly Fishing team fund-raiser at Drumtassie near Blackridge. And he used a tried and well-tested method to land 25 fish, which were all released on the day. Jimmy, who is a regular at Bangour Fishery, revealed that he only used three fly patterns and his biggest fish on the day was 11lbs 2oz.

Jimmy said: “I caught 25 and could have doubled or trebled that, no bother. Three flies did the damage. Black Rabbit, black and green Rabbit and olive Rabbit. That is what I always use and I have won a lot of competitions with those three flies.”He buys them from Tangles of Broxburn and said: “I have fished Drumtassie about a dozen times and I’ve had fish up to 15lbs here, but I normally fish Bangour.

“I used the same technique of a roly-poly retrieve and I was second using the same technique two weeks ago at Bangour. I was beaten by only one fish and I dropped that many in the competition.”

He added: “I’ve been fishing since I was two years-old and I caught my first fish when I was three and I was on my dad’s shoulders when I caught it. He cast the fly out and he handed the rod up to me. The adrenalin is still running right now (after the event) and I loved the day. Lovely people here.”

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