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FNF Buzzer Lock-Up Fly Line

TFF reviews the FNF Buzzer Lock-Up Fly Line

FNF have developed the Buzzer Lock-Up fly line to fish buzzers and nymphs on the hinge. The line has a high buoyancy floating body with 18in of blue sink 5 tip (5in per second). This sinking tip hinges down helping force the cast into a vertical plane. When buzzer fishing the more vertical we present the cast the more effective it can be and this line does this well.

The line is olive in colour with a nice soft feel to hand ideal for those slow figure-of-eight retrieves. It has a balanced taper designed so not to spook fish when casting while achieving good distances even into the wind!
The coating is very supple and mounted on a core that is engineered to provide only a small amount of stretch achieving a nice balance of feedback through the fingertips. This will help cushion aggressive takes, which are common while buzzer fishing.

Although the line has been designed to fish buzzers and nymphs we also found it made an excellent midge tip when we wanted to keep our flies close to the surface on windy days. When fishing the washing line the 18in of sink 5 tip digs in providing a lot of control and stability while not dropping too deeply in the water. I really like this line, in particular the angle the tip fishes at and how soft in the hand it feels. This is a really good nymphing line and I can’t wait to try the others in the FNF portfolio
The line comes in a small recyclable zip lock FNF package which is nice to see the reduction of single use packaging with fly lines. There is a welded loop for connection to your backing with FNF advising the use of a small braided loop on the tip.

Available in 6,7 and 8wt’s.


RRP: £62.00

Andy Taylor

Andy is the Features Editor of Today’s following three years as Editor of Total FlyFisher. Andy is a multi-capped England International in both loch-style and bank disciplines. A qualified instructor and lecturer, Andy has a wealth of fishery management experience.

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