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Premier Patterns: Black UV Buzzer

Kieron Jenkins shares an early season favourite.

Black UV Buzzer


HOOK: Fulling Mill Comp Heavyweight, size 10-16
THREAD: Black UTC, 70 Denier
RIB: Silver wire medium
BODY: Black thread
SHELLBACK: Veniard UV ICE Tinsel
WING BUDS: Orange Holographic
FINISH: Fulling Mill Glass UV Resin

Buzzer fishing tends to kick off early on smallwaters and this pattern is certainly one of my go-to flies when it comes to early season stockie bashing! After the initial ‘lure bash’ often early in the morning, trout will shy away from the larger flies and feed on more imitative patterns, and to consistently catch fish on pressured waters, you must follow the trends.

Just recently Matt Russell and I were fishing at a smallwater in south Wales, we had a number of fish each on pulling Worms and the bBob under the bung when all of a sudden the cloud came in and the fish just seemed to disappear. After 30 minutes of no action, I picked up the nymphing rod, a straight floater with a team of two buzzers to wing slightly across the wind and keep out of the bottom. Just two casts in the line slipped away and another stockie graced the net. A few casts later the line slid away again with both fish taking the Black UV Buzzer on the dropper.

The UV thorax on the buzzer is a great way of imitating the air bubbles that form in a buzzer as it starts to ascend through the water column, and the fish seemed to be honing in on this stage of the hatch. Inevitably the takes stopped coming, but a simple switch to a smaller size buzzer on the dropper did the trick. Sometimes simplicity is the way forward and a change in size of the same pattern is all that is needed, especially on pressured waters be it a large reservoir or small stock pond.

Tying Tips

  1. I prefer to use a flat thread such as the UTC range for the body. This gives the fly a much slimmer profile and a glossier finish as opposed to being tied with a round thread.
  2. The finer the rib you can use the better. I like the Veniard silver wire (Size 27) it’s perfect for buzzers as it keep the profile slim but adds enough weight and security to the body. The fine diameter also helps to keep a flat body once varnished.
  3. Before finishing the fly with Glass UV Resin, coat the head/cheeks of the fly in varnish and let it dry. I like to tie a handful of buzzers in one go and varnish the heads as you go. This ensure the cheeks keep their colour as holographic is prone to discolouring and pealing if ‘man handled’.

Kieron Jenkins

Born and raised on the rivers and lakes of south Wales, Kieron Jenkins has become one of the leading competition anglers of our time. With multiple ‘Brown Bowls’ under his belt, along with a creditable fourth position at World level, fly fishing and fly tying has become his life, passion and obsession for Fulling Mill’s Digital Marketing Manager.

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