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Premier Patterns: FNF Eazy Fry

Kieron Jenkins shares an early season favourite.

FNF Eazy Fry


HOOK: Fulling Mill Comp Heavyweight, size 10
BODY: Silver Holographic Angel Hair
CLOAK: FNF Predator Wing – Baitfish White ¾ / Leech Black ¼
THROAT: FNF Predator Wing – Flame Thrower
FLASH: Silver Holographic Angel Hair
EYES: Funky Fly Tying TAB Eyes

In comparison to the last couple of years, this winter’s fry feeding activity has been particularly good with a number of large trout all around the country falling foul to fry patterns. The unusually warm conditions until late January seemed to keep trout and other predatory fish feeding hard on the fry, and, fortunately I managed to sneak a couple of days in fry bashing Just before the official launch, Kevin Porteous of FNF asked me to try out his new Predator Wing material which is a soft, mobile material that sheds water easily, which makes it great for fry patterns and other predator/pike flies. After the first look I had this Eazy Fry pattern in my mind – It has all the right characteristics of most fry, and it can be coloured with Sharpies to mimic anything from perch to sticklebacks.

To give it a good test I headed to Farmoor Reservoir where the resident fish had switched hard onto the fry. The cooler temperatures had forced the fish into deeper water, a couple of hundred yards out from the jetty near the tower. I set the boat up just yards from the tower to give us a few casts alongside the tower itself. Structure plays a big part when fishing on concrete bowls, more-so when fry are involved as they seek shelter from predators! Tied to a 12ft length of Fluorocarbon, I had a single Eazy Fry, fished on a Di8/Di7 competitor line for maximum depth and mobility. I find when fishing large patterns, a single fly always out-fishes a team of flies as movement is hindered with hinge points. It wasn’t long before the line went tight and we found the fish around 20ft down.

Tying Tips

  1. Brush the FNF Predator wing with a wire brush to give it some volume, as well as taking out all the short unattached pieces.
  2. Don’t use too much Predator Wing to create the shape of the fry. Less is more when it comes to this type of material. The main reason to keep the mass down is to stop the head bulking up too much, if this happens, your thread can slip and allow the fly to fall apart.
  3. Secure the eyes with a flexible adhesive, Fulling Mill UV Glass Resin is perfect as it has enough give to counteract casting and fighting a fish. Often if you just use superglue the eyes become brittle and break off easily.

Kieron Jenkins

Born and raised on the rivers and lakes of south Wales, Kieron Jenkins has become one of the leading competition anglers of our time. With multiple ‘Brown Bowls’ under his belt, along with a creditable fourth position at World level, fly fishing and fly tying has become his life, passion and obsession for Fulling Mill’s Digital Marketing Manager.

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