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Gourmet Flies Anorexic Perdigone

Andy Taylor takes a look at Gourmet Flies Anorexic Perdigone

Sight fishing is one of the main forms of fishing in the clear rivers of France and it is here where this Perdigone was developed. This fly was designed for catching big educated fish by French angler Stan Freyheit. These nymphs come in three colours, chocolate brown, dark olive and blue grey. They are tied on a strong wire size 20 Akita hook that has a big eye to allow you to tie on a thicker diameter leader. They are based on small mayfly nymphs and tied using fine copper wire with a UV glass bead at the head with the fly finished with a UV varnish. The patterns have been designed for sight fishing but are well worth a try on your droppers on a French leader when the fish become fussy.


T: +33 6 82 64 27 20
RRP: €2.80

Andy Taylor

Andy is the Features Editor of Today’s following three years as Editor of Total FlyFisher. Andy is a multi-capped England International in both loch-style and bank disciplines. A qualified instructor and lecturer, Andy has a wealth of fishery management experience.

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