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Magnet-ique The MagTrap

TFF reviews the Magnet-ique The MagTrap

New for 2019 is a product which every fly angler should have! The MagTrap from the guys at Magnet-ique is a simple yet very effective product to storing your flies when out fishing that will save you time and money.

Traditionally many of us have used foam or ‘sheepskin’ patches on our waistcoats/packs for placing our flies in after fishing to dry out before placing them back in our boxes. With many of us now using barbless or de-barbed flies, we often find that after a day out on the water many of these have dropped off to become lost forever. This isn’t the case with the MagTrap. The MagTrap is simply a magnetic fly holder which can be clipped onto your waistcoat, bag or attached to your waders, that is very effective at what it is designed to do- hold those used flies.

The MagTrap consists of three separate components. The main component is the white and green MagTrap, which is made from a ‘soft touch’ TPE and is where you place your flies. These ‘traps’ are 65mm by 30mm- don’t be fooled into thinking that these wont hold many flies- as a stillwater angler fishing all sizes of flies these traps held onto at least 20 patterns, mainly lures, without one dropping off. The Maghub is the non-corrosive steel plate that sits between the two MagTraps and to this clips the third component the 40mm, marine grade stainless steel carabiner. Should you need, all three pieces can be bought separately.

There are many ways you can attach the MagTrap to you, your waders or your luggage many of which can be seen on the Magnet-ique website, but for me the two key ways are clipped to my waistcoat and through separating the two ‘traps’ placing one inside my external wader pocket using the magnets to secure the other outside my waders.

The product can also be used on the tying table to hold beads and/or hooks when batch tying or as a storage system for a small selection of flies during a short session on the water – there are probably many more uses which I will come across in time!

The MagTrap comes nicely packaged, with information included on care and use. There is an informative website for you to see more about its many uses.
I’ve been using this product for the last two months. It has saved me many lost flies off my foam patch. I clipped this next to my patch on its first outing to find within a few seconds that many of the flies had transferred off my foam to the MagTrap!

So if you’re fed up of losing flies off your patch and want something that is reliable and effective at holding and drying your flies after use then I would strongly recommend this product. As yet I can’t find fault – just praise.

Available direct from or Funky FlyTying.


RRP: £16.00

Andy Taylor

Andy is the Features Editor of Today’s following three years as Editor of Total FlyFisher. Andy is a multi-capped England International in both loch-style and bank disciplines. A qualified instructor and lecturer, Andy has a wealth of fishery management experience.

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