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Find your nearest stockist

You can search for your nearest stockist of Today’s Fly Fisher by entering your postcode below and clicking search.

If you have to travel any distance to go to your newsagent to buy a copy of Today’s Fly Fisher, we strongly recommend you call to ensure they have a copy in stock before you travel. Some independent newsagents may not appear on our list, or may appear under the owner’s name rather than the name of the shop. If we have any details are wrong or missing, please let us know via email and we will amend our records.

If your local newsagent does not have a copy in stock, they can order it for you from their wholesaler for delivery next-day with a single phone call. Your newsagent can help secure your copy in future by pre-ordering on your behalf.

If you cannot find a copy of our magazine in your local newsagent, you can buy a single copy by clicking HERE


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