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Tried and Tested: Airflo Forty Plus ‘Booby Basher’ Fly Line

Top competition angler and reservoir guide Nick Dunn reviews the Booby Basher fly line from Airflo.

Airflo Forty Plus ‘Booby Basher’ Fly Line

A irflo have been at the leading edge of flyline development for many years and have an extensive range for all types of fly fishing in fresh or saltwater. The Airflo “Di” range of lines has become must have standard equipment for most competition anglers and pleasure anglers in the UK today and the “Custom Cut Booby Special” nicknamed the “Booby Basher” is the newest addition to this range.

Cut To Fit

This is a very fast sinking low stretch line with a level head that sinks at 8 inches per second. It can be used with 7, 8 or 9-wt rods and unusually, it is sold in one size / length that you cut down to length according to your rod preference. Out of the box, it is effectively a 9-wt Di8 40 Plus line in that, when it is left uncut at its full 55-foot head length, it matches a 9-wt rod. For an 8-wt rod, it is recommended to be cut down to between 40 and 43 feet head length and for a 7-wt outfit, 35 to 40 feet. These are guidelines and very much dependent on your casting prowess, so a bit of trial and error may be needed before you get it right for your casting and your outfit. It’s easy to determine the head from the running line as the head is dark brown and the running line is bright orange.

Distance Line

Once you have got the line cut to your preference, it is worth the trouble you have taken to get it right. I use mine on an 8-wt rod and cut it down to 43 feet. It is not a line for the faint hearted and the technique for casting it needs very few false casts. Once the head is outside the tip ring it’s time to shoot the rest with a big push and off it goes towards the horizon. This line was really designed for punching a long line out to fish sitting deep on concrete bowl reservoirs like Farmoor but it is equally at home fished from a boat and will undoubtedly become the “go to” line for small water and reservoir bank fishing in the winter.

Star Of The Show

I am privileged to fish as a member of the “Flash Attack Reservoir Dogs” fly fishing team and delighted to report that we recently finished in second place at Eyebrook Reservoir in the BT Sport Televised competition in June, organised by the Angling Trust. If it wasn’t for this line, we would surely have caught many fewer fish and not been in contention for the top spot which was taken by the “Nymphamaniacs” team who were also using this line to get down to the fish. I should mention that this was a two-day competition and both days were sweltering 30 plus degrees with bright sunshine, which is why the fish were all 30 to 40 feet down in the cooler layers of water. This line enabled us to get the flies down to the fish and keep them there for longer offering the best chance for success. The successful flies were FAB’s and Booby’s on a 10-12 foot leader but the real star of the show was the Booby Basher Di8 Forty Plus!


The line can be bought direct from Airflo

Nick Dunn

Nick Dunn is a fanatical reservoir trout angler, earning six England Loch Style caps over the past 13 years. In 2016 he captained the England team to a resounding victory at the Spring International in Southern Ireland. Nick is now a full time professional guide on the best Midlands reservoirs.

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