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Tried And Tested: Airflo Forge Floating Fly Line

Kevin Porteous gives us his thoughts on the Airflo Forge Floating line, which he spooled up at the start of this season…

Airflo Forge Floating Fly Line

A floating line is arguably the most important line any fly angler will need through the course of a season. It’s such an important line to me that I always carry spares when out fishing in case I accidentally damage one. No other line can effectively perform the same role as the floater so it’s really important to choose a floating line you’re happy with.

Over the past few seasons I have spent a lot of money in trying to find a good all round ‘Floater’, one that can specifically deliver dry flies gently and accurately both at short and long range.

Feather Light Presentation

At the start of the 2018 season I purchased an Airflo Forge Floater to try. Since then the line has had a lot of use and I have been really pleased with its performance.

The Forge offers me a great all round floating line. The line is happy being cast to the horizon however its real qualities lie in the presentation of dry flies. The Forge has a relatively long front taper (8′) giving me a really smooth turnover matched with feather light presentation.

The Forge floats high in the water making it light and nimble to quickly lift off and quickly cover a rising fish with good accuracy and stealth.

This line has a braided multi filament core, which keeps it relatively straight in the water even in cold conditions. There is very little line memory, however it doesn’t hurt just to give it a stretch after the first cast of the day to help straighten everything out; I do this with all my lines. The core offers a small amount of stretch, which is a perfect shock absorber when fishing dries on light tippets especially at close range.

Two-Tone Line

The Forge is a two-tone line with an olive head and yellow running line. The colours are very soft helping reduce line flash when casting and the transition from yellow to olive shows the optimal loading point for casting. If I had one small criticism it would be the lack of a welded loop to attach backing to however this is easily overcome.

To date the line has stood up to life on the bank and the boat with the surface coating showing no signs of wear and tear. At £29.99 and available in sizes WF3 – WF8 you have a really versatile quality bargain line.

The Airflo Forge Floating Line is available from Fishtec at

Kevin Porteous

Kevin Porteous is a multi-capped Scottish International angler having represented his country at both junior and senior level. He started fly fishing at the age of nine and spends most of his fishing time on still waters in pursuit of trout. He has recently developed many modern synthetic fly tying materials and is the man behind the Frozen North Fly Fishing brand.

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