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Tried and Tested: Fulling Mill Masterclass Fluorocarbon

Kevin Porteous spent most of 2017 testing the new Masterclass fluorocarbon from Fulling Mill, a leader material, which he feels, will put more fish in the net.

Fulling Mill Masterclass Fluorocarbon

Fulling Mill has released a new fluorocarbon to their range called Masterclass. With the popularity of Fulling Mill’s World Class fluorocarbon series (which will remain) they have some real pedigree in this department.

I was very fortunate to receive this new fluorocarbon a year ago to carry out some field-testing. I was given three spools, 0.185mm (6.5lbs), 0.196 (7.12Lbs) and 0.235 (10.71Lbs). These sizes would cover every angle of my stillwater trout fishing.

My first outing with the new Masterclass was on Carron Valley fishery in the first heat of the Scottish Nationals. It was early season and the water temperature was very low providing a harsh environment to start testing the material. Lengthy testing at the Lake of Menteith and some of the large English reservoirs, over a six-month period, followed this initial trip.


In short the new Fulling Mill Masterclass proved to be a exceptional fluorocarbon, the clarity of the material is absolutely superb, you can just about see the red of the spool shining through it. This gave me great confidence that fish would not see it in the water. The raw strength even when knotted was excellent given the diameter of the fluorocarbon. Over the course of the season I was only smashed once when using it and that may have been down to my knot. The 0.196mm was able to handle the large Menteith fish comfortably. The material seemed to have a nice balance, not too supple so the droppers spin round the cast yet enough suppleness to allow movement in the flies when retrieved or left static.

The spools are a nice bright colour so they won’t be lost in a tackle bag and easily clip together.

The only minor draw back I could find was the wall of the spool prevented my fingers getting into the securing band however I understand this is being rectified immediately. It would also be nice to have a 0.21mm option, maybe something Fulling Mill will introduce in the future.


I used the new Master Class for all my 2017 competition fishing and had one of my best seasons ever. I have huge confidence in the new fluorocarbon and will use it extensively in 2018. In my humble opinion this is a premium material that will help you put more fish in the net.


Sizes: Available in thirteen sizes
Spool: 40m to 50m spools
RRP: £15.95 to £17.95

Kevin Porteous

Kevin Porteous is a multi-capped Scottish International angler having represented his country at both junior and senior level. He started fly fishing at the age of nine and spends most of his fishing time on still waters in pursuit of trout. He has recently developed many modern synthetic fly tying materials and is the man behind the Frozen North Fly Fishing brand.

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