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Tried and Tested: Vision Onki 9ft 6in, 6wt

TFF editor Andy Taylor gives his views and thoughts on the olive green Vision Onki fly rod.

Vision Onki 9ft 6in, 6wt

I remember my first fly rod; I suppose we all do. Mine was a 9ft 8-wt tan, fibreglass rod, which back in the 1980’s was the rod used on the small stillwaters. Like every seasoned fly angler I progressed. Carbon fibre was ‘in’ and so I moved on with a 9ft DAM followed, as soon as pocket money allowed, with a 9ft 6in, 8-wt Berkley Phazer. Ever since, like many I’ve purchased and used a range of carbon fibre rods, which may have differed in line rating, length, and amount of carbon used; but were similar in their appearance- black/carbon.

It was at the CLA Game Fair a few years back that I first noticed a fly rod that wasn’t black. The European’s on the casting stage were launching long lines with white, blue, tan and rods of other colours. They looked cool, seemed to perform well and looked different.

Ever since then a rod with a different coloured blank to the norm has caught my eye, I suppose like the top-level footballers boots. Who would ever think that we would move away from a black football boot to the coloured boots we now see in the football league and local park.

And so onto this review, the Vision Onki 9ft 6in 6-wt fly rod. This is a rod I’ve used a fair bit over the last four months ever since John Legg from Guide FlyFishing dropped it off at my parents fishery. This was one of several rods John left with me to use when fishing and to also teach with. I have to admit that it wasn’t first out of the tube and in use, however when it did make its appearance it was a rod, which soon became a regular tool.


The rod is described as having a medium, fast action, which I would agree. Casting was relatively easy and comfortable when using the rod, with either the Rio Grand or Greys Platinum XD floating lines. The rod loads quickly and few false casts are required to put a half decent line out. There is plenty of flex in the tip to feel the power of the fish I caught whilst remaining in control during the fight. For me it is the ideal small water rod. It handles short line work for fishing close in and has the ability to punch out line at distance if needed.

The rod comes in a grey cordura tube, has a strap/handle and two D rings and is sectioned inside for each of the four pieces. The tube is labelled on the ‘lid’ for identification and branded on the side for quick identification for those who own more than one rod. It has two lined ‘stripping rings’, with single-leg snake eyes up to the tip ring. The Greys reels I used fitted neatly into the reel seat.


The olive green blank appeals to me and I suppose I’m back to the start of this review. The rod looks different, and for me, my young son who also uses it and my clients the colour is something that they have liked. It looks good and to use my 10-year-old sons words looks ‘cool’! The rod is a pleasure to cast and handled the trout I caught with ease. The only negative for me is that there is no keeper-ring. The rod is light, the full-wells handle is smooth and comfortable in the hand. With an RRP of around the £230 mark this is a rod that would see you through many seasons and is a pleasure to use on the small waters.


RRP: from £229.99
Vision Brand Manager: Jim Williams 07703 609513

Andy Taylor

Andy is the Features Editor of Today’s following three years as Editor of Total FlyFisher. Andy is a multi-capped England International in both loch-style and bank disciplines. A qualified instructor and lecturer, Andy has a wealth of fishery management experience.

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