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Flies To Tie And Try: The Grey Boi Buzzer

Scotland’s Stevie Dallas shares a buzzer pattern that has served him well for early season trout on stillwaters across the UK.

Flies To Tie And Try: The Grey Boi Buzzer

The Grey Boi Buzzer has been a favourite stillwater pattern of mine for several years. I normally fish a team of three buzzers on a floating line in a slight breeze basically letting the wind do the work. I just keep in contact with the line waiting on that take. I fish it usually on the point of this cast employing a slow figure-of-eight retrieve or a long slow draw when needed.
It has been really productive on Pitsford, Grafham and Rutland and also on my local stillwater trout fisheries in Scotland taking good numbers of trout.

Step 1

Secure your hook in the vice and attach the thread at the eye.

Step 2

Tie in wire and UNI Flexx ribs.

Step 3

Run the thread down to the bend of the hook in touching turns coming back up securing everything in place. Stop at the thorax.

Step 4

Bring up the first ribbing material the UNI Flexx, in neat equal, open turns and tie off.

Step 5

Bring up the second rib, the Ultra Wire, in between the turns of UNI Flexx and tie off.

Step 6

Build up a thorax with the thread and secure in the goose biots.

Step 7

Pull forward the goose biots and secure in place. Hold the thread tight and tear off the biots.

Step 8

Whip finish and remove the thread.

Step 9

Apply the UV Resin and shape, then cure with a UV torch.

Step 10

The finished buzzer.

Tying The Fly

HOOK: Fulling Mill 35005 black nickel barbless, size 10
THREAD: UTC 70, black
RIB1: UNI Flexx, white
RIB2: UTC Ultra Wire, red
CHEEKS: Goose biots, sunburst
FINISH: Deer Creek Fine Flex Resin

Steve Dallas

Stephen Dallas is a talented young fly tyer from North Lanarkshire who fishes for both trout and grayling. He is associated with Deer Creek, Dohiku and Vicuna Dubbing and demonstrates fly tying at fishing shows across the UK. Stevie will be demonstrating at the BFFI and Scottish Fly Fair.

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