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Turrall Distribute Hemingway Fly Tying Products

Turrall Distribute Hemingway Fly Tying Products

Turrall & Co Ltd are delighted to announce that with immediate effect they are the new distributor for Hemingway Fly Tying Products in the UK and Ireland.

The Serbian company is already well known for providing the highest quality fly tying materials. This makes it a perfect fit for Turrall, who now distribute products for six well-known fly fishing brands besides their own flies and fly tying materials.

Hemingway’s innovative product range includes their superbly realistic wings, bodies and tails, as well as top quality dubbings, artificial peacock quill and furled leaders, which are already in stock at Turrall’s Devon warehouse.

One new product from Hemingway is Bug Flesh a material, which will help create “perfectly proportioned, profiled bodies” for both nymphs and dries. Bug Flesh is tapered from a fine 0.3 mm tip to a 2.6 mm end. It is available in three sizes and 14 colours. The material also has a translucent, 3D quality, which it claims “cannot be matched by any other material in the industry”.

Turrall are already looking forward to bringing a superb selection of new products and existing favourites alike to the UK fly fishing market. Retailers should contact Simon Jefferies for more information, or get in touch with their local Turrall representative to find out more.

T: +441 805 804 352

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